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1/10/2015 Buy it!

1/11/2016 on Facebook (her poem tribute to David Bowie Buy it!

1/12/2016 INN Buy it!

1/27/2011 The Jerusalem Post Buy it!

10/10/15 "The Lid" by Jeff Dunetz Buy it!

10/15/15 the Huffington Post Buy it!

10/20/15 Politico magazine Buy it!

10/20/15 Stephen Greenberg, chairman and Malcolm Hoenlein, Executive Vice Chairman/CEO of Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations Buy it!

10/25/16 Jerold S. Auerbach Buy it!

11/1/15 Buy it!

11/15/16 Hillel Fendel Buy it!

11/15/16 Tablet by: Menachem Butler Buy it!

11/26/2015 Buy it!

11/9/16 Breaking Israel News by: Adam Eliyhu Berkowitz Buy it!

11/9/16 MLC by: Rabbi Shimon Jackobson Buy it!

12/1/15 Buy it!

12/21/2015 Arutz Sheva Buy it!

12/28/2016 The Algiminer Buy it!

12/8-16/1993 Buy it!

2/1/2016 JTA Rio De Janeiro Buy it!

2/10/16 Tablet Buy it!

2/22/16 Buy it!

2/22/2015 Buy it!

3/10/2015 Buy it!

3/29/16 Arutz Sheva Buy it!

3/8/16 Abu Yehuda Blog Buy it!

5/12/2015 Stephen Plaut Buy it!

5/20/16 Buy it!

5/5/2016 No Holds Barred: The Israel Warrior Buy it!

6/14/17 Algiminer OTHER Buy it!

60 Days A Spiritual Guide For The High Holidays JEWISH Buy it!

8/11/2015 The Algiminer Buy it!

A Bridge Traversed Over Decades OTHER Buy it!

A dvar Torah by Rabbi Sacks for Shabbat Chol Hamoed Sukkot Buy it!

A Jewish Review of Books Buy it!

A Long, Longway From Home: Remembering the Life of Richie Havens OTHER Buy it!

A Still Small Voice tu B'Shvat 2018/5778 JEWISH Buy it!

Abraham Shampanier 8/12/13 JEWISH Buy it!

Abu Yehuda blog Posted on February 15, 2016 Buy it!

Accounting For Genocide by Helen Fein Buy it!

Adar Newsletter Midreshet B'erot Bat Ayin Buy it!

Aish.com OTHER Buy it!

Aish.com ABC's of Tisha B'Av & the Three Weeks OTHER Buy it!

Aish.com Bishalach 15th of Shevat OTHER Buy it!

aish.com Choosing a Pope OTHER Buy it!

algiminer 6/20/13 Ben Cohen JNS.com Buy it!

algiminer /2013 by Zach Pontz Buy it!

algiminer /2013 Zach Pontz Buy it!

algiminer /6/102013 Zach Pontz Buy it!

algiminer3/7/2013 Buy it!

American Thinker 8/20/14 Buy it!

Americans for Peace and Tolerance 10/10/15 Buy it!

Anne Frank Diary of a Young Girl p.333 Fri. 7/21/1944 OTHER Buy it!

Around the Year with the Jewish Outreach Program/Passover Buy it!

ArtScroll FamiltyMegillah OTHER Buy it!

Arutz Sheva 2/1/12 OTHER Buy it!

Arutz Sheva 2/10/15 OTHER Buy it!

Arutz Sheva Daily Israel Report Feb. 1. 2012 OTHER Buy it!

Arutz Sheva Friday Oct 2, 2015 OTHER Buy it!

Arutz Sheva June 2014 OTHER Buy it!

Arutz-Sheva 9/3/14 The Only Country in the World that is Getting smaller Buy it!

at the UK-Israel Shared Strategic Challenges Conference in Westminster, London on Monday 22nd June, 2015. Buy it!

B'Ahavat Yisrael 12/10/13 SPOKENWORD Buy it!

Boston Globe 12/6/12 by: Mark Feeney OTHER Buy it!

Boston Herald 2/25/15 by Robert Trestan Buy it!

BostonGuitarfestVIII Buy it!

Bostonherald.com 6/15/13 Herald staff Buy it!

Bowing To Mecca: How the Vatican Sacrificed It's Intellect Buy it!

BreakingIsraelNews/Lea Speyer OTHER Buy it!

breakingisraelnews3/2015 Buy it!

By Dalit Halevi, Tova Dvron 6/18/14 Buy it!

by Richie Havens, Special to CNN 4/23,201 OTHER Buy it!

By Ron Kampeas May 8, 2018 2:23pm 165SHARES Buy it!

by: Joseph Raskas 6/13/13 OTHER Buy it!

call-in interview Buy it!

Carol O'Shaughnessy OTHER Buy it!

Chabad.org JEWISH Buy it!

chabadch.com JEWISH Buy it!

Chanukah Songs Buy it!

Chanukah/Yeshiva.org OTHER Buy it!

Chelsea Berry live FOLK Buy it!

Children of Holocaust Survivors/NewHolocaust Resistance Buy it!

Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors OTHER Buy it!

Civic Fusion Mediation Public Disputes OTHER Buy it!

Credoaction.com Buy it!

DailyMailer,FrontPage 9/5/14 Buy it!

David Goldman Buy it!

Dayse and Roberto Buy it!

Deric Dyer live-in-tudio OTHER Buy it!

Dershowitz; not Surprising "Ignoramus" Bernie Sanders Tapped "Professional Israel Hater" for Democratic Policy Committee Buy it!

Desecrators Of Memory Confronting Holocaust Denial Buy it!

Do We Take The Western Wall for Granted? Buy it!

Drybonesblog.com 11/24/14 Buy it!

Everyone Wants To Go To Heaven Buy it!

Feiglin Urges Giving Arabs a $5000,000 One-Way Ticket Buy it!

Fund drive go to donate.wmfo.org OTHER Buy it!

Gil Ronen and Ari Yashar 6/18/1n Buy it!

Good News Israel: Spotlight Buy it!

Guide To A Meaningful Purim 2/24 /2015 Buy it!

Hamas's Useful Idiots Buy it!

House of Lords speach Buy it!

Huffingtonpost 12/14/12 OTHER Buy it!

II Goglio 1/11/2015 Buy it!

In London, Oregon & Anchorage Buy it!

In Sickness As In Health OTHER Buy it!

INN 1/11/2016 Review of a short and clear book atimed at the reclamation of the good name of the Jewish state Buy it!

International Affairs 1/12/2015 Buy it!

Israel' Spiritual and Statigic Dilemma: Part I Buy it!

Israel-The Future 8/12/13 A Shampanier JEWISH Buy it!

Israel21c 9/3/14 OTHER Buy it!

Israelite21c Aug 11, 2012 OTHER Buy it!

Iyar Newsletter Midreshet B'erot Bat Ayin Buy it!

Jan 31, 2015 www.Israelnational news.com Buy it!

Jason Anick Buy it!

Jerusalem Post 6/12/15 Buy it!

Jewish Survival 9/18/16 Buy it!

Joel Sloman poet OTHER Buy it!

JTA 6/9/16 Buy it!

Juanito live in-studio selection from New Flamenco Trio OTHER Buy it!

Juanito Pascual OTHER Buy it!

June 10,2013 Buy it!

kidneyforchannah@gmail.com Buy it!

Kol Chevra 17th Yahrzeit JEWISH Buy it!

Kol Chevre V.8 Num 1 OTHER Buy it!

LA Times 5/26/68 Buy it!

Leslie Pintchik Buy it!

Lesson's From Light OTHER Buy it!

Lessons From Light 2 of 2 OTHER Buy it!

live JEWISH Buy it!

live-in studio Buy it!

Live-in-studio OTHER Buy it!

Manhigut Yehudit 11/15/14 Buy it!

Melanie Phillips OTHER Buy it!

Mesfin Fekadu AP Music Writer 4/22/2013 Buy it!

Moshe Feiglin Political Update Jan. 19 JEWISH Buy it!

National Review Online Buy it!

NCBNEWS.com 6/17/13 by: BeckyOskin, LiveScience OTHER Buy it!

Netanyahu Doesn’t Get It Buy it!

New York Times 9/9/14 Buy it!

Newsmax 3/6/15 by David Knowles Buy it!

Nick Grondin live in-studio OTHER Buy it!

Non-Jewish Professor against a motion to boycott all things Israeli Buy it!

Norma Zagler OTHER Buy it!

Obama is Blocking Arms Shipments to Israel Buy it!

Obama Turns On Israel OTHER Buy it!

Obama's Commitment to Israel's Demise OTHER Buy it!

Omer insights. Buy it!

On Celebrating Independence Day 5/11/16 Buy it!

Op-Ed Oct 06,2015 Buy it!

Palestine-free of Jewish residents OTHER Buy it!

phone interview from Canada Buy it!

Pro-Israel companies Buy it!

Prof. Phyllis Chesler 4/5/15 Buy it!

Psalms 142 & 143 OTHER Buy it!

Rabbi Ari Elkin OTHER Buy it!

Rabbi Yisrael Kariel/B'Ahavat Yisrael 12/10/13 OTHER Buy it!

Rebbe Berenyu and 1000 children, How do we repair what is wrong with ourselves Buy it!

recipie SPOKENWORD Buy it!

S'gulot for Chanuka OTHER Buy it!

Sara Rifka Katsof,B'erot student Buy it!

Sara Yehudit Schneider Buy it!

seed sand sparks Buy it!

Seeds and Sparks OTHER Buy it!

Seeds and Sparks by Avraham Arieh Trugman Buy it!

Selichot prayers Buy it!

Selichot prayers/Prayer Book Press.Hartford OTHER Buy it!

Shamrak Report 8 Sept 2015 Buy it!

Shimon Apisdorf Rosh hashannah Buy it!

Shimon Apisdorf Shavuos Buy it!

Simon Weisenthal Cente 11/18/14 OTHER Buy it!

Simon Weisenthal Cente 6/30/2013 OTHER Buy it!

Simon Weisenthal Cente r5/6/13 OTHER Buy it!

Some Words About Tu B'Shvat/Jeffrey Fine 2/812 OTHER Buy it!

Somerville Journal 5/2/13 Corinne Segal OTHER Buy it!

Special to the Jewish Week 1/27/2015 Buy it!

Sultanknish.blogspot,com 6/2016 Buy it!

Tablet 4/30/14 OTHER Buy it!

Tablet 5/23/15 Yair Rosenberg Buy it!

Taped interview OTHER Buy it!

Tehillim Psalms Buy it!

The "Virtuous " New Nazis Buy it!

The Algimeiner OTHER Buy it!

The Algimeiner 9/9/2015 OTHER Buy it!

The Algiminer Buy it!

The Algiminer 1/13/2015 Buy it!

The Algiminer Giulio Meotti Buy it!

The Arts Fuse 6/12/15 Buy it!

The Boston Globe 10/30/15 by: Tom Harkin and Jay Ruderman Buy it!

The Complete Tisha B'Av Service JEWISH OTHER Buy it!

The Euoprean Implosion obliges new alliances for Israel and Jews Buy it!

The Family Megillah Buy it!

The Felluca-Brefka Ensemble OTHER Buy it!

The Guardian Peter Berman in Jerusalem 11/18/14 Buy it!

The History of Chanukah 12/1963 Buy it!

The Holocaust OTHER Buy it!

The Holocaust Yet To Come OTHER Buy it!


The Jerusalem Post /12/16/2011 OTHER Buy it!

The Jerusalem Post 12/12/11 OTHER Buy it!

The Jerusalem Post 3/3/14 OTHER Buy it!

The Jerusalem Post 4/2/15 OTHER Buy it!

The Jerusalem Post-editorial OTHER Buy it!

The Jewish Advocate 6/6/14 OTHER Buy it!

The Jewish Press 1/12/2015 Buy it!

The New York Times Hates Israel OTHER Buy it!

The Obligation To Illuminate The World OTHER Buy it!

The Ruderman Foundation Buy it!

The Scourge Of Islam Buy it!

The Tufts Daily 3/4/2015 OTHER Buy it!

The Tufts Daily 4/9/14 OTHER Buy it!

The Vatican Has Always Tried to Inflict Damage on the Jewish State Buy it!

The Wall Street Journal 7/1/14 OTHER Buy it!

Through Bluegrass and Klezmer, an Orthodox Jew Searches for G-d and Heritage Buy it!

Today I Am A Woman OTHER Buy it!

Twenty Years From Now Buy it!

UN-Nation, un-nation: non-nation: anti-nation OTHER Buy it!

United With Israel 6/2013 Buy it!

Wall Street Journal 7/1/14 OTHER Buy it!

Why Won't Obama List Israeli's Among the Victims of Terrorism? OTHER Buy it!

www.israelhayom.com 10/26/15 Buy it!

www.wiesenthal.com 9/17/14 Buy it!

Your Chanukah Guide 1993 American Friends of Lubavitch OTHER Buy it!

Yours, My L-rd. Buy it!

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