WMPG Portland ME 90.9 FM

Southern Maine Community Radio from The University of Southern Maine

Sunday March 25th 2018

Time zone: eastern

1.00am Electric Freedom (Music) Remy Brecht Playlist
1.00am Electric Freedom (Music) jessica Playlist
4.00am Ghostland Radio/The Revolution (Music) Ms. H Playlist
8.30am Maine Gospel Train (Music) Sister Milka Playlist
10.30am Cool Britanna/The Locals (Music) Annella Playlist
12.30pm Ba Yin Box (Music) Connie Playlist
2.00pm Latinos (Music) Playlist
7.00pm The Audio File (Music) ben Playlist
9.00pm DJ Shaxx Presents (Music) DJ Shaxx Playlist
11.00pm Minor Chord Mayhem (Music) Theo Playlist