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"Neoliberal Fascism and the Echoes of History" with Henry Giroux Buy it!

A behind-the-scenes look at the life of fiction writers, with novelists Carla DuPont and David Norman Buy it!

A catch-up with Jen Cheatham, Madison School District superintendant, then a conversation with the YWCA about the Racial Justice Summit Buy it!

A chat with the director and cast of Fun Home, a Tony Award–winning musical premiering in Madison on November 1 Buy it!

A close look at the global economy with guest Nomi Prins Buy it!

A close look at the student loan debt crisis with Remington Gregg and Analiese Eicher Buy it!

A conversation about fighting injustice, with guest State Representative Chris Taylor Buy it!

A conversation about finding hope with Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson Buy it!

A conversation about gun violence with local high school activists Sophie Guthier, Lauren Dahler, and Lydia Hester Buy it!

A conversation about juvenile justice with host Ali Muldrow and guest Judge Everett Mitchell Buy it!

A conversation about the concept of time with David Graeber Buy it!

A conversation about Zora Neale Hurston and Barracoon, with guest Deborah G. Plant Buy it!

A conversation on the first Muslims in the United States and Thomas Jefferson’s Quran with Denise Spellberg, then populism and the Enlightenment wit... Buy it!

A conversation on the life, politics, and legacy of Ricardo Flores Magón and the Mexican Revolution Buy it!

A conversation on US history and politics with Thomas Frank, author of Rendezvous with Oblivion: Reports from a Sinking Society Buy it!

A conversation with conversation with Filipino activist Edwin Batongbacal about the dictatorial regime of Rodrigo Duterte, president of the Philipp... Buy it!

A conversation with Bruce Franklin, author of Crash Course: From the Good War to the Forever War Buy it!

A conversation with Chris Hedges, author of America: The Farewell Tour, about our current political crisis Buy it!

A conversation with Elaine Mokhtefi about the Algerian war for independence, the defeat of France in 1962, and its influence in liberation movements... Buy it!

A conversation with Hakam Takash about the closing of the Palestinian mission in Washington D.C. by the Trump administration; then, a discussion of... Buy it!

A conversation with Iraq Veterans Against War and Veterans for Peace activist Vince Emanuele Buy it!

A conversation with Jason Stanley, author of How Fascism Works: The Politics of Us and Them Buy it!

A conversation with Leo Panitch, co-author of The Socialist Challenge Today Buy it!

A conversation with Matthew D. Hockenos about the controversial German pastor Martin Niemöller’s evolution from a Nazi supporter to a determined opp... Buy it!

A conversation with Nancy MacLean, author of Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right's Stealth Plan for America Buy it!

A conversation with Professor Jason Stanley on how American racism is the United States own form of fascism Buy it!

A conversation with renowned economist and former finance minister of Greece, Yanis Varoufakis Buy it!

A conversation with Ryan Emanuel about indigenous water issues and with Malinda Maynor Lowery about her new book, The Lumbee Indians: An American St... Buy it!

A conversation with UW–Green Bay professor Jon Shelton about the teacher strikes and academic freedom Buy it!

A critical perspective on Nicaragua, with Donna Vukelich-Selva Buy it!

A discussion about the Supreme Court Justice nominee with Professor Ryan Owens Buy it!

A discussion of immigrants' rights and the role of ICE locally, statewide, and at the border Buy it!

A discussion of trauma and The Rainbow Project with substitute host Denise DeMarb and guest Sharyl Kato Buy it!

A History of Democracy with renowned Greek scholar, Paul Cartledge. Buy it!

A History of Milk with historian Mark Kurlansky Buy it!

A history of nuclear energy and warfare, with guest Professor Kate Brown Buy it!

A History of Slavery and Fascism and current fascist trends with historian Gerald Horne Buy it!

A History of the Civil War in Colombia, with guest Maria McFarland Sanchez-Moreno. Buy it!

A history of the Republican Party with Heather Cox Richardson Buy it!

A history of the rise of radicalism in America with Mark Lause Buy it!

A history of US-Russian negotiations with guest Svetlana Savranskaya, and twelve indictments on Russian intelligence officers with guest William Yeo... Buy it!

A Labor Day conversation with David Graeber, author of Bullsh** Jobs Buy it!

A new report from the ACLU finds child abuse at the border. We speak with two lawyers at the University of Chicago Law School who helped prepare the... Buy it!

A pledge drive conversation about cycling and racism in transportation with Adonia Lugo, author of Bicycle/Race: Transportation, Culture, and Resist... Buy it!

A pledge drive conversation with Ed Wall, author of Unethical: Life in Scott Walker's Cabinet and the Dirty Side of Politics Buy it!

A pledge drive conversation with Gary Nabhan, author of Food From the Radical Center: Healing Our Land and Communities Buy it!

A pledge drive discussion about the recent ICE raids, with guests Veronica Figueroa and Mario Sierra Buy it!

A pledge drive interview with Peter Phillips, author of Giants: The Global Power Elite Buy it!

A special back-to-school look at youth courts and ticketing in schools with Lorrie Hurckes Dwyer, executive director of Dane County TimeBank Buy it!

A two-part show featuring Trita Parsi in conversation about US-Iran relations, then a discussion of the Kavanaugh hearings with Lisa Graves Buy it!

Alternatives to incarceration and restorative justice, with sub host Harry Hawkins and guest Ron Johnson, coordinator for Dane County Restorative Co... Buy it!

An interview with Anne White Hat, an activist who was arrested at the L'Eau Est La Vie water protectors camp, then a conversation with Paulette Moor... Buy it!

An interview with Dan Kaufman, author of The Fall of Wisconsin Buy it!

An interview with Margaret Hagerman about her new book, White Kids: Growing Up with Privilege in a Racially Divided America Buy it!

An overview of voter registration, IDs, and other information about voting in the midterm election on November 6, with guests from the League of Wom... Buy it!

Antisocial Media: How Facebook Disconnects Us and Undermines Democracy with author Siva Vaidhyanathan Buy it!

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Our guest is Samantha Collier, founder of TeamTeal365. Buy it!

Aristocracy, oligarchy, and Donald Trump, with guest Professor Arthur Eckstein Buy it!

AT&T Time Warner Merger & Universal Basic Income Buy it!

Author Adam Winkler on How Corporations Won Rights Meant for “We The People…” Buy it!

Behemoth: A History of the Factory and the Making of the Modern World Buy it!

Ben Burkett, president of the National Family Farm Coalition Buy it!

Black Woman Hot Topics: Microaggressions Buy it!

Black women and the benefits of medical marijuana with guest Hope Wiseman, the youngest Black dispensary owner in the U.S. Buy it!

Breaking White Supremacy: Martin Luther King Jr. and the Black Social Gospel Buy it!

Child marriage in the United States with survivors and advocates Fraidy Reiss and Sherry Johnson Buy it!

Cindy and Craig Corrie, the parents of Rachel Corrie, killed 15 years ago in Rafah while defending a Palestinian home from Israeli demolition. Buy it!

Class Consciousness in America and Animus in the Law Buy it!

Climate change and pandemic diseases in the fall of the Roman Empire, with professor Kyle Harper Buy it!

Clint Boal and Cheryl Dykstra, authors of "Urban Raptors: Ecology and Conservation of Birds of Prey in Cities Buy it!

Continuing the conversation with Dan Kaufman, author of The Fall of Wisconsin Buy it!

Corey Robin and the Reactionary Mind Buy it!

Demagoguery and Democracy with Daniel Ziblatt Buy it!

Election observations from the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign Buy it!

Election prep with guests Eileen Newcomer and Brook Soltvedt of the League of Women Voters Buy it!

Emily Mills on OutReach disinviting police at the Pride Parade this Sunday; MMoCA curator Leah Kolb on 'Relinquary'; Simone and Max on "Off the Wall... Buy it!

Emma Goldman: anarchist, with guest Candace Falk Buy it!

Emma Goldman: Love, Feminism, Revolution, Anarchism, and Free Speech with scholar Candace Falk. Buy it!

Empire of Guns: The Violent Making of the Industrial Revolution, with guest Priya Satia Buy it!

Environmental activist Wilma Subra on the anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Buy it!

Environmental advocacy and the upcoming election with guest Jennifer Giegerich, Government Affairs Director of the Wisconsin League of Conservation... Buy it!

Farmers have the highest suicide rate. What can we do? Guests are Roger Williams, volunteer mediator with Wisconsin DATCP; Hayley Jordan of UW-Exten... Buy it!

Fermentation Fest Art DTour and Peter Krsko (artist); arborist R Bruce Allison about the life of trees (talk at Monona Public Library on Sunday); Du... Buy it!

First, Turning Space Into a War Zone with Karl Grossman, then Puerto Rico hurricane recovery updates from Hilda Lloréns and Sarah Molinari Buy it!

Fishing and family farms with guests from Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance, Sitka Salmon, the National Family Farm Coalition, and Family Farm Defe... Buy it!

Former CIA Russian analyst Melvin A. Goodman on Trump/Putin meeting, and saving the ancient manuscripts of Timbuktu with guest Charlie English Buy it!

Foxconn broke ground this week in Mt. Pleasant, so we're talking to three area residents about their opposition to the manufacturing plant. Buy it!

Gil Halsted in conversation with Joan Treppa on her book: Reclaiming Lives: Pursuing Justice for Six Innocent Men. Available as pledge premium at 60... Buy it!

Gina Haspel, the nominee to become the permanent CIA Director. Guest Brett Wilkins, who wrote about the US history of torture for CounterPunch. Buy it!

Gina Haspel, the nominee to become the permanent CIA Director. Guest Ray McGovern, CIA analyst-turned-activist. Buy it!

Give Us the Ballot: The Modern Struggle for Voting Rights in America, with guest host Christina Aanestad in conversation with Ari Berman Buy it!

Guest host Denise DeMarb speaks with Rebecca Kemble and Satya Rhodes Conway about the Oscar Mayer property Buy it!

Guest host Liz DiNovella discusses the World Cup, #MeToo, and women's athletics with guests Jessica Luther and Professor Brenda Elsey Buy it!

Guest host Sabrina Madison in conversation about leadership opportunities for girls and young women, with guest Vanessa Richmond. Buy it!

Gun Manufacturing and The Industrial Revolution Buy it!

Gun Violence: What Makes the US an Outlier Among Other Developed Nations. Then, Macron and Trump’s Differences on Critical Issues Buy it!

Hear from some of the women candidates running for Wisconsin State Senate, including Lee Snodgrass, Lori Hawkins, and Kriss Marion Buy it!

Heidi Wegleitner, of Legal Action of Wisconsin, tells us about the new Eviction Defense Project Buy it!

Host Harry Hawkins returns to lead a conversation about interracial dating: is it a step toward racial healing, or is it hurting Black women? Guests... Buy it!

How American corporations won their civil rights with Adam Winkler Buy it!

How the Framers Limited Democracy in the Constitution with Harvard law professor Michael J. Klarman Buy it!

How to help high school students prepare for life after graduation. Guest host Harry Hawkins will be in conversation with Janell Thorn Schneider, co... Buy it!

Hubert Humphrey: Civil Rights Champion and Cold War Warrior with guest Arnold A. Offner Buy it!

Implications of the Supreme Court Ruling Against Unions: Janus v. AFSCME Buy it!

In conversation with historian Henry Giroux, on Donald Trump and the long-term trend of "neoliberal fascism." Buy it!

In conversation with Leo Panitch, co-editor of the Socialist Register. Buy it!

In conversation with professor and historian Linda Gordon Buy it!

In the wave of recent teachers' strikes, Mitch Jeserich takes a look at the economics of teaching with Dr. Sylvia Allegretto. Then, Elizabeth Gilles... Buy it!

Journalist Allison Geyer on local record labels for this week's Isthmus; Bob Hemauer on the Makeshift Festival this Sunday; Mitzi Liu on the Good Sh... Buy it!

Journalist and former Wall Street analyst and manager Nomi Prins. "Collusion: How Central Bankers Rigged the World" is her new book, and yours for... Buy it!

Justin O'Brien, author of Chicago Yippie ’68. It's the remarkable personal coming-of-age memoir of youth in the '60s and people in the streets durin... Buy it!

Kamal Dib on Emmanual Macron's state visit, and implications for the Middle East. Buy it!

Kavanaugh’s sexual accusations; then, death on the Dakota Access Pipeline and the latest on the Kurdish situation Buy it!

Kenyan women's rights campaigner Josephine Kulea Buy it!

Kimberly Foster, Founder and Editor of For Harriet Buy it!

Kory Stamper, author of "Word by Word: The Secret Life of Dictionaries." Buy it!

Law professor and author Amy Chua talks about tribalism Buy it!

Lessons from El Salvador, with guests Barbara Alvarado, Jonathan Solari, and Fabiola Hamdan of the Madison-Arcatao Sister Cities Project Buy it!

Lilada and guests reflect on a trip to the Dominican Republic and talk current affairs Buy it!

Lilada Gee's farewell episode Buy it!

Long-time civil rights activist Colia Lafayette Clark Buy it!

Lucy Parsons, American Radical with guest social historian and author Jacqueline Jones Buy it!

Luddites of the 19th Century with American Marxist historian Peter Linebaugh Buy it!

Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD)'s Budget, with MMSD's president James Howard Buy it!

Meet the Democratic candidates for State Treasurer of Wisconsin: Sarah Godlewski, Cynthia Kaump, and Dawn Marie Sass Buy it!

Melissa Sargent on the Governor's special session on school safety, and One Wisconsin Now's Analise Eicher on what strategy to learn from last week'... Buy it!

Mental health care for our veterans, the lasting effects of PTSD, and how to design spaces for healing from trauma. Buy it!

Missouri's labor victory with guest John Nichols, then a look at Unite the Right, Charlottesville, and the internet with guest Vegas Tenold Buy it!

Muckraker Greg Palast Buy it!

Multiculturalism and inclusive work environments, with sub host Harry Hawkins and guests Lindsey Johnson and Marie Stolzenburg of Nehemiah Community... Buy it!

Norman Finkelstein, critic of Israeli and US policy towards Palestine Buy it!

Opposition to Kavanaugh’s nomination is growing stronger: demonstrations and walkouts in capitol hill and across the nation Buy it!

Patty Peltekos speaks with biologist, author, and cancer survivor Sandra Steingraber. She's speaking tonight at the Elvehjem Building, 800 Universit... Buy it!

Paul Buhle on the life and radical contributions of CLR James. Buy it!

Peace activist David Swanson on American exceptionalism, and how it's used to justify militarism and war. Buy it!

Pledge drive kick-off: democracy and media with Bob McChesney and John Nichols Buy it!

Professor Nancy MacLean, author of the recent book Democracy in Chains Buy it!

Public Health: Lyme Disease and Climate Change with investigative reporter Mary Beth Pfeiffer Buy it!

Race in the news with Alexander Gee and Jillian. Buy it!

Rebroadcast: Patty talks big data with Cathy O'Neil, author of Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy Buy it!

Rebroadcast: The logic of misogyny with Kate Manne Buy it!

Reflections on Pride and the LGBT+ community in Madison, with guest host Emily Mills in conversation with Steve Starkey, executive director of OutRe... Buy it!

Remembering Ann Brickson Buy it!

Remembering the life and legacy of Aretha Franklin Buy it!

Renowned Marxist theorist Leo Panitch. Buy it!

Representative JoCasta Zamarripa Buy it!

Reviewing the Madison Police Department's training, procedures, and culture, with substitute host Denise DeMarb and guest Keith Findley Buy it!

Sachin Chheda, Director of the Fair Elections Project, who organized the lawsuit that led to Supreme Court case Gill v. Whitford Buy it!

Sergio Gonzalez and Becky Shigiel on Wisconsin's Mexican workers, Worker Justice Wisconsin, and also the lead up to the annual Labor Faith breakfast... Buy it!

Should psychologists return to Guantanamo Bay?, with guest Dan Aalbers, then a discussion of the atomic bomb and the Manhattan Project with guest De... Buy it!

Sibling Rivalries: A Conversation with Brothers and Sisters, with Lilada Gee, Rev. Alexander Gee, Harry Hawkins, and Tiffany Washington Buy it!

Social activist and historian Max Elbaum Buy it!

Speaking with comedian and personality Franchesca Ramsey!! Her new book "Well, That Escalated Quickly" is available as a thank-you gift for your ple... Buy it!

Speaking with Democratic Candidates for Secretary of State, Arvina Martin and Doug LaFollette Buy it!

Speaking with Madison's own John Nichols. Buy it!

Speaking with the Democratic candidates for lieutenant governor, Kurt Kober and Mandela Barnes. Buy it!

Speaking with three newly elected Dane County Board of Supervisors: Steven Peters, Tanya Buckingham, and Kelly Danner. Buy it!

Substitute host Bert Zipperer speaks with British epidemiologist, author, and advocate Dr. Richard Wilkinson about the effects of inequality. Buy it!

Substitute host Harry Hawkins dives into interracial dating today. He's joined in the studio by entrepreneur and single Black mom Antonette Crosby,... Buy it!

Substitute host Harry Hawkins dives into single black fatherhood and motherhood. What are societal stereotypes, and what are some realities? Buy it!

Supreme Court Rules Against Unions: Janus V. AFSCME Buy it!

Supreme Court Upholds Trump’s Travel Ban from Predominantly Muslim Nations Buy it!

Syria, Trump’s Tweets, and the History of the US-Russia Relations Buy it!

Taking a look at Gerald R. Ford with Scott Kaufman, then the aftermath of the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing and what the anonymous op-ed in t... Buy it!

Taking a Look at WORT's Financials Buy it!

Talking about Mexico's presidential election of Leftist Andrés Manuel López Obrador with guests Mark Weisbrot, co-director of the Center for Economi... Buy it!

The 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago with Michael Schumacher, then reflections on the passing of John McCain Buy it!

The American Circle of Citizenship: Who is Inside and Who is Outside?, with guest Martha S. Jones, author of Birthright Citizens: Race and Citizensh... Buy it!

The Backstory of Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort and Donald Trump’s connection to Russian Money with guest Craig Unger Buy it!

The Christian destruction of the Classical world, with guest Catherine Nixey Buy it!

The collected letters of philosopher Alan Watts, with guests Joan Watts and Anne Watts Buy it!

The consequences of global warming on our food systems with Kristie L. Ebi, then a conversation with Adam Hochschild, author of the new book Lessons... Buy it!

The DNC to Consider Proposed Super-Delegate Changes and Remembering the 1968 Democratic Convention with guest Norman Solomon Buy it!

The Election Victory of Alexandria Cassio-Cortez and the impact on the Democratic Party Buy it!

The end of the Roman Republic with Mike Duncan Buy it!

The EPA's new coal pollution rules and the state of energy politics with guest Michael Mann Buy it!

The exploitation of fear in politics, with guest Martha Nussbaum Buy it!

The Future of Humanity with renowned physicist Michio Kaku Buy it!

The Good News About Bad Behavior with Katherine Reynolds Lewis Buy it!

The History Behind the US-Israeli Relations And How it Pertains to Palestine Buy it!

The history of McCarthyism in Vermont with guest Rick Winston, author of Red Scare in the Green Mountains Buy it!

The History of NATO with guest Andrew Bacevich, and Reagan Stopping Asylum Seekers in the 1980s with guest Carly Goodman Buy it!

The History of SCOTUS Hearings with Carolyn Shapiro, then Robert E. Lee’s Lost Indictment with John Reeves Buy it!

The History of Tear Gas with Anna Feigenbaum Buy it!

The immense wealth, politics and contradictions of the San Francisco Bay Area Buy it!

The Life & Works of Henry David Thoreau with scholar Laura Dassow Walls Buy it!

The Life and Death of American Resistance to Organized Wealth and Power Buy it!

The life and work of German playwright Bertolt Brecht, with director David Simmons and historians Paul Buhle and Marc Silberman Buy it!

The making of the U.S. Constitution with legal historian Michael J. Klarman Buy it!

The Meaning of Life and The Epic of Gilgamesh with Kent H. Dixon Buy it!

The moral outrage over family separation at the border. Holly Cooper, Co-director of the Immigration Law Clinic at UC-Davis; Catherine Tactaquin, Ex... Buy it!

The National Guard with guest John Bechtol, Assistant Dean of Students, Veterans Affairs at University of Wisconsin-Madison Buy it!

The nature of security clearance with Melvin Goodman, then a case to impeach the president with Ben Clements Buy it!

The Next Republic: The Rise of a New Radical Majority, with author D.D. Guttenplan Buy it!

The religious Right’s response to Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court with guest Peter Montgomery Buy it!

The Rise and Fall and Rise of Marijuana with historian Emily Dufton Buy it!

The rise of the Right in Europe and parallel developments in the US, with guest Professor Alan Singer Buy it!

The Roman occupation of Britain and Queen Boudica’s rebellion, with historian Adrian Goldsworthy Buy it!

The Royal Wedding Buy it!

The school board's response to the presence of Educational Resource Officers (EROs) in schools, with guests Dean Loomis, TJ Mertz, and Barbara McKin... Buy it!

The Singapore summit: what does it mean denuclearization? Then, mental illness and the criminal justice system Buy it!

The Spring Election, with Eileen Newcomer of the League of Women Voters - Wisconsin and Barry Burden, UW-Madison Professor of Political Science and... Buy it!

The status of abortion in Wisconsin with guests Mike Murray, policy director for Wisconsin Alliance for Women's Health, and State Representative Chr... Buy it!

The story of sand, with guest Vince Beiser, author of The World in a Grain Buy it!

The summer of wildfires with fire historian Stephen J. Pyne Buy it!

The Trump’s Trade War with China Then Women in Politics and Running for Office Buy it!

The U.S. Trade Wars & The History of (Yesterday's) Juneteenth. Guests: Dean Baker, Co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, and A... Buy it!

The use of the classical world to defend white supremacy with guest Sarah Teets, then a history of the so-called "slums" with guest Alan Mayne Buy it!

The Vicious Cycle that has Undermined the Common Good of the US Society. Then, The Science and Spirit of the Ocean. Buy it!

The war in Yemen with Isa Blumi, author of Destroying Yemen: What Chaos in Arabia Tells Us about the World Buy it!

The Women of Color Healing Retreats with Satya X Buy it!

The word since 9/11, the US arms trade, and current conflicts with peace activist David Swanson Buy it!

The worsening situation in the Middle East, with policy expert Stephen Zunes. Buy it!

Trump to Deploy Troops to the Mexican Border. Then, The Online Culture Wars. Buy it!

Tyrant: Shakespeare on Politics, with guest Stephen Greenblatt Buy it!

Understanding Marx’s legacy, with professor of history Gregory Claeys Buy it!

Understanding the Cases of Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort with David Cay Johnston, then the Ecological History of Mexico City with Matthew Vitz Buy it!

UW Law Professor Robert Yablon on the Supreme Court case Husted v. A. Philip Randolph Institute, which has implications for voting rolls. Buy it!

Violence in Congress and the road to the Civil War with guest Joanne B. Freeman Buy it!

Wakanda Forever! In conversation with actress Dorothy Steel of this year's blockbuster film Black Panther. Buy it!

Whilden Hughes on harvesting hemp; and activist/musician Holly Near, plus the bike traffic report and more. Please make that pledge! Buy it!

Who creates value in an economy? with economist Mariana Mazzucato Buy it!

Why Income Inequality Threatens Our Republic with Professor Ganesh Sitaraman Buy it!

Why was Marx so successful as a thinker? leading historian of socialism Gregory Claeys. Buy it!

WI FILM FEST SPECIAL: Interviews with directors of "The Blood Is At the Doorstep" and "El Mar La Mar," both showing at the fest. Buy it!

Women Codebreakers During WWII with Liza Mundy Buy it!

Women in farming with guests from Soil Sisters Wisconsin Buy it!

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