WMPG Portland ME 90.9 FM

Southern Maine Community Radio from The University of Southern Maine

Wednesday October 10th 2018

Time zone: eastern

1.00am Heavy Cream / Electronic Pulse (Music) John Playlist
1.30am Geezer Gas (Music) Tom Keene Playlist
4.30am A Momentary Diversion On The Road To The Grave (Music) Andrew Fersch Playlist
6.30am Thee Random Crime Genorator (Music) DanK Playlist
10.30am Crossfade (Music) Barb Truex Playlist
3.00pm Radio Junk Drawer (Music) David Pence Playlist
5.00pm Evenin' Sun - Wednesday Edition (Music) Mike Halmo Playlist
8.30pm Left of the Dial (Music) DJ Shaxx Playlist
10.00pm The Beat Don't Stop (Music) Low Down Dirty Shane Playlist
11.30pm Music of Words (Music) James Leavitt Playlist