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Sat Sep 23rd 2017 9.00pm–12.00am

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Randy Burns “Autumn On Your Mind”
from Song For An Uncertain Lady CD Album (ESP Disk 2007) —ESP Disk LP - 1971 (New Haven, Connecticut)


Moonkyte “Way Out Hermit”
from Moonkyte CD Album (Merlin Records 1993) —SMOT LP - 1971 (Bradford, England)


Caedmon “Storm”
from Caedmon CD Album (Kissing Spell 1994) —No Label private pressing - 1978 (Edinburgh, Scotland)


CMU “Mystical Sounds”
from Open Spaces CD Album (See For Miles 1993) —Transatlantic LP - 1971 CMU=Contemporary Music Unit (Cambridge, England)


Paper Garden “A Day”
from Paper Garden CD Album (Gear Fab 2002) —Musicor LP - 1969 (New York City, New York)


Hugo “Girl In The Garden”
from Single 7‑Inch Single (Festival 1969) —Their only single - (Adelaide, Australia)


The Plaster Scene “Love”
from Buried Alive!! CD Comp (Particles 2017) —Nationwide single, one of the rarest discs from Australian rock in the 60's - 1967 (Adelaide, Australia)


The Action “I Can't Make A Friend”
from Buried Alive!! CD Comp (Particles 2017) —Zodiac single - 1967 - not be confused with the UK band (Auckland, New Zealand)


The Hello People “(As I Went Down To) Jerusalem”
from The Hello People CD Album (Philips 1968) —Mime band, later Todd Rundgren's early backup group (New York City, New York)


Open Mind “I Feel The Same Way Too”
from The Open Mind CD Album (Sunbeam Records 2006) —Philips LP - 1969 - formerly the Drag Set (London, England)


David McWilliams “Days Of Pearly Spencer”
from The Days Of David McWilliams CD Comp (RPM 2001) —Kapp single - 1968 also on 1969 Kapp LP "Days Of Pearly Spencer-Who Killed Ezra Brymay and Major Minor LP "David McWilliams Volume 2" (Belfast, Northern Ireland)


1984 “There Is Music All Around Me”
from Talking About The Good Times - Volume 1 CD Comp (Past & Present 2011) —Unreleased demo from around 1969 - band included Paul DiVinci, later of the Rubettes of "Sugar Baby Love" fame (Essex, England)


The Eggy “You're Still Mine”
from The Electric Lemonade Acid Test Volume 4 CD Comp (Tenth Planet 2003) —Spark single - 1969 also released on Imperial in the US (Coventry, England)


The Sunshine Company “Look, Here Comes the Sun”
from The Sunshine Company CD Album (Rev-Ola 1999) —Imperial LP -1968 also released on Imperial single (Los Angeles, California)


Genesis “Suzanne”
from In The Beginning CD Album (Fallout 2007) —Mercury LP - 1968 - not to be confused with the UK band (Los Angeles, California)


Bruner “Sam”
from A Lovely Sight CD Album (Numero Group 2009) —Vincent Records single (Linda Bruner w/Pisces) - 1969 - (Rockford, Illinois)


Lighthouse “Pretty Lady”
from Sunny Days Again CD Album (True North 1998) —GRT LP "Can You Feel It" - 1973 also released as single on GRT (Canada) Polydor (USA) - Skip Prokop lead vocalist - (Toronto, Ontario)


The Paupers “It's Your Mind”
from Ellis Island/Magic People CD Album (Head 1997) —Verve Forecast LP - 1967 (Toronto, Ontario) R.I.P. drummer/singer Skip Prokop


The Hope “Where Are You Going To”
from Single 7‑Inch Single (Doppler 1968) R  —garage band (Atlanta, Georgia)


The Small Society “Somebody Help Me” 7‑Inch Single (Westchester 1968) R  —Garage band led by Bob Driscoll (Virginia, Minnesota)


The Love Exchange “Meadow Memory”
from The Love Exchange CD Album (Sundazed 1968) R  —Uptown single - 1967 also released on the 1968 Tower LP "The Love Exchange" (Los Angeles, California)


Arcadium “Poor Lady”
from Breathe Awhile CD Album (Repertoire Records 2015) R  —Middle Earth LP - 1969 (London, England)


Tamam Shud “Lady Sunshine”
from Evolution CD Album (Aztec Music 2017) R  —CBS LP - 1969 (Newcastle Australia)


Fantastic Zoo “This Calls For A Celebration”
from Mindrocker Volume 8 CD Comp (Past & Present 2008) R  —Double Shot single - 1966 (Denver, Colorado)


Hansson & Karlsson “I Love, You Love”
from Rex CD Album (Universal Music 2012) —Polydor LP - 1968 (Stockholm, Sweden)


Gunhill Road “Back When My Hair Was Short (1972 Version)”
from Gunhill Road CD Album (Wounded Bird 2011) —Kama Sutra LP - 1972 re-recorded version made Top 40 charts in 1973 (Mount Vernon, New York)


Met & Zonder “Now I Know”
from Waterpipes & Dykes CD Comp (Distortions-Waterpipe 1998) —Fontana single - 1968 (Amsterdam, Netherlands)


Double Dutch “You're Out Of Sight”
from Dutch Beat Explosion CD Comp (Distortions 1999) —Delta single - 1967 (Amsterdam, Netherlands)


Jumping Pop-In “If You Like”
from Nederbeat 63-69: Dutch Nuggets Volume 2 CD Comp (Hunter Music 2003) —Decca single - 1967 (The Hague, Netherlands)


The Motions “Freedom”
from Dutch Pop Giants LP Album (Philips 1970) —Released on Decca single in Holland - 1969 and Philips in the United States (The Hague, Netherlands)


Mind Garage “Asphalt Mother”
from A Total Electric Happening CD Comp (Merlin's Nose 2014) —Morning Glori single - 1968 - later a pioneer Christian rock band (Morgantown, West Virginia)


Treetops “Why Not Tonight”
from A Visit To The Spaceship Factory: 20 Gems From The Early Years Of Prog CD Comp (Psychic Circle 2007) —Columbia single - 1972 (Great Britain)


Macarthur “The Black Forest”
from MacArthur CD Album (OUT-SIDER MUSIC 2016) —RPC LP "The Black Forest" - 1979 - may have been previously released in 1974 as "MacArthur" (Saginaw, Michigan)


The Corvets “You Don't Want Me”
from Destination Frantic! CD Comp (Zone 66 1997) —SOMA single - 1964 (White Bear Lake, Minnesota)


The Third Booth “I Need Love”
from Ear Piercing Punk CD Comp (AIP 1996) —Independence single - 1968 (Canton, Illinois)


Derek's Accent “That Is Life Today”
from Buried Alive!! CD Comp (Particles 2017) —Downunder single - 1966 (Sydney, Australia)


The Missing Links “You're Driving Me Insane”
from The Missing Links LP Album (Sundazed 2013) —Philips LP - 1965 also released on single (Sydney, Australia)


Matchbox “Metaphysical Composition”
from Angel Dust Psychedelia LP Comp (Frisco Speedball 2014) —Unreleased 1960's cut (California)


The Gremlins “Blast Off 1970”
from The Coming Generation: The Complete Recordings - 1965-1968 CD Comp (Rev-Ola 2004) —Zodiac single - 1967 (Auckland, New Zealand)


Randy Fuller “1,000 Miles Into Space”
from Single 7‑Inch Single (Showtown 1969) —Younger brother of Bobby Fuller (El Paso, Texas)


Hawkwind “The Reason Is?”
from Hawkwind CD Album (EMI url 2001) —Liberty LP - 1970 (London, England)

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