WHRB 95.3fm Cambridge

Harvard Radio Broadcasting

Thursday October 4th 2018

Time zone: eastern

12.00am mommy & daddy's spooky adventures (RecordHospital) WHRB Record Hospital Playlist
2.00am KDH (RecordHospital) WHRB Record Hospital Playlist
2.00am the pocky jockey (RecordHospital) WHRB Record Hospital Playlist
5.00am Jazz Spectrum (Jazz) WHRB Playlist
7.00am Jazz with Erin and Katharine (Jazz) WHRB Jazz Playlist
9.00am Thomas' Thursday Morning (Jazz) WHRB Jazz Playlist
11.00am sinead (Jazz) WHRB Jazz Playlist
12.00pm The Jazz Spectrum (Jazz) WHRB Jazz Playlist
7.00pm Evening Concert (Classical) WHRB-Classical Playlist
8.00pm New York Philharmonic (Classical) WHRB-Classical Playlist
10.00pm laminated photos, silk flowers strung with wire (RecordHospital) bosch Playlist