WHRB 95.3fm Cambridge

Harvard Radio Broadcasting

Wednesday March 7th 2018

Time zone: eastern

12.00am two new friends (RecordHospital) WHRB Record Hospital Playlist
2.00am KDH (RecordHospital) WHRB Record Hospital Playlist
3.30am i just really like emo (RecordHospital) WHRB Record Hospital Playlist
5.00am Early Mornings with Ollie (Jazz) WHRB Jazz Playlist
5.00am A Glass of watah (Jazz) WHRB Jazz Playlist
7.00am Jazz with Thomas and Mikaela (Jazz) WHRB Jazz Playlist
11.00am Get jazzy w/ Ikea (Jazz) WHRB Jazz Playlist
1.00pm Afternoon Concert (Classical) WHRB-Classical Playlist
7.00pm The Periphery (Classical) WHRB-Classical Playlist
8.00pm New Releases (Classical) WHRB-Classical Playlist
10.00pm three to seven inches (RecordHospital) imago Playlist
11.00pm bubbe julia's boobin and groovin hour of dour (RecordHospital) algae Playlist
11.30pm Tío Guero's Half-Hour of Buttfolking Power (RecordHospital) guero Playlist