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"40 Helpful Tips For Anti-Communists", international news, etc. Buy it!

"Chris' Corner" Buy it!

"Chris' Corner", Chris P. on labor law, etc... Buy it!

"Chris' corner": anti-foreclosure organizing, etc... Buy it!

"Chris' Corner', Chris calls in and discusses anti-foreclosure organizing with Occupy Quincy (Massachusetts) Buy it!

"From West Virginia to Worcester: Teachers, Workers, Students struggles" public meeting Buy it!

"Kill It To Save It" by Corey Dolgon Buy it!

"National Review" attacks Socialist Alternative ; Alabama election ; etc. Buy it!

"No" ; But... "Yes" ; the damn rent!! Buy it!

"One Year is Enough" ; Capitalism vs. Socialism ; socialist running for office, etc. Buy it!

"Socialist Alternative Radio" ; Protest Trump's inauguration, Buy it!

"The Democrats New Fake Populism", Bernie Sanders running for President?, new Glenn Greenwald book, etc. Buy it!

"The Hollow City" -- how San Francisco was "destroyed" in the 1990s by large amounts of money. Buy it!

"Who's Afraid of Jill Stein?" Buy it!

"Why I am a Socialist" ; Sanders promises to support Clinton ; some Socialist history... Buy it!

$1 Minimum wage now! etc... Buy it!

$15 an hour minimum wage, Socialists running for political office, etc. Buy it!

$15 min. wage struggle, 15 and a union, etc. Buy it!

$15 NOW!! (April 14th in Boston), new issue of "Socialist Alternative" newspaper Buy it!

$15NOW! Buy it!

15NOW victory ; Jobstown victory ; Buy it!

15NOW, New Socialist Alternative paper, International Women's Day, etc. Buy it!

15Now.0rg, fight for a $15 an hour minimum wage, jobs not jails, etc. Buy it!

85 Billionaires, Socialists and Labor activists elected, etc. Buy it!

9/11/01: Richard Gage on "The Case for Controlled Demolition, Part 2" Why there were huge dust clouds, no pieces of furniture, etc. that can be exp... Buy it!

A live on-air conversation with Kade Crockford, ACLU, MA's Privacy Rights Co-ord. Buy it!

Adam Serwer on The Conservative narrative that Obama is a "racist;" Oliver Stone's new movie: SOUTH OF THE BORDER: on the social movements and new... Buy it!

After Bernie, Brexit not what your taught to think, etc. Buy it!

After transmission turned on: Guest Ruth Unger talks about the Able-Disabled Project and about needing votes since the ADP is a finalist in the Mari... Buy it!

album: Songs to Indict them By. (re: 9/11): "let's Roll" Buy it!

Alex Seitz-Wald on the IRS scandal (of going after Right-wing groups with "Tea Party, etc." in their name. Buy it!

Altruism, Pilfering your paycheck, taxes and taxes, etc... Buy it!

Amazon buys Democrats and others ; Amazon Capitalist Moloch ; Amazon sucks Buy it!

Annnouncements of events, International struggles, the U.S. economy, lowered expectations, women's rights, etc... Buy it!

Answer to trivia question, European workers news, immigration, etc... Buy it!

Anti-foreclosure organizing with Occupy in Minneapolis, Minn. Buy it!

anti-foreclosure, international news, etc... Buy it!

Anti-racist movement, local events, attack on Charlie Hebdo, etc... Buy it!

Anti-racist/anti-police repression struggles Buy it!

Anti-Trump Action Coalition ; Who's responsible ; Why I am a Socialist Buy it!

April 14th and 15th for a $15 moin. wage, new issue of "Socialist Alternative" newspaper, inequality... Buy it!

attacks on Harvard workers, etc.. Buy it!

Author Paul Loeb on the re-release of his book, "Soul of a Citizen: Living with Conviction in Challenging Times." His work follows the actions of e... Buy it!

Bees: the Threatened Link in Food Security -- stresses on bees that lead to colony collapse, etc. Buy it!

Bernie Sanders campaign and its supporters... Buy it!

Bernie Sanders phenomena ; solidarity needed ; The Damnocrats Buy it!

Beth, publicity director of the Mystic River Watershed Association, talks about who they are and what they do. She also discusses their event calle... Buy it!

Between the Lines (5/24/13): Mark Jaycox on surveilence by the US, ; The Guantanimo Hunger Strike and Forced Feeding reported by Carlos Riveria; Ma... Buy it!

Between the Lines (6/14/13): Heidi Boghosian on Government spying on all American Buy it!

Between the Lines (6/14/13): The Syrian Civil War spills over into Regional war; Michael Ratner on Bradley Manning and the government attempts to ge... Buy it!

Between the Lines 5/17/13: Ralph Nader on the US secret actions Buy it!

Between the Lines: 6/7/13: Guantanamo Bay and Obama's new reframing of the War on Terror. The fight with Wendy's by Tomato workers. Buy it!

Between the Lines: Phyllis Bennis on why Obama's decision to get involved in Syria is a poor decision; Herman Soloman on how Edward Snowden is being... Buy it!

Big bosses tell you how to vote, "Chris' Corner", stock market, solidarity, etc... Buy it!

Bill MCKibben 's acceptance speech of the 19... Buy it!

Billionaires in Massachusetts, lack of time as a working person, etc... Buy it!

Blah-humbag Buy it!

Blake and Dean talk on varioous political subjects Buy it!

Blake Bacon and I talk about what is on the mind of a commited conservative Buy it!

Bourgeois elections in the U.S.; some context Buy it!

Bradley Manning, Veterans for Peace, Mass. Residents for Human Rights Buy it!

BTL 7/5/13: The militarizing of the US-Mexican Border. Buy it!

BTL: the militarization of the US-Mexican border. Buy it!

Bunker blocked! ; Harvard dining hall workers struggle ; housing is a human right Buy it!

Bus drivers strike, healthcare in the U.S., international news, interview with Dylan (a young socialist) Buy it!

call-in from co-host Diego, PSA, Fast Food Workers Buy it!

Canadian Postal Workers Strike, Greece, Egypt, Nuke power ROCK Buy it!


Epic merch

Capitalism vs. Socialism and you're invited ; DACA disaster ; Unnatural disasters ; and more Buy it!

Catalonia ; Russia ; Hong Kong Buy it!

Catalunya Independence ; Buy it!

Chris' corner Buy it!

Chris' Corner (Chris calling from a corner) Buy it!

Chris' Corner discussing Chris' visit to Venezuela and the legacy of Hugo Chavez Buy it!

Chris' corner, death by a thousand cuts, etc... Buy it!

Chuck U's piece on Boston's Freedom Rally Buy it!

Civil Liberties, solidarity with Harvard worker under attack, the economy, etc... Buy it!

COINTELPRO, Part 2: more on the secret infiltration of liberal/progressive groups in the 1960's and 70's -- and maybe today. Buy it!

cold and homeless ; how poverty changes the brain ; etc. Buy it!

Commie Holidays, 2014 saw more of a Socialist Alternative... Buy it!

Commie Holidays, Black Lives Matter, 2014 saw more of a Socialist Alternative... Buy it!

continuation of interview with Teddy Shibabaw Buy it!

continuing Obama healthcare discussion, Int'l student movement, etc... Buy it!

Conversations in Blue with Otis Spann and David Maxwell Buy it!

corporate tax rates, inequality, billionaires bankrolling the Tea Party Buy it!

Counterspin (10/28/11): John Feffer -- sending American troops to central Africa to get involved with their poliitics (the Lord's Resistance Army) Buy it!

Coup in Turkey, Bernie retreats, etc. Buy it!

Crisis of unemployment, child poverty, inequality... Buy it!

D Buy it!

Dean Buy it!

Dean explains why he ran late this morning (lock out) Buy it!

Dean opens with a monologue on the up-coming "default." Buy it!

Dean talks about Wisconsin and the attempts to crush the Unions with a riff on the reason for the great levelng in the 40's thru the 1970's. Buy it!

Dean talks about Noank's Memorial Day (Parade and festivity.) Buy it!

Dean 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000... Buy it!

Dean aNational Radio Project/Making Contact: The Burning Issue: America's War on Forest Fires. Buy it!

Dean and Ruth give some of the highlites from the 2010 Massachusetts Conference for Women. Buy it!

Dean asks the question: "when does a victim become the aggressor?" The background is the Florida shooting of a Black 16 year old. Buy it!

Dean asks whom it benefits to call Libyian civilian peaceful uprising an "armed revolutions." Buy it!

Dean comments on what is going on in the world and reads Jonathan Haidt's "the US's two political cultures. Buy it!

Dean continues on the power of self-delusion. Buy it!

Dean explained why we were off air and then played FAIR 5/13/11 from the beginning. Miranda Spencer on media coverage of renewable/alternative ener... Buy it!

Dean finishes the essay "the Party of Loss." Buy it!

Dean gets on air and then introduce's Making Contact's Cointelpro -- the secret FBI (with help from the military) project to infiltrate and disrupt... Buy it!

Dean gives a list of upcoming events including the new movie: 9/11 Explosive Evidence, Experts Speak Out. Buy it!

Dean interviews Elisa Kay on the Products and Technology that Change People's Lives Conference and Expo, 9/23/11. Buy it!

Dean introduces and plays FAIR: 12/24/10: Trudy Leiberman on Judge Henry Hudson's decisiion on the Health Care provision for everybody must buy ins... Buy it!

Dean introduces and plays FAIR: 2/11/11, Mark Weisbrot on Haiti and the exclusion of Haiti's most popular party with the US pressure to rig the el... Buy it!

Dean introduces and plays FAIR 12/17/10 (!!): Michael Dorsey on the UN Environmental Conference in Cancun, Mexico; Bob McIntyre on Obama's "move to... Buy it!

Dean introduces and plays FAIR 4/26/11: Amanda Marcette on the Budget debate over Planned Parenthood (a GOP attempt to cut off funding for contracep... Buy it!

Dean introduces and plays FAIR: Jodie Jacobson on the leadership of the Tea Party aand their far Fight social issues Buy it!

Dean introduces and then plays "COINTELPRO" Part 1. Cointelpro was the secret FBI project to infiltrate and disrupt domestic organizations Buy it!

Dean introduces FAIR 8/23/11: Jim Tower on Rick Perry's real economic record in Texas (low wages and cronyism.) Buy it!

Dean introduces FAIR: 3/18/11 -- Arjun Mothjoni on media reaction to the Japanese nuclear crisis; Cindy Folkers on how many may die from the Japan... Buy it!

Dean introduces his conservative friend, Blake Bacon Buy it!

Dean introduces his program and FAIR: Andy Worthington on Wikileaks' Guantanimo information. The evidence is flawed, gotten by torture or stool pi... Buy it!

Dean introduces Making Contact's "Arizona's SB 1070: the Battle for Immigrants' Rights Buy it!

Dean introduces National Radio Project/Making Contact: Local Democracy: Building from the Bottom. Buy it!

Dean introduces the program and play FAIR (6/8/12): Patima Goss Groves on ; Alexis Boden Moyer on Buy it!

Dean introduces the program followed by FAIR (4/22/13): Paul Grossup on what a "terrorist" really means; Hugh Kauffman on West, Texas and the ferti... Buy it!

Dean introduces the program followed byFAIR (4/15/11): Sharif Abdel Kaddous on US mainstream media on its lack of attention on Egypt and the repress... Buy it!

Dean introduces the program w/ Barney Frank's not running for Congress; FAIR 11/25/11: Charles Kurzman on "The Missing Martyrs" -- why so few Moslem... Buy it!

Dean introduces the program: James Douglass will be on the program next week. Buy it!

Dean introdutes FAIR (11/12/10) -- william Grider: The End of Globalizatiion; Buy it!

Dean inttroduces National Radio Project/Making Contract's "The End of thhe War on Marijuana?" Buy it!

Dean isn't sure if he is on air (He is.) Buy it!

Dean lets people know that he just arrived from CT and goes immediately into Making Contact's "Tax Me, I'm Yours" from 2009. Buy it!

Dean lists the fatalities needing to be credited to the "unknown conspirators" Buy it!

Dean looks at Obama's poor performance in the First Debate which turns out to be "the Right Wing's Gift that keeps on Giving." What Obama's coattai... Buy it!

Dean looks at older Conservatives and their upsetness with the new mouthpieces and Right Wing "thinkers." Buy it!

Dean looks at the politics of how the Marathon bombing is being used. Buy it!

Dean makes a PSA plea for contributions to WMFO Buy it!

Dean on Able-Disabled Project's chance to win a grant; other good programs in the Boston area; a look at what could have been had Obama not been a c... Buy it!

Dean on Christmas when the cheer of the season seems out of place. Buy it!

Dean on conspiracies within conspiracies: how the Right's belief that Roosevelt conspired to create Pearl Harbor formed the basis of their 9/11 cons... Buy it!

Dean on how to discover the real stories officials don't want you to know about. Buy it!

Dean on MoveOn's "Top 5 FOX myths" on the Occupy movement, etc.; Buy it!

Dean on Obama's State of the Union speech, Valentine's Day, and the scary story of future slavery called "72 hours." Buy it!

Dean on our involvement in Lybia and why the intervention was needed. Dean disagrees with many others on the Left. Buy it!

Dean on the ability of the Republicans to shift votes in key areas by changing vote counts. With new computer voting machines, it is easy to do it. Buy it!

Dean on the Acadamy Award Winner, Inside Job, and that it is now out on DVD. Buy it!

Dean on the current state of the Senate's Veto usage and what to do about it. Buy it!

Dean on the Dalai Lama's up-coming visit to Medford; the meaning of "conspiracies." Buy it!

Dean on the financial wrap-up of the Iraq debacle, the Boston Occupy movement and upcoming events Buy it!

Dean on the movie Lincoln; FAIR (11/16/12): Sarah Anderson on corporate america and the "fix America" campaign; Martin Lee on marijuana and what ele... Buy it!

Dean on the potential melt-down of the economic systems including the "minor" loss of $2 billion by one trader to the collapse of the support for au... Buy it!

Dean on the so-called "cash cliff." followed by "Give Us Back (our Oceans Blue). Buy it!

Dean on the the real damage done by Obama's horrible first debate performance. Also the manipulation of voting machines by companies with Far Right... Buy it!

Dean on the tragedy in CT, gun laws and Buy it!

Dean on Tomgram's The National Security Complex and You Buy it!

Dean on who votes for President; National Radio Project/Making Contact on "The Electoral College's Dirty History." (The ties with Slavery.) Buy it!

Dean opens the show by talking about James Doouglass's book tour Buy it!

Dean opens and then plays FAIR (11/9/12): Mark Weisbrot on the elections and some of the items that the mainstream media missed; Wen Stephenson on... Buy it!

Dean opens by telling everyone that his friend, and strong Conservative, will be on the show live later. Buy it!

Dean opens calling today "a day that will live in infamy" based on the President and Congress's sell-out of average Americans Buy it!

Dean opens the program Buy it!

Dean opens the program (what is coming up for the program.) Buy it!

Dean opens the program and then plays FAIR (7/27/12): jULES BOYKOFF on ;Sam Pizzigat on Buy it!

Dean opens the program followed by FAIR (9/23/11): Neil DeMauve on Poverty in America and the Media's response to it; Phyllis Bennis on How the Medi... Buy it!

Dean opens the program with a look at the US Post Office and the cuts that hurt small towns. Buy it!

Dean opens the program with a talk about the current Occupy Wall Street movements. Buy it!

Dean opens the shoow Buy it!

Dean opens the show and then goes to FAIR (9/16/11): Brandi Grissom on Rick Perry's record on executions. Questions of innocence remain in several... Buy it!

Dean opens the show talking about "Jumping Jack Flash" by the Rolling Stones Buy it!

Dean opens with a look at the Republican primaries Buy it!

Dean opens with a look at the up-coming show including the chances of Israel attacking Iran before the US election. Buy it!

Dean opens with double jepordy and how prosecuters get around it; also how various Governments withhold key information Buy it!

Dean opens with Thank you and a look into the future Buy it!

Dean opens with the argument that we have returned to a feudal system of government: a very few (440) people who control most of what happens politi... Buy it!

Dean opens; FAIR (8/24/12) Corbin Carson "does voter fraud exist or is it a fraud?"; Ali Abinumah on why the Guardian gives voice to someone who che... Buy it!

Dean opens; FAIR: Phyllis Benis on the so-called "end" of the Iraq War; Dean Baker on The bogus arguments and attacks on Social Security Buy it!

Dean opens; National Radio Project/Making Contact: Art is Our Weapon. Twp poets, Alixa and Naima, who make up Climbing PoeTree, talk about poetry a... Buy it!

Dean reads "Letter from a (female) freshman (who covers her bad marks by first pretending she was hurt, in the hospital, pregnant, etc.) Buy it!

Dean reads a PSA on "America's Endless Wars" w/ Andrew Bacevich -- a free lecture at Medford's UU Church on Sun., 3/25 at 2:30pm. Buy it!

Dean reads Boston Globe's article on Rick Perry and other articles. Buy it!

Dean reads definitions on "How to Speak Republican." Buy it!

Dean reads from Harper's Magazine (12/100 essay "The Party of Loss," Corey Robin's look at Conservatism and how it uses the masses to keep the arist... Buy it!

Dean reads Glen Johnson's "US, in turmoil, risks fulfillment of bin Laden's aims." Then Dean talks about 9/11/01 and the plot within a plot that an... Buy it!

Dean reads his Christmas story, "The Christmas Shot." A story of anger, confrontation, music and ownership of "Silent Night." Based on true storie... Buy it!

Dean reads Matt Faibbi's Taibblog: Obama Goes All Out for Dirty Banker Buy it!

Dean reads NYT Op-Ed "Tea Party's War on America." [His advice: Never negotiate with Terrorists."] Buy it!

Dean reads Rudyard Kipling's "The Servant When He Reigneth" and Right Wing views. Buy it!

Dean reads the letter by George Soros on the failure of our "drug war." Buy it!

Dean reinttroduces the earlier program at the unexpected break. NRP/Making Contact: How Homelessness Became a Crime. Buy it!

Dean riffs on Jordan Michael Smith's In these Times articles: MLK Memorial Misses the Message. Buy it!

Dean shows that the WASHINGTON POST'S "Top Secret America" series shows how one of the goal's of the planners of "The Nwt Pearl Harbor" (9/11) benef... Buy it!

Dean speaks about a man, wild in his teens but rehabilitated after a stint in prison, is now accused of a murder from 1963. The question is, if he... Buy it!

Dean speaks about Joe Klein's "The Return of the Silent Majority: and how the "lone" hero myth is so dangerous; then Dean reads the "Tomgram" by Bil... Buy it!

Dean speaks about magazines and their interesting articlles. Buy it!

Dean speaks about Robert Restuccia's views on the Supreme Court's ruling on the Health Care's coming impact on states like Florida, Louisiana and Te... Buy it!

Dean speaks about the 9/11 Conspiracies (the "official one" and others). Buy it!

Dean speaks about the attempt to punish women for using birth control by passing laws forcing women to undergo unwanted (and even invasive) procedur... Buy it!

Dean speaks about the Boston Marathon bombing: who did it? Buy it!

Dean speaks about the power of the Right Wing and how the Left was powerful during Vietnam; Buy it!

Dean speaks about the takedown of the various "Occupy" camps including Boston's Buy it!

Dean speaks about various Progressive subjects Buy it!

Dean speaks about when Israel will attack Iran -- or at least when the most advantage time for them to do it: a month or so before this year's Ameri... Buy it!

Dean speaks more about Jim Douglass Buy it!

Dean speaks of Obama's address of last Thursday. Buy it!

Dean speaks of the elections to come in 2012. Buy it!

Dean speaks of the police's move on Occupy Wall Street and what it means. Buy it!

Dean speaks of the real reason many support rapid fire guns and large magazines. Buy it!

Dean speaks on 9/11 and the great silence. Buy it!

Dean speaks on an article by Karin McQuillan: Mill Romney does a great thing for one of his Partners at Bain Capital, but only millionaire CEOs can... Buy it!

Dean speaks on Harper's Index (March 2013) and other articles in the news. Buy it!

Dean speaks on Judicial misconduct and prosecutorial misconduct. Buy it!

Dean speaks on The Able-Disabllled Project, what the problem is and how ADP will help Buy it!

Dean speaks on the creative energy in the Occupy movements (esp. in Boston and NYC), how the protesters in Egypt are preventing Mubarak's generals f... Buy it!

Dean speaks on the movie, "The Black Book" and all sorts of literary connections with World Wars I and 2: Le Grand Maulnes (the Wanderer, The Guns o... Buy it!

Dean speaks on the Police, where they came from, what they do. Plus a look at the movie "J. Edgar." Buy it!

Dean speaks on the stories that have disappeared from the news -- from Iraq to Fukichima to <fill in the blank> Buy it!

Dean speaks on what lies behind the surface fluff including the up-coming 10th Anniversary of 9/11. Buy it!

Dean speaks to the reality of subversive works by our government. Buy it!

Dean spoke about the demise of WFNX-FM as an independent alternative radio voice. Its channel has been sold to ClearChannel, a corporate disaster f... Buy it!

Dean starts by talking about the upcoming New Hampshire Primary. Buy it!

Dean starts the show with various subjects including The Stamford, FL police incompetence. Buy it!

Dean takes on so-called "Liberals" that have become part of the we-know-better-than-you political leaks and TWA Flight 800 and its cover-up. Buy it!

Dean talks ablut Sharen Wendy Robertson and "Spill into Washington." Buy it!

Dean talks aboout how Osama Bin Laden turns from a CIA asset to a mortal enemy. Buy it!

Dean talks about 9/11 and Building 7 as the lie to the official version of events Buy it!

Dean talks about 9/11 and the one way to "prove" that there was a conspiracy within a conspiracy, specifically an American highest level use of Osam... Buy it!

Dean talks about abortion and when life occurs. Dean makes the case that a fetus cannot be a full "person" until the potential baby takes its first... Buy it!

Dean talks about BP being a "bad actor" by taking shortcuts and saving tiny amounts of money; how the law of averages catches up to you. Buy it!

Dean talks about Gandhi and the beginning of the Non-Violent Movement in the early 20th Century. Buy it!

Dean talks about Giles MacDonogh's After the Reich: the Brutal History of the Allied Occupation. Why 3,000,000 German civilians died after "Peace"... Buy it!

Dean talks about his absence from last week's show due to Ruth's illness. A shout-out to Chuck Rosina for taking over. Buy it!

Dean talks about his own experiences in becoming a Progressive. Some info on the origins of Labor Day. Buy it!

Dean talks about how long it takes for a strong democracy/republic to "Single Person Rule." And Is the US in the middle of that Process? Buy it!

Dean talks about how to get the US leaders to do something they would rather not do; a plug for Social Alternative Radio, and introducing the Redist... Buy it!

Dean talks about how we got (the history) to the situation we have today on the Korean peninsula. Buy it!

Dean talks about Progressives in 2012 and looking forward to 2013 Buy it!

Dean talks about reading a "paper of record" (NYTimes or Washington Post) in order to discover what stories are being buried by being released when... Buy it!

Dean talks about Rep. Mike Capuano interview coming at 9AM then plays National Radio Project/Making Contact: A SECOND WIND: Elders Act for Justice -... Buy it!

Dean talks about secret government infiltration then and now. And the ability of elements of the Government to keep their operations secret "foreve... Buy it!

Dean talks about South Africa and its "Truth and Reconcilliantion" commission; also about the need to judge the past not through our current underst... Buy it!

Dean talks about Summer Solstice (today); Obama's "withdrawal from Afghanistan;" Global Warming: why Scientists believe it while larger amounts of t... Buy it!

Dean talks about the "new" trillion-dollar ore discoveries in Afghanistan. Buy it!

Dean talks about the American mission to Vietnam during WWII. Buy it!

Dean talks about the attempt by US AG Eric Holder to justify killing Americans outside the USA without legal review in a speech in Chicago on 3/5/12... Buy it!

Dean talks about the debt crisis and Standard & Poor's downgrading USA treasury bonds. Buy it!

Dean talks about the evidence for a government within a government in the USA. Buy it!

Dean talks about the execution of Troy Davis and why the Death Penalty should be stopped unless there is 100% evidence. Buy it!

Dean talks about the Fundamentalists in all Religions Buy it!

Dean talks about the government's assertions on how benign their spying on Americans really is Buy it!

Dean talks about the importance of primary elections and Romney's new VP candidate Paul Ryan Buy it!

Dean talks about the Korean War and the Washington, DC Korean War Memorial. This introduces NATIONAL RADIO PROJECT'S "Avoiding a new Korean War."... Buy it!

Dean talks about the layers of complexity in changing society's unexamined prejudices Buy it!

WMFO Political Discussion merch

Dean talks about the Mass Senate race and the Presidential race: why Romney and Brown get away with misstatements. Buy it!

Dean talks about the myth of the "one man" ideal that permiates large sections of the electorate. Then Tom Dispatch's introduction to t he Aug. 14,... Buy it!

Dean talks about the nascent "Occupy Boston/Wall St. and why the Progressives should make common cause with the real populist Tea Party members. Buy it!

Dean talks about the nature of political change. Buy it!

Dean talks about the need to get Social Security off the chopping block: Obama allows Republicans another shot at the program. Buy it!

Dean talks about the optics of Obama's inauguration held on MLK's holiday. The reality of the coming legislative sessions. Buy it!

Dean talks about the paper FUNNY TIMES and the cartoonist Mark Parisi and Tom Tomorrow, including a reading of the cartoon that targets the abortion... Buy it!

Dean talks about the quickness wiith which Breitbart's lies were exposed this time vs. how long it usually takes. Buy it!

Dean talks about the recent Republican attempts in the House of Congress to blast women's issues on a panel that included NO women! Buy it!

Dean talks about the recent revelations of the widespread spying on every American and all foreigners. Buy it!

Dean talks about the relativity of "cold" and what he has seen in his career as a "Winter Moutaineer." Buy it!

Dean talks about the Somerville Homeless Coalition; Health Care bill ; The BIG WIN, little WIN theory Buy it!

Dean talks about the Titanic and the masses in Steerage and their problems in escaping. Buy it!

Dean talks about the US military withdrawal from Iraq. Buy it!

Dean talks about the Warren campaign, the Supreme Court's upholding of most of Obamacare, etc. Buy it!

Dean talks about the what is going on under the radar (esp. the 9/11 and the following Anthrax attacks) and how the Republican Right sees "moderate"... Buy it!

Dean talks about the Wisconsin elections, "Stephanie Miller's 'Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour,'" and other current stories Buy it!

Dean talks about Timothy Egan's "The Mirthless Senate" on why we need Al Franken to take the gloves off and start slapping his brother idiots upside... Buy it!

Dean talks about today's ADA Day and the unfinished business needed for Disabled freedom. Buy it!

Dean talks about today's program: politics, Sandy, and David Pap, co-founder of CHAF. Buy it!

Dean talks about various earthquakes -- esp. Lisbon in 1755 and the current Japanese one. Buy it!

Dean talks about various subjects Buy it!

Dean talks about various topics Buy it!

Dean talks about what torture does (historically): the History of "The Third Degree." Buy it!

Dean talks about whether climate change is man-made followed by National Radio Project/Making Contact's "Changing the Climate on Climate Change." T... Buy it!

Dean talks about who is buying hollow nose (dum-dum) bullets that are internationally barred because of the damage it does. Buy it!

Dean talks on what he learned from WMFO's Summer Meeting Buy it!

Dean thanks Edward and discovers one disc is cracked Buy it!

Dean thanks the DJs that took over while Dean was running a Political Campaign Buy it!

Dean Wallace and Ruth Unger review the 8th MA Conference for Woman. Keynote speakers Depak Chopra, Dr. Rene Brown and Arianna Huffington, etc. spea... Buy it!

Dean Wallace opens the show w/ a look at Obama's putting Social Security back on the cutting table. Buy it!

Dean welcomes new students and talks about the start of the Republican Party Buy it!

Debt so-called crisis, etc... Buy it!

Discussion with co-host Diego on death of Chavez, Cuba, etc... Buy it!

discussion with James Douglass, author of JFK and the Unspeakable: Why he died and why it matters. Buy it!

Earth Day Buy it!

economic realities for working people Buy it!

Elections, economy for working people, etc... Buy it!

electoral alternatives, May Day (International Workers Day), etc... Buy it!

Erin Elizabeth Wells, in-studio interview with an organizational professional Buy it!

Eyewitness in Cuba Buy it!

Facts are irritating (more on HRC), Mumia and others aren't buying it... Buy it!

FAIR (1/13/12) -- Began to play, but it kept skipping, so it had to be stoped. Buy it!

FAIR (1/25/13): Rose Angular on Roe vs Wade at 40 years; Daphne Wysham on climate Policy. Buy it!

FAIR (1/27/12) -- w/ Michael Hastings on "the Operators" -- on the war policy failures in Afghanistan; Laura Flonders on Newt Gingrich's coded racis... Buy it!

FAIR (1/4/13): Bob McIntyre on the "fiscal cliff" and how bad the "deal" is; Kevin McKinney on Buy it!

FAIR (1/6/12) -- Glenn Greenwald about "indefinite detention." How it is expanding and what it means for our liberties. Corynne McSherry on the at... Buy it!

FAIR (10/12/12): Josh Edelson on the first WALMART strikes; Keane Blatt on the Venezuela elections. How the US media (from the far Right to the Lef... Buy it!

FAIR (10/19/12): David Roberts on the place of coal in the Presidential debates; Julianne Hing on affirmative action: how Diversity trumped Equity Buy it!

FAIR (10/22/10) -- Peter Stone on Fundraising this year. How the business community is pouring money into the current election since they can do... Buy it!

FAIR (10/5): Prof. John Sides on how the media's parsing of debates. Debates are not usually that important, but media chatter can become the narra... Buy it!

FAIR (10/7/11): Harvey Wasserman on Solindra's bellyup and why solar power is having so much trouble (China's Monopoly Capitalism plus the huge Amer... Buy it!

FAIR (11/11/11): Cyrus Softari on the media's mishandling of the IAEA's Iran report; Francis Scott Piven on the OWS. Buy it!

FAIR (11/18/11) -- Julie Berebitsky on sexual harassment of women in the workplace; Jim Horn on the "facts" getting in the way of the corporate narr... Buy it!

FAIR (11/30/12): Scott Nova on the fatal factory fire and desperation of workers who get $.08 an hour to make clothes for Walmart, et. al.; Maurice... Buy it!

FAIR (11/5): Jim Maricus on the trends in the Electiions; Chris Krom on Republican hype about "Voter Fraud." And why voter intimidation is ignored. Buy it!

FAIR (12/14/12): Jane McAlvey on the Right Wing's on-going war against Unions; Mijin Chor on the so-called "Fiscal Cliff." Buy it!

FAIR (12/23/11) -- the new digital divide that works against Blacks and Latinos. (Verizon's blocking of messages, etc.). John Neffel on police trea... Buy it!

FAIR (2/1/13): Maegan Ortiz on Immigration Reform and "Will Patterson on attempts to keep activists and reporters from reporting on the condition of... Buy it!

FAIR (2/3/12) -- Vijay Prashad on our "war" on Iran. The difference between what they are doing to us vs. we to them; Jeff Ballinger on Buy it!

FAIR (3/1/13): Nina Shiraz on Argo and how real was the movie "based on a true story;" Mitra Ebadokhi on Warrentless Spying or how the Judiciary ar... Buy it!

FAIR (3/15): Yousaf Butt on Iran and the NYTimes reporting what the administration's position; Mary Bottari on Fix the Debt. Buy it!

FAIR (3/16/12): Emira Woods on Uganda and the reality vs the video about the Lord's Resistance Army; Mike Elk on labor reporting (bad: no dedicated... Buy it!

FAIR (3/2/12) -- Began to play, but started skipping and had to be stopped. Buy it!

FAIR (3/22/13): Diana Duarte on the Iraq War; Barbara Miner on "Lessons from the Heartland." Education wars in Detroit. Buy it!

FAIR (3/29/13): David Moon on Aaron's Law; Beth Schwartzapfel on Prison Access. Buy it!

FAIR (3/8/13): Markweisbrot on Hugo Chavez and the way his revolution was portrayed in the US press; Kevin Gosztola on Bradley Manning and why he up... Buy it!

FAIR (3/9/12): Conn Hallinan on the 2 narratives about the Syrian uprising (the demonstrators are 1) unaided liberty lovers; 2) Western Pawns). Tom... Buy it!

FAIR (3/9/12): Conn Hallinan on the complexity of Syria rather than the black/white narrative in our media; Tom Tresser on how "slum dwellers" are m... Buy it!

FAIR (4/13/12): Marc Cooper on Apple and price fixiing in the e-book market. The lawsuit alleges that they were after Amazon's business model; Milt... Buy it!

FAIR (4/23): Andrew Coburn, co-producer of American Casino, on the defects with the bills to regulate Wall Street; Heather Rogers, author of Green G... Buy it!

FAIR (4/27/12): Marc Weisbnot on reporting on Argentina's move to take over the petroleum company owned mostly by Spain; Justin Elliot on the BILLIO... Buy it!

FAIR (5/18/12) -- Kenyon Farrow on Amendment 1 of North Carolina and its real implications; Nada Alwadi on Barhain's "Arab Spring" uprising and US m... Buy it!

FAIR (5/24/13): PBS and its deference to the Koch Brothers who sit on the Board and give large amounts of money; Angelina Jolie and how she has brou... Buy it!

FAIR (5/24/13):stice Dept. investigation/raid on AP fishing expeditions. Buy it!

FAIR (5/31/13): Pardiss Kebriaes on free speech; Bob Chesney on digital discourse. Buy it!

FAIR (5/4/12): Jonathan Chait on Rep. Paul Ryan (Wisconsin) and his budget that attacks the social safety net; Brentin Mock and the Tea Party's "vot... Buy it!

FAIR (6/11/10) -- Catherine Lutz on the Japanese attempt to remove American bases from their territory Buy it!

FAIR (6/15/13): on Edward Snowdon: whistleblower hero or traitor; Ralph Nader and his new book, I Told You So. Why the Media doesn't pay attention... Buy it!

FAIR (6/17/13): the Bradley Manning "leaked secrets" trial with; the canard that welfare reciepients keep their children from reading so they can ge... Buy it!

FAIR (6/21/13): Alexa Goldstein on the home foreclosure scandals as Big Banks get away w/ murder; Deepa Kumar on long-time Domestic surveillance: t... Buy it!

FAIR (6/22/12): Sara Kharshid on the miltary's grab for power in Egypt -- Parliament being dissolved, etc.; Mohammed Abdullah on children of immigra... Buy it!

FAIR (6/29/12): Megan Ortiz on; Robert Noumon on Buy it!

FAIR (7/1/11): Patrick Cockburn Buy it!

FAIR (7/15/11): James Galbraith on the political stalemate that may lead the US into financial default; John Nichols on the News of the World mess a... Buy it!

FAIR (7/17/12): David Enders on the war in Syria -- including the spin from both sides; Kate Crockett, MA ACLU, on the issues on what the law allows... Buy it!

FAIR (7/22/11): Mary Bottari on ALEC EXPOSED PROJECT (American Legislative Economic Council) is an unholy big business project which feeds politicia... Buy it!

FAIR (7/29/11): Denin Burghart on ; Julianne Esobajdo Shepard Buy it!

FAIR (7/6/12): Steffie Woolhandler on The Supreme Court's upholding of "Obamacare." But what is really going on: Single Payer push being sidelined;... Buy it!

FAIR (7/8/11): Noam Chomsky on the "Arab Spring" -- what has changed and what has not; Monica Novoa on Buy it!

FAIR (8/10/12) Chip Berlet on the Sigkh Temple massacre and the media's response; Chuck Zlatin on the attempt to wreck the US Postal System. This i... Buy it!

FAIR (8/12/11): Carl Grossman and Steve Wing talk about nuclear disasters including the Fucashima Tsunami Disaster. Buy it!

FAIR (8/17/12): Trudy Lieberman on Paul Ryan's Medicare Program and the media's fear of taking him on; Leonie Haumson on attempts to get parents to... Buy it!

FAIR (8/5/11): Bill Hartung on cuts in the military budget (not much -- the Pentagon will keep growing even with the $400 Billion in cuts over 10 ye... Buy it!

FAIR (9/2/11) -- Lorne Stocknow on the Canadian Tar Sands Oil and the controversial pipeline. What the plans are; Fwaz Shakir on "Fear Inc." (the I... Buy it!

FAIR (9/21/12): Vijay Preshad on the Media's view of religious protest in Moslem world; Imara Jones on Romney's "facts" Buy it!

FAIR (9/7): George Farah on Presidential Debates as a structured farce: how to avoid real discussion; Mohammed Sakimi on the nuclear report on Iran... Buy it!

FAIR (date: ???): Lauren Stockman on the media's silence on the protests against the Keystone Pipeline : Faz Shakir on "FEAR, INC" -- the Islamicpho... Buy it!

FAIR (note: 4/22/11) on the Budget Debate over Planned Parenthood with Amanda Morcotte + Dave Lindorff on the Credit Rating Services. Buy it!

FAIR 1/14/11: Chip Berlet on the right wing anger and how the right wing media promotes it hour after hour, day after day. Buy it!

FAIR 10/1/10(!): Rick Ayers on a critique of the movie "Waiting for Superman" -- "A Slick Marketing Promotion for Charter Schools and bashing Teache... Buy it!

FAIR 10/28/11: John Feffer; Heidi Garrett Buy it!

FAIR 11/26/10 -- CD repeated Buy it!

FAIR 12/2/11: Sharif Kaddous on Egyptian politics and the military dominance of the process; Hannah Gurman on Iraq and the death counts in 1994 and... Buy it!

FAIR 4/12/13: Lauren Flanders on Margaret Thatcher; Parin Kebriaes on Guantanamo Buy it!

FAIR 4/19/13: Nicole Woo on Obama's attack on Social Security via Chained CPI; Erin Grant on an illegal abortion clinic in Philadelphia. Buy it!

FAIR 4/2: Buy it!

FAIR 6/17/11: Shahid Buttar on the FBI targeting liberal groups and grabbing for more power and why the Media are NOT contecting the dots; Gareth Po... Buy it!

FAIR 6/28/13: Buy it!

FAIR 8/3/12: Jonathan Cohen on the AIDS Conference, who wasn't there and why it is important; a Gore Vidal Tribute. Buy it!

FAIR 9/28/12: Costos Panayotakis on push-back against austerity in the Euro-zone; Jesselyn Rojack on Buy it!

FAIR starts but is defectve so Dean takes over and talks about several subjects. Buy it!

FAIR/ COUNTERSPIN: Helena Cobbin on the anger at Turkey and Brazil for brokering a deal with Iran on nuclear materials; Mike Epputropolus on why Gre... Buy it!

FAIR/Coounterspin 6/18/10 -- Ricky Ott on how BP controls the message throough threats; Tim Dickenson on "the Spill, the Scandal, and the President Buy it!

FAIR/Counterspin 2/22/13: Dan Beeton on the Equidor Elections and Christina Hong on North Korea. Buy it!

FAIR/Counterspin 6/25/10 -- Joshua Holland on the other interesting things in the Rolling Stone article on Gen. McCrystal; Niger Delta oill disaster... Buy it!

FAIR: Buy it!

FAIR: (3/27/10 -- Trudi Lieberman a wrap-up of the health care bill and the press; APAC and Israel's building new homes in Jerusallem and the tim... Buy it!

FAIR: Ametod Paul on French Protesters and American Media's take on protesters in general; Ajen Rowe on Social Security Buy it!

FAIR: Josh Rubner on the Middle East Peace Talks; Diane Ravich on Teacher Bashing through "objective ratings." Buy it!

FAIR: Thomas Ferguson on the "Great Excape" or Truth behind "Financial Reforms;" How the biggest banks escaped real regulation.; Michael Messner o... Buy it!

FAIR: [5/28/10]: David Helvar on the BP Oil Disaster; Earl O. Hutchson on Rand Paul and Racism in the Republican Party Buy it!

FAIR: (1/13/12) -- Jimilla King on new laws that hurt internet access by Blacks and Latinos. Buy it!

FAIR: (1/20/12) -- Paul Mutter on ; Richard Martinez on Buy it!

FAIR: (10/14/11): Arun Gupta on Media coverage of the "Occupy" protests, especially the surprise of the mainstreet media turning the spotlight on th... Buy it!

FAIR: (11/19/10) on Buy it!

FAIR: (12/17/12): Dam Shame -- a look at dams and their benefits and liabilities. Buy it!

FAIR: (2/8/130 Norman Solomon on Iraq War 10 years ago; Richard Kim on Ed Koch -- the darker side of his NYC mayorship. Buy it!

FAIR: (3/23/12) -- Tyson Slocum on Obama's responsibility for higher gas prices. (Some responsibility) ; Dr. Andrew Coates on the Health Care and ho... Buy it!

FAIR: (3/5/10) Mary Bettari: Economic Crisis; Rahid Jarad on the Iraqi Elections Buy it!

FAIR: (5/10/13): Peter Hart on Syria; Dilip Hiro on Afghan Corruption Buy it!

FAIR: (5/3/13): Mark Hertsgaard on how large the BP cover-up was on its Gulf oil spill; Jamilah King on "Obama phones" -- a Right Wing fantasy with... Buy it!

FAIR: (5/6/11) mATTHEW Alexander on The Killing of Bin Laden and the Republican claims that "torture works;" Buy it!

FAIR: (7/30/10) -- Daniel Ellsberg on Wikileaks and the Afghan paper leaks vs the Pentagon Papers leak; A.C. Thomas, reporter from New Orleans a on... Buy it!

FAIR: 10/21/11: Todd Tucker on the new "Fair Trade Agreements;" Karuna Jaggert on "Think Before You Pink" -- do the big "Breast Cancer campaigns"... Buy it!

FAIR: 11/26/10 Robert Kuttner on Defiecits and "What Planet are Defecit Hawks living on? Buy it!

FAIR: 11/4/11: Costas Powayotakis on blaming the Greek crisis on "lazy workers" rather than financiers. What is behind the IMF's austerity measures... Buy it!

FAIR: 2/15/13: Imara Jones on Obama's State of the Union speech; Dave Zirin on "Game Over." The book covers politics in sports. Buy it!

FAIR: 2/4/11 -- Adil Shamoo on The USA's role in supporting Egypt's dictators; Pawat Gerges on The Muslem Brotherhood and our fear of it. Buy it!

FAIR: 2010 Year in Review (BP Spill, Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Buy it!

FAIR: 2012 IN REVIEW: some of the most important stories of the year. Buy it!

FAIR: 4/16/10 with Ben Lilliston on problllems wiith genetically engineered crops; Barbara Minor on Rethinking Education Buy it!

FAIR: 5/13/11 -- There was no signal going out; it took 3 phone calls before we got back on air Buy it!

FAIR: 5/27/11 -- Bill McKibben on Climate Warming and the Political Climate; Allison Kilkenny on Protests against tough new economic regulations an... Buy it!

FAIR: 6-10-11; Harvey Wasserman on Japan's withholding info on their nuclear disaster; Andrew Fieldhouse on the Bush era tax cuts and how bad they m... Buy it!

FAIR: 7/ 2/10 -- Nancy Altman on corporate media buying into the attack on Deficet being llinked to Soc Sec; Alfie Cohn on misguided "Education Re... Buy it!

FAIR: 7/25 -- LAST WEEK'S cd -- started then stopped Buy it!

FAIR: Ali Abunimah on Gaza; A.C. Thompson on Katrina's Hidden Race War Buy it!

FAIR: Aran Raston on ; David Swanson on the "budget cuts" without the Military; The Comcast/NBC merger and the Bloomberg reaction to it. [How Bl... Buy it!

FAIR: Burt Laws on Swine Flu and Kristen Thomson on Radio Diversity SPOKEN WORD OTHER Buy it!


FAIR: Dean Baker on the Stimulus Package; Michael Ratner on Possible Torture Loopholes Buy it!

FAIR: Greg Grandin on Honduras and the Coup against the progressive government; Nomi Prins on Madoff's conviction and what it means Buy it!

FAIR: Harold Meyerson on Paul Ryan's attempt to switch the debt even more by cutting essential services and giving it to corporations and the rich;... Buy it!

FAIR: Helen Cobran on Russia/Georgian conflict; Ivanna Jone on Black Radio's "Disappearing Voices" Buy it!

FAIR: Kai Wright on Proposition 8 Blame Game; Andy Worthington on Guantanamo Buy it!

FAIR: Laura Dresser on the Wisconsin Union battle over the Governor's attempt to strip the Union's bargaining power; Dean Baker on using deficits... Buy it!

FAIR: Lyn Paltrow on Utah's attempt to criminalize miscarriage; Dr. Susan Lynn on childrrren at risk. Buy it!

FAIR: Marcy Keever on the oil disaster in the gulf; Alexandra Solar Metz on the Immigration Law in Buy it!

FAIR: Maurice Carney on Congo; Sasha Lilley on the War Comes Home Buy it!

FAIR: Robert Namen on the Wikileaks documents on the Coup in Honduran. Buy it!

FAIR: Susan Saladorff's documentary "Hot Coffee" on the true story behind the woman who spilled McDonald's coffee and the spin huge corporations giv... Buy it!

FAIR: The Tribune Company Bankruptcy; Buy it!

FAIR: week of 1/28/11: Laura El Haddah on Gaza and how fierce the blockade has been. Buy it!

FAIR:(2/17/12) --Ruth Flower on the US Budget and what the mainstream media will deliberately overlook; John Nichols on Wisconsin's attempt to recal... Buy it!

Fascist terror ; what is fascism and how to fight it Buy it!

Fast Food and Wal Mart walk-out, protests, do the rich work?, etc... Buy it!

FBI behind most of the "terror plots" -- examples supplied. Buy it!

Fed Ex unio drive, U.S. Uncut, etc... Buy it!

Fed Ex union drive, international news, nuclear power Buy it!

Ferguson; immigration reform; workers rights Buy it!

Ferguson; immigration; workers rights incl. 15NOW.org; etc. Buy it!

Fight Fascism, racism, nationalism... Buy it!

Financial Crisis Buy it!

From a democratic Republic to a one-person (Emperor) rule in a few easy steps Buy it!

Grad students can organize, etc Buy it!

Grenfell fire tragedy ; Mass. Millionaires tax ; etc. Buy it!

gun control protests ; inequality talk ; save our buses in Worcester and why that matters Buy it!

gun control protests, etc. Buy it!

Gun control: Gov. Paul Celluci's "A Coalition Worked in Mass." Why gun control "should not be a partixan fight." Buy it!

Guns and Butter: interview w/ Sander Hicks on his book THE BIG WEDDING (and it's emphasis on Pakistan's ISI and the Bush-Bin Laden connection/ re: W... Buy it!

Hannah German on the end of "Iraqui Freedom" as an Orwellian exercise in turning losing into "not losing;" Norman Solomaon on the new Media blitz b... Buy it!

Happy Birthday Karl Marx ; France '68 Buy it!

Harvard Buy it!

Harvard attacking workers, Fight for 15 and a union, etc. Buy it!

Harvard Dining Hall workers strike Buy it!

Harvard layoffs and cuts in library services Buy it!

Harvard Strike Buy it!

Harvard, MBTA, NO Nukes, etc... Buy it!

Health Care Buy it!

history of "World Turned Upside Down", unemployment numbers and effects, etc... Buy it!

Holidays ; 2015: Capitalism never works ; 2016: capitalism's destructive routines Buy it!

Homeless for the holidays ; the real unemployment ; native American struggles Buy it!

Housing is a Right Buy it!

How money affects morality, Playing the Obama Sticker Game, "Fight for 15 and a union!", etc. Buy it!

Hunger, Homelessness, Boston most homeless, etc... Buy it!

In Debt We Trust ; UAW loses key union campaign Buy it!

Indigenous People's Day ; "The 13th" ; new edition of Buy it!

inequality, international, a socialist candidate Buy it!

inequlaity Buy it!

International events: Quebec, Mexico, etc... , U.s. economy and workers... Buy it!

International news, Oliver Stone movie on Hugo Chavez, etc... Buy it!

International news, the movie "The Trotsky" , the BP oil disaster Buy it!

interview with British socialist/activist Pete Playdon Buy it!

Interview with Devin, What is socialism?, Buy it!

interview with Eljeer Hawkins on Trayvon Martin injustice Buy it!

interview with fired Harvard worker Joan Frankel Buy it!

interview with fired worker Joan Frankel Buy it!

interview with Indian immigrant on immigration issues Buy it!

Interview with James Patin / "The $400 Dilemma" Buy it!

interview with Martin Voelker, founder of NO U-TURN RADIO Buy it!

interview with Mike McGlaughlin Buy it!

Interview with Seamus Whelan, socialist and Socialist Alternative Candidate for Boston City Council in Sept. prelim. election Buy it!

Interview with Steve Early! Buy it!

interview with Teddy Shibabaw, how he became a socialist, etc... Buy it!

Into. to show, Bus drivers, Verizon strike, the rich are selfish, etc... Buy it!

Into. to show, new issue of "Socialist Alternative" , J20 stop Trump, etc. Buy it!

Intor. to Show, Black August Public meeting, "You've Been Trumped", Kshama Sawant and the socialist alternative, etc.. Buy it!

intor. to show, events, anti-war rally, news, AARP attacks social security Buy it!

Intor. to show, socialists and elections, solidarity announcements, etc. Buy it!

Intor. to show, U.s. economy, foreign news, etc... Buy it!

intro to show, topics on show, solidarity announcements of events, etc.. Buy it!

Intro, China, Richard Thompson, Labor March Report Back, Buy it!

Intro, to show, quote of the day, brief news items Buy it!

Intro. / solidarity with... / interview with James Patin Buy it!

intro. t oshow, events, economy for workers, etc.. Buy it!

Intro. to "Socialist Alternative Radio" and today's show, terrorism hits home, International Workers Day (May 1st), socialist electoral alternatives... Buy it!

Intro. to "Socialist Alternative Radio" show (today's show), two-thirds of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, *0% of low wage workers lack even... Buy it!

Intro. to "Socialist Alternative Radio", "Why I am a Socialist", International news, Buy it!

Intro. to "Socialist Alternative Radio", NYC Climate March, Socialist Alt. national conf., Hong Kong umbrellas, etc. Buy it!

Intro. to SA radio show, relevant quotes, news and views Buy it!

intro. to show Buy it!

Intro. to show (who we are, what we aim for), Climate crisis and what to do, Inequality grinds on... Buy it!

Intro. to show ; Diego co-hosting ; socialists in city hall ; etc. Buy it!

Intro. to show ; economic recovery? Fidel/Cuba ; 14NOW! Buy it!

Intro. to show and discussion on "What is Socialism" Buy it!

Intro. to show and hosts, welcome back Diego, socialism at the ballot box, Syria diaryia, etc... Buy it!

intro. to show and solidarity announcements Buy it!

Intro. to show, Buy it!

Intro. to show, intro. of guest/interview, solidarity announcements, etc. Buy it!

intro. to show, May 1st, solidarity announcements, etc... Buy it!

Intro. to show, "What is Socialism", solidarity announcements Buy it!

Intro. to show, "World's Faith in Capitalism Erodes", 22 Stats. on the American Dream Buy it!

Intro. to show, $15/hr. min. wage news, Bobby from R.I., etc. Buy it!

Intro. to show, % of Americans with passports, Canadian postal workers strike, international news, rest of show topics... Buy it!

intro. to show, 100 days until THE election, Raygun Redux, The first Guernica. etc... Buy it!

Intro. to show, 15NOW.org Buy it!

intro. to show, announcements, etc... Buy it!

Intro. to show, announcements, protest in NYC, Greek austerity, etc... Buy it!

Intro. to show, beep. beep. Harvard's cheap, "Chris' corner" Buy it!

Intro. to show, Colorado mass murder and implications, international news (Quebec, Guernica, etc... ), Buy it!

intro. to show, congratulations to Tufts graduates, etc. Buy it!

Intro. to show, elections, economy for working people Buy it!

Intro. to show, elections, Trumpo tax attack ; Buy it!

Intro. to show, every other week schedule starts in February, Interest in socialism on the rise!. etc... Buy it!

Intro. to show, Free Gaza, Peoples Climate March NYC Sept. 21st, Jess Spear results... Buy it!

Intro. to show, general announcements, Socialism FAQs, 2012 elections, Int'l news, etc... Buy it!

Intro. to show, Go to NYC Sept. 21st, the police murder of Michael Brown, social unionism, etc. Buy it!

Intro. to show, International news including the Quebec student strike, etc... Buy it!

intro. to show, interview with Brian W., young socialist (how did that happen)? Buy it!

Intro. to show, intro. guest today; Bob Bowes, what is socialism, solidarity announcements, recent news Buy it!

Intro. to show, labor unions in 2012 and beyond, civil rights and wrongs, etc.. Buy it!

Intro. to show, local struggles e.g. Harvard, etc... , Quebec Student strike Buy it!

Intro. to show, Michael Brown remembered, Kshama Sawant primary victory, Bernie Sanders, Hiroshima/Nagasaki Buy it!

Intro. to show, Million Student March, Socialist city councilor who can't be bought, Corbyn surprise, Seattle Teachers' Strike Buy it!

Intro. to show, Minimum wage, new issue of "Justice", freest country in the world? etc... Buy it!

Intro. to show, new healthcare bill, some reasons not to vote for Obama and the Dems., Int.l student movement, etc... Buy it!

Intro. to show, New issue of "Justice" newspaper including "Why I am a Socialist", "Untold History of the United States", etc. Buy it!

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Intro. to show, NYC Climate March, L.A. Ort truck drivers strike, new issue of Socialist Alternative newspaper, etc. Buy it!

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Intro. to show, Socialist re-election in Seattle, Washington? ; Whole Foods hits... Buy it!

Intro. to show, Socialists on the ballot, "Socialist Alternative" newspaper, Harvard workers under attack, etc. Buy it!

Intro. to show, Socialists on the ballot, Socialists down South, Socialists everywhere!, Left Forum, Obit. for Vic P., etc. Buy it!

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Intro. to show, solidarity announcements, interview with Bryan Koulouris Buy it!

Intro. to show, solidarity announcements, Jill Stein, etc... Buy it!

Intro. to show, solidarity announcements, legacy of Hugo Chavez, Chris' Corner Buy it!

Intro. to show, solidarity announcements, no nukes, international news, etc... Buy it!

intro. to show, solidarity announcements, poverty, healthcare, etc. Buy it!

Intro. to show, solidarity announcments, fundraiser, Harvard layoffs, MBTA, etc... Buy it!

Intro. to show, The corporate elections and their context... Buy it!

Intro. to show, This American Strife/Trayvon Martin, Interview with Eljeer Hawkins, etc... Buy it!

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Intro. to show, today's show, Occupy Boston, the unfair, unequal economy, etc... Buy it!

Intro. to show, welcome back Diego, struggles/news, eyewitness Cuba report, etc.. Buy it!

Intro. to show, what is socialism, action examples of fighting back against capitalism, international news... Buy it!

intro. to show, what is socialism, Obama and de-regualtion, buses and Greenies Buy it!

Intro. to show, what is socialism, solidarity announcements, international news Buy it!

Intro. to show, what is socialism, solidarity announcements Buy it!

Intro. to show, what is socialism, solidarity announcements, attacks on workers at Harvard, etc. Buy it!

Intro. to show, what is socialism, solidarity announcements, international news, micro-loan failure, nuke power failure, etc. Buy it!

Intro. to show, what is socialism, working class struggles, working class economics, etc... Buy it!

intro. to show, Wisconsin, possible interview today about union rights and work in Somerville, etc... Buy it!

Intro. to show, World's richest woman tells us where to go, new jobs at poverty wages, etc.. Buy it!

Intro. to show, Your poor? You die sooner. Renting sucks, etc. Buy it!

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Intro. to show; 9/11; Youth and tour of British Socialist Students leader,;U.S. elections; healthcare Buy it!

intro. to today's show, solidarity nnouncements, Murdoch, etc... Buy it!

Introduce show and guest ,Teddy Shibabaw, Minn. Sociailst Activist Buy it!

Introduce show and guest, Justin! ; Trumpcare implodes ; Is America conservative? ; etc. Buy it!

Introduce today's show, solidarity announcements, etc... Buy it!

introducing today's show, brief discussion of upcomim Mass. Governor elections Buy it!

Intros, Michael Moore, Jimmy Kimmel Sucks, Buy it!

Intros, Talk of News Buy it!

Intrpo. to show Buy it!

Intto. to show, who we are, co-hosts, quotes, Occupy movement, Jobs Not Cuts campaign... Buy it!

Iran, Israel and Nuclear Weapons Buy it!

Israel Palestine Divestment Buy it!

It's a crime to be poor, Boss Talk Buy it!

Jai: why I am a socialist ; cold and homeless ; Buy it!


Jeff's Petty Bourgious Dreams Buy it!

Jim Hansen "Nano-Thermite in the Twin Towers, 2 flights into the Pentagon Buy it!

John Mearshemer's views and Why Leaders Lie. What it has to do with 9/11 and other situations that do not pass "The Smell Test." Buy it!

Juan Cole on Iraq Surge; Todd Tucker on WTO Talks Buy it!

of rebuilding merch

Just 53% favor capitalism over socialism, rally at Harvard, public meeting on the '30's and Labor Buy it!

Kate's Interview about her time in China, Buy it!

Keynsianism Buy it!

Ksama Sawant: socialist city councillor in Seattle, more on Fight for 15, etc. Buy it!

Kshama Sawant victory, Black Friday, etc.. Buy it!

Kshama Sawant, union solidarity, etc. Buy it!

Labor Day solidarity and announcements, Kshama Sawant victory in Seattle City council primary, $15NOW min. wage, etc. Buy it!

Layoff threat at Harvard, MBTA cuts and fare hikes, etc... Buy it!

Left Forum, Fast Food Workers Fight, Buy it!

live interview with Erin Elizabeth Wells, top organizer, head of Living Peace, on Downsizing your life, and inheritance problems. Buy it!

live interview with Mark Alston-Follansbee, Exec. Director of the Somerville Homeless Coalition on its mission, history and the upcoming fundraising... Buy it!

live on air with Chris Horton, a retired teacher from Worcester Buy it!

live on-air discussion with David Pap, co-founder of CHAF (Cambridge Housing Assistance Fund) on their upcoming fund-raiser. Buy it!

live talk with GREY2K's Carey Thiel and Christine Dorchak. The subject: the real horrors of Greyhound Racing. Buy it!

Local environmental campaigns, no nukes, Syriza = Greek Leftist party which could win national election today, etc. Buy it!

MAKINC CONTACT: How we survive: The Currency of Giving Buy it!

Making Contact/National Radio Project: Fighting Pollutioin Richmond, CA Buy it!

Making Contact/National Radio Project: Breaking the Psychological Chains of Slavery. Dr. Joy DeGruy talks about how slavery's legacies and racism m... Buy it!

Making Contact/National Radio Project: Christian "anti-gay therapy" and it's failure. Buy it!

Making Contact/National Radio Project: Inside the Syrian Uprising. A report from inside Syria featuring pro- and anti-President Assad views by fore... Buy it!

Making Contact/National Radio Project: Transforming the Trauma: Soldiers Stories. How Air Force Captain, S. Brian Williams became a peace activist,... Buy it!

Making Contact/National Radio Project: Women Rising #22: International Anti-Nuclear Activists. Buy it!

Making Contact/National Radio Project: Words as the Way to Freedom -- an interview with Jimmy Santiago Baca. From an illiterate street kid to a re... Buy it!

Making Contact/Radio Radio Project? Buy it!

Making Contact: Buy it!

Making Contact: LGBTQ Immigrants Speak Out. They not only have to hide their identity but their sexuality; Buy it!

Making Contact: Presumed Guilty: American Muslims and Arabs. Buy it!

Making Contact: Re-Humanizing Immigrants: Reflections by Maria Hinojosa. Losing our humanity with punishing policies Buy it!

Making Contact: Women giving birth in person Buy it!

Making Contact:Undocumented: Dreamer Artists Speak Out against immigration and the discrimination that goes with it. This is focused on young people. Buy it!

Markets make us evil, Unions new era, etc... Buy it!

Massacre in Paris ; Kshama Sawant re-election victory ; Million student march ; Missouri etc. anti-rw Buy it!

May 1st ; March for Science ; Wall street dodges taxes Buy it!

May 1st General Strike Buy it!

May 1st International Workers Day ; March for Science ; Buy it!

May 1st! Buy it!

May 1st, Trump sucks, etc. Buy it!

May Day, etc. Buy it!

McCain/Obama Debate Buy it!

Medicare for All ; November 16th: One Year is Enough ; etc. Buy it!

MeToo and new women's movement ; Dem. Party co-optation? ; capitalism morphology Buy it!

MeToo meetings ; Women march ; all for the Democrats? Etc. Buy it!

Mexican Teachers strike, Brexit Leave vote, etc. Buy it!

Michael Moore's "Capitalism: A Love Story" Trailer Buy it!

Michelle Alexander on the new Jim Crow (using incarceration as a weapon against people of color.) Buy it!

Microfinance/microloans, no Nukes, economics Buy it!

Mid-term elections, union struggles, Ebola, etc. Buy it!

Mike and Eben on recent trip to CWI Euro school/socialist conf. Buy it!

Millenials want a 3rd Party!! ; Trumpo tax you to death ; new issue of Socilialist Altternative newspaper Buy it!

misc. news, Occupy Buy it!

moer on Verizon strike, financially motivated suicide, etc... Buy it!

more on Ebola, Ferguson, Philly Teachers, International news Buy it!

more on election/ballots, NYC solidarity rally with Nov. 14th Southern European General strike, Euro general strike, etc.. Buy it!

More on Marx (Happy B-day Karl)! Buy it!

More on Socialist victory in Seattle City council election, South Korean Railworkers union and other unions and groups on strike and protesting in S... Buy it!

More on the $15 an hour min. wage movement, Jobs not jails, unemployment rate for Black youth in Chicago, etc... Buy it!

more on what is socialism vis a vis financial regulation of Obama Admin. Buy it!

more on what is socialism, "Boston Organizer", the elections, etc... Buy it!


movie reviews: "The Young Karl Marx" and also "Sorry to Bother You" ; working class economics... Buy it!

Nannies and their fight for their rights Buy it!

Naomi Klein and the Financial Bailout Buy it!

Natiional Radio Project/Making Contact: Immigration Reforms: How a Broken System Breaks Communities. Bush era raids and their aftermath. Buy it!

Natiioonal Radio Project/Making Contact: How Homelessness Became a Crime. Buy it!

Nationaal Radio Project/Making Contact: Art in Action -- younger artists on their experiences and their art. Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Sportswriter Dave Zirin on Sports and Resistance. "Los Suns" and other sports groups that stand up and pro... Buy it!

National Public Project/Making Contact: Beyond BP: A Future Withooout Oil -- how can we get off fossil fuels? Buy it!

National Public Radio/Making Contact: Transit for All! A movement for disabled called "Transportation Justice" is emerging. Buy it!

National Public Radio: Inside the Syrian Uprisisng Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: No "Fracking Way:" The Perils of National Gas Drilling -- how fracking's chemicals and natural gas pollutes... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: What Ever Happened tto the Buena Vista Sociall Club? Buy it!

National Radio Project/ Making Contact: Small Rarms, Big Future. How small local farms are slowly growing and taking percentage away from the larg... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact -- Cities Underwater: Venice and New Orleans try to solve problems of sea level rise and the canals dug for la... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact : Breaking the Psychological Chains of Slavery (the still visible symptoms of slavery in current Black cultur... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact on Climate Change Gridlock: Where Do We Go From Here? (Part 1) Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact's "How We Survive" series: "The Currency of Giving" -- how people can and do take care of each other in hard t... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact, cutting edge poetry from two black, gay women called Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact. Facing Race in the Tea Party Era: a panel discussion about racial politicics is alive amd well Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Mad Journeys to Mental Health: redefining mental illness into "dangerous gifts." The Icarus Project and the... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: "Occupy: From Encampments to a Movement." How to move towards a common vision of the return of equal opportu... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: "Race, Immigration and the Fignt for an Open Internet." Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: "Soul of a Citizen" -- stories of everyday people working for social justice. Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: "The Crisi" in Education -- the attempts to privatize public education -- after Dean apologizes for the FAIR... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: "The War You Don't See: radio adapted from a film by John Pilger Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: (encore edition): March for Change: Street Bands in the US. Protest brass bands including some that play at... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: 2010 in Review: the Haitian Earthquake, the BP oil spill, and other stories. Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: 2011 Year in Review (the Arab Spring, attacks of organized labor, climate change, etc.) Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: After Copenhagen: Moving Climate Justice forward. Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Ali Abunimah on "delegitimzing" Israel. Obama's failings and the political situations in the USA. How poli... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Allies in the struggles. How to be an effective ally (say a white person in the Civil Rights Movement). Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Avoiding a New Korean War. Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: BAN THE BOX! The Campaign for Post-Prison Employment, ability to rent, and help. Trying to make criminal h... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: BEES: the Threatened Link in Food Security. What's causing the colony collapse disorder? Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Being Black and Green: African Americans and the Environment. Blacks are helping to lead the environmental m... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Being both Black and Green. How African-American farmers are helping lead the environmental movement. Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Burma's political prisons speak of the past and the future. Buy it!

national radio project/making contact: Buying Power: Corporate Money in Politics. The Tea Party -- and the billionaires behind it. Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Capital makes us Crazy. Dr. Gabor Mate on Illness and Addition and how our health is undermined by our cultu... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Capitalsim makes us Crazy: Dr. Gabor Mate on Illness & Addiction. Drug abuse and the relationship between mi... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Chili's 9/11 -- the military junta (BACKED BY US) takeover of 9/11/7. Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Chris Hedges on the Myth of Human Progress. Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Chronology of Capitalism -- the need for "economic literacy."How some saw the collapse of the economic system... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Chronology of Capitalism. How we got to the point where a financial collapse could happen. Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: COINTELPRO 101 (part 2) -- The FBI'S SECRET program to throw political opponents into jail. Today they still... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Cointelpro 101, part2. More on the secret FBI project to infiltrate and disrupt domestic organizations. Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Cornel West and Carl Dix on pursuing justice in the age of Obama. How US political elites treat Whites, Blac... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Cornel West on the war against non-whites from Slavery til today; Carl Dix on pursuing justice in the age of... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Cornel West, Paul Mason and Laura Flanders on Redefining Solidarity. The Left looks at what it needs to do t... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Cracking the Codes -- Dr. Shakti Butler on the system of Racial Inequity. Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Dam Shame. Redo the look at dams and their benefits and lliabilities. Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Dr. Joanna Macy -- Gifts of Uncertainty. From 2009, not previously played, an activist who talks about disco... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Drips of Change: Preserving our Freshwater. Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Drips of Change: Preserving Our Freshwater. Attacks on the EPA and the Clean Water Act. Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Drips of Change: Preserving Our Freshwater. Stresses on the system 40 years since the Clean Water Act was pa... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Drones: A New Death from Above. How our Drone strikes make us enemies. How immoral it is to be judge, jury... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Education Not for Sale. Students take to the streets to oppose roadblocks to education including rising tuit... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Egyptian Women on the Frontiers of Change Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Exxon's Oil to Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Food for Thought -- urban farming Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Food, Justice & Sustainability -- race, class and the attempt to bring good food to the "food deserts" of the... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Gang Injunctions: Problem or Solution? The controversial Police strategy to target young people in certain c... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: good news from Latin America: how the social movements have led the way. Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Green Jobs, Race and the Economic "Recovery." Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: How Homeless Became a Crime. NYC and San Francisco and the human costs of trying to put the homeless "out of... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: how the Occupy Wall St. has changed the conversation about the distribution of wealth and an economic framewo... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: How We Survive -- Getting Creative aboot Jobs. Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: How We Survive: In These Economic Times (on those who collect cans or make pickles to live.) Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Human Rights -- Not just for Humans and Corporations Anymore? Human cells are being used by corporations. T... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: In the Shadow of the Wall: From Gaza to Arizona. Building new walls in Israel and America. Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Is the Venezuela "Revolution" working? The attacks on Chavez from Right and Left and his answers. Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: James Lawson, chief architect of non-violent civil disobedience in the 1960's, speaks about current movements Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Justice for Sale -- the Rule of Law by Glenn Greenwald, author of the book "With Liberty and Justice for Some... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: lawyer Michelle Alexander on The New Jim Crow. It is perfectly legal to discriminate against a "criminal" so... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Lessons from Latin America -- social movements that had success and how they did it. Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Lessons of Nagasaki. What the A-bombing did to the survivors. Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Lessons of Nagasaki: Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Manufacturing Terror: The Media's Anti-Arab and Anti-Muslim Problem. Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Marching for Change: Street Bands in the U.S. (an encore edition). Brass Bands, the Honk Festival in Davis... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Mexico's Drug War. The history of how we got to where we are in 2012. Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Mexico's Drug War: The Politics of Violence. The history of their "war on drugs." Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Michelle Alexander on the New Jim Crow. how the current criminal justice system policies can be traced back... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Michelle Alexander on the New Jim Crowe. How "the War on Drugs" is part of an attempt to keep minorities an... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Microfinance: How it lost its way and betrayed the poor. A system designed upward mobility to millions in th... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Native Harvest for a Modern World: Traditional farming methods in the Southwest by the Taos Pueblo Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: NOT MY ZION: American Jews divided on Israel and Palestine. Voices of other groups of Jews besides AIPAC. Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Obama 2012: the Lesser Evil -- Obama as an effective advocate for Wall Street's machinations. Glen Ford call... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Obama 2012: the Lesser Evil -- Obama as an effective advocate for Wall Street's machinations. Glen Ford call... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Omar Barghouti on How to End Apartheid in Palestine. Putting economic and political pressure on Israel by di... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Poisoned Water -- how corporations are polluting our sources of fresh water. Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Poisoned Water by Fossil Fuels companies. Also the attack on public water by for-profit corporations. Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Putting the "Eco" back into Economics. David Suzuki looks at our current practices and what we must change. Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Race, Immigration and the Fight for an Open Internet+ Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Redrawing Lines of Power: Redistricting 2011. A lesson in Gerrymandering and what it means for us all. Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Remixing Revolution: Art, Music, and Politics. Artists remember Gil Scott Herran and speak about the importa... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Returning Fire: Interventions in Video Culture. How the military uses games to recruit and the anti-war resp... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Returning Fire: interventions in Video Game Culture. Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Robert Fisk: The Terror of Power the Power of Terror -- the use of words and the future of journalists to p... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Russel Long's film, "Room to Breathe" concentrates on overcrowded and underfunded public schools. Going from... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Saving or Selling the Planet? Climate Change and Indigenous Lands: how "carbon sequestration" via vouchers d... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Seeing Red: how the Republicans fan the flames of the "backlash" against progressive gains for their economic... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Seeking Justice and Political Accountability in Jamacia -- the results of the hunt for Christopher Coke, a lo... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Seeking Shelter -- Building Housing and Community for LGBTQ Seniors. Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Steve Mello's Story: Farming Underwater. the threat of Global Warming and the rising seas. Can humans build... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Survivors of Solitary Confinement. President Obama declared "we have banned torture without exception..." --... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: The 2012 year in review: worker's rights, climate change, the drone wars, etc. Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: The Burning Issues: America's War on Forest Fires. How the fires are larger because smaller fires are not al... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: The Chronology of Capitalism with the USA in the lead. Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: The Color of Aids (Women, esp. women of Color, who are getting AIDS) Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: The fight for Winimum in the Shasta Valley in California. They are fighting to keep a large dam from being... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: The Life, Death, and Rebirth of ACORN. What ACORN organized over 40 years. Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: the rise of Co-ops in the US and other countries. Workers work for themselves. Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: The Sound of Change: Hip Hop in Cuba. Young people and the new phases in the Cuban revolution. Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: the Struggle for Libya's Future. 6 mo. after the overthrow, things remain chaotic. Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: The Toxic Truth about Nail Salons. How workers in the cosmetic industry (such as nail salons) are being impa... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: The Wisconsin Workers Uprising (part 2) Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Unstable climate increases the number of civil war and violence. Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: US Veterans of Occupation: from Iraq to Wall Street. A special report on Veterans, their problems, and OWS. Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Who Controls Black Women's Bodies Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Who Won the Egyptian Revolution? How the Military is oppressing the Tahir Square democrats. Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Whose Newsroom is this? The US Media and Race. Stereotypes and media consolidation = a threat to democracy. Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Women Rising: International Anti-Nuclear Activists featuring Kaori Izumi a Japanese activist on nuclear power... Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Women Rising: Women's Rights to Water, Land, and Farming Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Women's Rights to Water, Land and Farming Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact: Working Beyond Unions -- Labor's ne movement Buy it!

National Radio Project/Making Contact:Standing Up to Big Oil -- from the Niger Delta to Buy it!

National Radio Project: Arundhati Roy: Jungles of Resistance Buy it!

National Radio Project: Mad Journeys to Mental Health -- one in four Americans suffers from a "diagnosable mental disorder" in a given year (Nat. In... Buy it!

National Radioo Project/Making Contact on whose WATER? The Struggle for Public Ownership of Freshwater. Buy it!

Nationall Radio Project/Making Contact: Spencer Ackerman on CIA Torture Documents; Ed Herman on Lockerbie Buy it!

New issue of "Socialist Alternative ; Local news ; Workers power in evidence ; Buy it!

New issue of "Socialist Alternative" newspaper ; Catalan ; Mass murder Inc. ; etc. Buy it!

new issue of Socialist Alternative newspaper, NYC Sept. 21st climate march, etc. Buy it!

new socialist publications/"reading the papers" (media critique) Buy it!

News for working people Buy it!

News, Annoucements Buy it!

Nir Rosen in Afghanistan Buy it!

No Animal Testing/Factory Farm Abuse Buy it!

Obama Foreign Policy Pathos Buy it!

Obama Watch Buy it!

Observations of Mainstream Bias Buy it!

Occupy movement, dissatisfaction with Dem/Repubs., Jobs Not Cuts campaign/protests, World and U.S. economy Buy it!

Occupy Movement, etc... Buy it!

Occupy, Union leadership, etc... Buy it!

Oct 11, Mid East speaker, DNC Buy it!

Off the papers, Joe Higgins victory, Harvard No Layoffs Buy it!

Omert says Israel Must Face Reality Buy it!

Onion-like humor or reality? Protests in Spain, U.S econ.. and taxes Buy it!

opens the program with a talk about Irene and where the damage was done. Buy it!

Parkland school massacre and gun control ; Truthout interview with Eljeer Hawkins ; etc. Buy it!

Pelican Bay Hunger Strike, DAllas Housing Voucher stampede, inequality in the U.s. (proofs), etc... Buy it!

phone discussion with co-host Diego Buy it!

phone discussion with Tom! Buy it!

political action, International news... Buy it!

Polling data on capitalism, continued reports on May 1st, etc... Buy it!

Presidents and Experience Buy it!

Prison Radio: The Supreme Court Giveth and the Court taketh. Buy it!

Prof. Kevin Kumoshira on the Chicago Teacher's Strike. Rose Aquila on why Poverty has barely been mentioned on the Presidential campaign trail. T... Buy it!

PSA's, economy for workers, Guernica, The Elections Buy it!

PSA, Capitalist famine, Don't be the change you want, etc. Buy it!

PSAs ; Dems. and taxes ; new issue of "Socialist Alternative" Buy it!

Public meeting on strike wave ; Tufts Janitors unionize ; Kentucky Teachers strike ; etc. Buy it!

Public meeting on what Capitalism means..., socialist alternative candidate in Wash. state, Jill Stein and Green Party, etc... Buy it!

Public Service Annoucement, public meeting on 15 and a union, International and Syria Buy it!

Public Service Announcement Buy it!

Public Service Announcement, two solidarity announcements reviewed, continuing interview with Bryan Koulouris Buy it!

Public Service Announcements, American mythology Buy it!

Public Service Announcements, Spain, etc. Buy it!

Quick into followed by FAIR: (6/4/10): James Zogby on Israel's blocade of Gaza and the attack on the Humanitarian Convoy Buy it!

Radio PSAs -- including sending cash to disaster zones; getting 55+ to volunteer, etc. Buy it!

Random announcements, "Reading the Papers" Buy it!

Reading the Papers Buy it!

Record homelessness in NYC ; The spectre of Ralph Nader Buy it!

Rent control and renters ; "Why I am a Socialist" ; Bernie Sanders insurgent ; etc. Buy it!

Richard Gage Part 2 of the Case for Controlled Demolition Buy it!

Rick Steiner looks at how much oil is left after the spill is "capped" and why the Media are saying it is gone.; Stephan Salisbury on the real trut... Buy it!

Rise up against Law Enforcement Terror, BLM, Bunker Blocked in Seattle, etc. Buy it!

Roe v Wade Anniversary Buy it!

Russia now, unions, economy/state of the working class Buy it!

Sciortino Wins State Rep Buy it!

Scott Ritter "We Failed as Citizens" Buy it!

Scottish observer of socialist city council victory in Seattle, growing wave of resistance to Wal-Maritzation of economy, etc. Buy it!

Scrooge, etc. Buy it!

Sharen Wendy Robertson Robertson: Give Us Back (a clean Gulf). Buy it!

Sharen Wendy Robertson, Give Us Back (our Ocean Blue) -- aboout the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Buy it!

Sharen Wendy Robertson, Give Us Back (our Ocean Blue) -- about the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Buy it!

Shaw's - JwJ - Chavez - Buy it!

show intro., Spain, events, Buy it!

Skip Schiel, Photographer -- on his work in Gaza. Buy it!

Socialist Alternative National Convention, Hong Kong Protests, Socialist Alternative newspaper/new issue, Scotland, Catalonia, etc. Buy it!

Socialist Alternative news Buy it!

Socialist Alternative public meeting ; May 1st happened ; Karl's B-Day talk... Buy it!

Socialist Alternative Radio intro., Terrorist attack in France, Attempted Coup in Turkey, Hikmet poem, etc. Buy it!

Socialist Alternative Radio: Talk and music from a working class, democratic socialist perspective Buy it!

Socialist Breakthrough in Seattle, Socialists running for City Council in Seattle, Minn. and Boston, March on DC for Jobs and Freedom, etc. Buy it!

Socialist campaigning, Greek fascism, etc... Buy it!

Socialist elected in Seattle, corporate media coverage, alternative media coverage, etc. Buy it!

Socialist elected Seattle City council, etc. Buy it!

Socialist elected to Seattle City council, etc. Buy it!

Socialist wins 35% in Seattle City Council Race, Hiroshima commemoration, Fast Food/Retail/low pay struggle, etc... Buy it!

Socialists on the move in city council campaigns, March on Washington, Nuclear power poison/deadly danger Buy it!

Socialists Rock: Socialist Alternative candidate wins election to Seattle City council, more on Socialism and electoralism, Why Socialism?, Capital... Buy it!

Socialists running for city councils, Green Rainbow Party endorsement, Time Magazine on Marx, etc... Buy it!

Socialists running for office ; International news you might not have heard of... Buy it!

Solidarity Annoucements, Buy it!

Solidarity Annoucements, etc... Buy it!

solidarity announcement re: No Nukes, MBTA, the expensive watch (an Easter story) Buy it!

Solidarity announcement, Socialism FAQs, international news, MBTA struggle, Harvard hurts workers, etc... Buy it!

Solidarity announcements Buy it!

Solidarity Announcements, The Communist Manifesto Buy it!

Solidarity announcements, workers pay, taxes, etc... Buy it!

Solidarity, more on the elections, etc... Buy it!

Solidarity, the elections (alternatives to Dem./Repub.s), etc.. Buy it!

Stop and Shop workers, elections, capitalism sucks worse than you know... Buy it!

Strait of Hormuz -- the next flashpoin? Buy it!

Stress at work: inequality in life-spans ; Inequality gets worse in U.S. ; etc. Buy it!

Strikes and protests against Buy it!

student debt, PSA fundraiser, Black Panthers program, etc... Buy it!

Super profits and super inequality; U.S. economy and working people Buy it!

Support for a third party in U.S reaches new high, some union news, Pink Slime subsidized, Fight for 15, manufacturing still happens, oh. Buy it!

Syria amd Libya: a view from Turkey (w/ Dean's asides.) Buy it!

Syriza in Greece, etc. Buy it!

Taking a sledgehammer to the edifice of lesser-evilism and the corporate political duopoly in the U.S. Buy it!

Talk by phone with co-host Chris on some news, events Buy it!

Tariq Ali on the Rise of the "Extreme Center" -- how Occupy and other emerging social movements are upsetting the status qu0 Buy it!

Tax amazon victory ; etc. Buy it!

Teachers' strikes ; Tufts Dining workers organizing ; Kentucky Teachers Buy it!

Teh economy for working people, The American Dream, etc... Buy it!

Terrorist attacks ; 15NOW ; BOOKS! Buy it!

Thatcher the Milk Snatcher, Socialist in Seattle City Hall continued, etc. Buy it!

the economy and working people, student uprising in Quebec, etc... Buy it!

The electoral front, George Orwell, Winston Churchill, etc.. Buy it!

The False Surge Success in Iraq Buy it!

The Jolly Rogues, Hicks the Pirate: Haul Away Joe, Roll the Old Chariot Along, Old John Web. Buy it!

The Jolly Rogues: Hicks, the Pirate Buy it!

The Myth of Pragmatism vs. Ideology and Obama Buy it!

The Nationall Radio Project/Making Contact: "Tax me, I'm yours." -- why some of thhe wealthy are willing to give back some of the tax cuts Bush gave... Buy it!

The Precariat ; Solidarity with Verizon Strikers ; Lesser Evilism, an epic failure... Buy it!

The Real Colin Powell Buy it!

The Sacred Harp: music of "The Christmas Shot". It is alive and well in Boston. What is "shape note" music and where to find it. Buy it!

The Trotsky, Jill Stein governor campaign, Democrats, etc... Buy it!

The U.S. Labor movement in 2012 and beyond, civil liberties or the lack of them now, international news from a socialist perspective, etc... Buy it!

this week's political news including Gingrich's huge win in SC, the upcoming State of the Nation speech, etc. Buy it!

Tom Engelhardt's "graduation speech to the Occupiers of Zuccotti Park: "OWS at Valley Forge." Buy it!

Tom Hansen: Remembering Peace Buy it!

Tom Hansen: Remembering Peace, Bono Bono, There's a Time Coming Soon Buy it!

Tom Hansen: Remembering Peace. "Americaa, Give Us Your Dreams; Ho'oponopono Peace Buy it!

Tom Morello endorses Socialist Alternative candidates, Revival of socialist heritage in Minneapolis, most people in the U.S. want a third party, and... Buy it!

Tomas Hansen, Hiding 9/11: False Flag Buy it!

Trumka's snootful of ****, Wisconsin, etc.. Buy it!

Trump admin., new issue of "Socialist Alternative", etc. Buy it!

Trumpism Buy it!

TUC RADIO: Buy it!

TUC Radio: Gary Napon -- the fate of Orchards in the time of Global Warming. The perennials need protecting as the temperature rises. Buy it!

TUC Radio: Sandor Katz "Wild Fermentation, Part 2. How to use our microscopic neighbors help us produce our food. Buy it!

TUC Radio: Sandor Katz: Wild Fermentation, Part I. Buy it!

TUC: (Time of Useful Consciousness) Happy Birthday, Rutold Brecht Buy it!

two anecdotes from working class life, socialists running from public office, civil un-liberties Buy it!

Under the radar: monthly, Socialist Alternative newspaper ; socialists and the elections ; etc. Buy it!

Union solidarity Buy it!

Unions, youth, International Workers Day Buy it!

Verizon Strike ends, victory or status quo? ; myths about this Prez. election cycle ; "Listen, Liberal!" ; etc. Buy it!

Verizon workers union rally, Peoples Climate March NYC Sept. 21st, etc... Buy it!

Verizon Workers union rally, Socialist city councillor in Seattle, new issue of "Socialist Alternative newspaper, etc. Buy it!

Vote Stein Buy it!

Ward Churchill on "Big Brother is Watching." Ward Churchill on the development of the police state -- starting with the Pinkertons in the 1850's.... Buy it!

welcome to the show, European general strike, local struggles. "cultcha" Buy it!

Wendy Buy it!

West Roxbury, Boston, Spectra Pipeline ; Charlie Hebdo ; "Selma" and the voting rights struggle... Buy it!

West Virginia Teachers Strike ; Diego's work story ; etc. Buy it!

What is socialism, Buy it!

who we are, what we want, what's happening, new issue of "Socialist Alternative" Buy it!

Why I Am a Socialist, new issue "Socialist Alternative", 15Now in Philly, International Women's Day and fight for 15, etc. Buy it!

Why so much money is mis-alocated Buy it!

Wisconsin pro-unio nstruggle, unioins, African Amer. criticism of Obama Buy it!

Wisconsin protests, taxes, etc.... Buy it!

Wisconsin, Quebec, Buy it!

wokers power/union news ; no nukes ; Buy it!

Women's movement ; gun control ; union news Buy it!

workers being fired, worker at Harvard being fired, solidarity Buy it!

World's Faith in Capitalism Erodes as Financial Crisis Continues: Survey Buy it!

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