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Sunday December 30th 2012

Time zone: eastern

2.00am WNMC 2am - 3am Sam Playlist
3.00am WNMC 3am - 4am Sam Playlist
4.00am WNMC 4am - 5am Sam Playlist
5.00am WNMC 5am - 6am Sam Playlist
6.00am WNMC 6am - 7am Sam Playlist
7.00am Sunday Philosophy Talk (Rock) Sam Playlist
8.00am WNMC 8am - 9am Sam Playlist
8.00am Inner Visions (Experimental) DJ Dave M Playlist
10.00am Head for the Hills (Folk/Roots) Ben Hamper Playlist
12.00pm Jazz From The Tradition (Jazz) Fred Playlist
2.00pm Further Along (Jazz) JD Friley Playlist
6.00pm Sabrosso (World) Roberto Playlist
8.00pm Tribal Voices (Native American) Paul L Playlist