WMPG Portland ME 90.9 FM

Southern Maine Community Radio from The University of Southern Maine

Friday March 2nd 2018

Time zone: eastern

6.30am Morning Street (Music) Deb-on-Aire Playlist
8.30am Us Folk (Music) Chris Darling Playlist
10.30am Shaken and Stirred (Music) DJ Adira Playlist
1.30pm Zvuki Russi (Music) Playlist
3.00pm Erl's Basement (Music) Erl Playlist
4.00pm Up with the Cluckin' Chickens (Music) Michael Cutting Playlist
5.00pm Evenin' Sun - Friday Edition (Music) Kirb-stomp Playlist
7.30pm Local Motives (Music) Playlist
9.00pm Stay Rude! (Music) Rob the Ska-Boss Playlist
11.00pm The Late Late Show (Music) Jim Ward Playlist
11.30pm Nightwires/Poptopia (Music) Vinyl Hampton Playlist