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The Cleaning Crew, 45 Edition


Fri 5.00AM–7.00AM

"""Like Doctor Carter at the mouldering feet of Tut, our intrepid Mustapha weekly robs the graves of our musical fore-bearers and grinds their vinyl wrappings one needle groove at a time in an effort to separate the princes from the builders. The ongoing exploration of a 45 to the temple as the cardboard tomb reveals it's fetid curse upon the airwaves of your fine listening device of choice. Lo, these years; these pagan singles have lain in repose in the vinyl valley of kings until we once again show them the light of day together... all 45s, until they run out or begin to suck so badly we cannot further the journey (without playing things like Journey). This is not an oldies show, this is your musical Neanderthal Narnia, this is the f'eye-nail of the vinyl, this is the teak headrest of the station's collection... come with me, let us de-file it together. """

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