WHRB 95.3fm Cambridge

Harvard Radio Broadcasting

Saturday October 8th 2016

Time zone: eastern

12.00am for october (RecordHospital) mcgr8 Playlist
1.00am Mystery Punch (RecordHospital) imago Playlist
2.00am BETTER THAN BEETHOVEN (RecordHospital) ¡...! Playlist
3.30am bogota / caracas / asuncion (RecordHospital) imago Playlist
5.00am october bluez (Blues) imago Playlist
7.00am Autumn Blues (Blues) imago Playlist
1.00pm Afternoon Concert (Classical) WHRB-Classical Playlist
9.00pm The Kids' Table (TDS) WHRB TDS Playlist
10.00pm The Smooth Hour With DJ Groove (TDS) WHRB TDS Playlist
11.00pm Fire Waves 2: Throwbacks (TDS) DJ C-Rob Playlist