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Blue Soul


Fri 6.30PM–8.00PM

A seamless blend of Soul, Funk, R&B, Latin and yes Blues spun in Sasha D's inimitable style, a whole lotta fun on a Friday night!

With Leroy and Sasha D


Friday Afternoon Jazz (Jazz)

WNMC's flagship jazz-mix programming brings listeners 45 hours each week of great music drawing heavily on and build around the tradition of jazz innovation. Jazz, from its very outset, has always been a heterogeneous, spontaneous, eclectic mixture of influences from throughout the world of music and beyond: blues, pop, brass band music, the Spanish tinge which helped give us swing, classical music theory, opera arias, political protest, counter-cultural movements, all of this and much, much more went into making jazz at one time or another. Jazz is an open music, and our jazz mix format is inspired by that openness--showing points of contact and contrast between jazz music and some of the other musics that have influenced it and been influenced by it over its more than 100 years.

With Biz

Fri Nov 16th 2018 2.00pm–5.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links help support the station.

Time zone: eastern

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2:36pm   Biz n Diz

Next time I'm down there looking for the fountain o' yout' I'll stop in at the kitchen

2:33pm   Biz n Diz

I likes me a song with grit tawkin' 'bout cookin' wif grits!

2:24pm   Biz (host)

we be seein' whut we kin dew

2:23pm   Biz (host)

iffin' I can git caught up

2:22pm   Biz n Diz


2:21pm   Biz n Diz

T'aint nuffin sloe but dat

2:07pm   Biz n Diz

Reckon that calls for some or Mr. Gillespie - like the South American tour?


Henry Conerway III “Carvin's Agreement”
from DJ-018 _ With Pride for Dignity Album (self-released 2018)


Michael Dease “Forge Ahead”
from DJ-025 _ Bonafide Album (Posi-Tone 2018)


Jae Sinnett “Bump in the Road”
from DJ-023 _ The Americana Groove Project Album (self-released 2018)


Cary Morin “Jug in the Water”
from F-017 _ When I Rise Album (self-released 2018)


The Hot Club of San Francisco “If I Needed Someone”
from DJ-028 _ 30 Years Album (Hot Club 2018) N


Angelique Kidjo “Once in a Lifetime”
from W-009 _ Remain in Light Album (Kravenworks 2018)


Christopher Hollyday “Everything Happens”
from DJ-015 _ Telepathy Album (Jazzbeat 2018)


Sparrow Blue “Black-Eyed Susan”
from DF-003 _ Rabbit in the Moon Album (self-released 2018)


Scott Petito “Sly-Fi”
from DJ-032 _ Rainbow Gravity Album (Planet Arts 2018) N


Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne “I Knew I'd Be Playing the Blues”
from DB-001 _ Inspired by the Blues Album (Stony Plain 2018)


Lindsey Blair Quartet “Jingles”
from DJ-027 _ All Wes All Day Album (Southernmost 2018)


Bob James Trio “Il Boccalone”
from J-023 _ Espresso Album (Evosound 2018)


Mustard's Retreat “The Gathering of Spirits”
from F-009 _ Make Your Own Luck Album (Yellow Room 2018) L


Jack Mouse Group “Barney's Fife”
from DJ-030 _ Intimate Adversary Album (Tall Grass 2018) N


Charlie Haden & Brad Mehldau “My Old Flame”
from J-017 _ Long Ago and Far Away Album (impulse! 2018) N


Stefon Harris + Blackout “The Cape Verdean Blues”
from J-030 _ Sonic Creed Album (Motéma 2018)


El Eco featuring Guillermo Nojechowicz “Chacarera de Paloma”
from DJ-013 _ Two Worlds Album (Dreambox Media 2018)


Cécile McLorin Salvant “Wild Is Love”
from DJ-005 _ The Window Album (Mack Avenue 2018)


Aguankó “Metaphorically Speaking”
from J-016 _ Pattern Recognition Album (self-released 2018)


Flat Earth Society “Summertime”
from J-027 _ Untitled #0 Album (Igloo 2018) N


Dizzy Gillespie All-Star Big Band “One Bass Hit”
from I'm BeBoppin' Too (Halfnote 2009) R


Gene Ess “Tokyo Red”
from J-040 _ Apotheosis Album (SIMP 2018) N


Doug Deming & The Jewel Tones “Cookin' at the Kitchen”
from B-035 _ Complicated Mess Album (Eller Soul 2018)


Charlie Porter “Rondo for Sticky”
from DJ-022 _ Charlie Porter (Radio Edit Version) Album (Porter House Press 2018) N


The Slocan Ramblers “Sun's Gonna Shine in My Back Door Someday”
from F-018 _ Queen City Jubilee Album (self-released 2018)


Barrio Manouche “La Marcha Gatina”
from W-017 _ Aires de Cambio Album (Double0one 2018)


Kenny Carr “Evolutions”
from DJ-017 _ Departure Album (Zoozazz Music 2018)

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