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Thursday October 4th 2018

Time zone: eastern

2.00am WNMC 2am - 3am Sam Playlist
3.00am WNMC 3am - 4am Sam Playlist
4.00am WNMC 4am - 5am Sam Playlist
5.00am WNMC 5am - 6am Sam Playlist
6.00am Mornings (Folk/Roots) root Playlist
8.00am Thursday Morning Jazz (Jazz) Duane Playlist
11.00am Thursday Mid-Day Jazz (Jazz) Yours Truly Playlist
2.00pm Thursday Afternoon Jazz (Jazz) the windeater Playlist
5.00pm Thursday American Crossroads (Folk/Roots) H. E. FRED Playlist
7.00pm The Back Forty (Alt. Country) DJ Jen Playlist
9.00pm Thursday Evening Rock (Rock) DJ Jen Playlist
11.00pm Rhythm Method (Electronica) DJ Mike King Playlist