WORT-FM Listener-Sponsored Community Radio

Sunday September 24th 2017

Time zone: central

12.00am Universal Soul Explosion (Music) BossLady Playlist
3.00am Life Music (Music) GOTTO Playlist
8.00am Musica Antiqua (Music) Alan Muirhead Playlist
11.30am Her Infinite Variety (Music) Steph Stringer Playlist
3.00pm On the Horizon (Music) Helena White Playlist
6.30pm Pachyderm Parade (Music) Dylan Playlist
7.00pm The Best of Gospel (Music) Rev D Playlist
8.00pm Two for the Blues (Music) Bonnie Kalmbach Playlist
9.30pm RTQE (Music) Brian Playlist
11.00pm Weekly World Noise (Music) DESTRUCTO Playlist