WHRB 95.3fm Cambridge

Harvard Radio Broadcasting

Monday April 16th 2012

Time zone: eastern

1.00am electronica PWR HR! (TDS) DJ Stone Playlist
2.00am Swag Factory (TDS) DJ Stone Playlist
3.30am brrrrrrraba (TDS) DJ Wan Playlist
5.00am Monday Jives (Jazz) DJ Wan Playlist
7.00am Jazz Spectrum (Jazz) Rachel Playlist
9.00am Jazz Spectrum (Jazz) flour Playlist
11.00am Jazz Spectrum (Jazz) Carl Playlist
1.00pm Afternoon Concert (Classical) WHRB-Classical Playlist
6.00pm Medieval and Rennaisance Song and Dance (Classical) chungchieh Playlist
7.00pm Special Concert (Classical) WHRB-Classical Playlist
10.00pm Rock N' Roll McDonald's (RecordHospital) pixie Playlist