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Other Voices (Music)


Music from world classical traditions in a wide range of styles and eras and focusing on women composers, performers and conductors.

Mon May 13th 2013 5.00am–8.00am

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Time zone: central


Elaine Barkin “4 MIDI Pieces”
composed by Elaine Barkin
from JKR Pass 3: The Open Space Magazine CD Comp (open space/ benjamin boretz 2007) —Elaine Barkin is an american woman composer, writer, and educator. this CD is comp music for jim randalls 75th bday by his friends. An American composer of electronic and acoustic music, J.K. Randall (1929- ) taught at Princeton University from 1957 unti


Larkin Grimm “Durge”
composed by Larkin Grimm
from Parplar CD Album (Larkin Grimm Publishing/ BMI and Young God Records 2008) —an instrumental cut from her experimental album parplar


Jin Hi Kim and Sirius String Quartet “Nong Rock”
composed by Jin Hi Kim
from Living Tones CD Album (00 discs 1995) —kim jin hi is a geomungo, korean bass zither, player and composer. Known for contemporary chmber and orch comp, multimedia, avantgarde and cross cultural improv


Hong Jong-Jin daegum and Robert Dick, flutes “Tchong”
composed by Jin Hi Kim
from Living Tones CD Album (00 discs 1995) —"living tones" corresponds to korean concept of shigimse, the technique of ornamentation used in trad Kor music.


Concorde: David James, cello, Harry Sparnaay, bass clarinet “Don't!”
composed by Ailis ni riain
from Contemporary music from Ireland volume four CD Comp (2004) —pc rep's two ppl having a regretted conversation (c. 2000)


Rachel Holstead “Enchant”
composed by Rachel Holstead
from Contemporary music from Ireland, volume four CD Comp (CMC 2004) —a simple electro acoustical work


excerpt Andre Leroux (saxophone), tape “phorm”
composed by Judith Ring
from Ciontemporary music from Ireland, volume four CD Single (cmc ltd 2004) —pc represents a timbrally connected world between sax and electronic parts. All 3 peices are women comp from Ireland


Susan Kagan, piano “Forty Variations on a Theme By Beethoven”
composed by Archduke Rudolph (1788-1834)
from Beethoven and his pupils CD Album (Koch International 2001) —the archduke was student of beethoven. he was given a four measure song theme and composed four variations whichwere published w much applause. susan kagan is a pianist, musicologis, and author w phd in musicology


Michelle Fiala oboe, william averill, piano “Four Personalities for Oboe and Piano”
composed by Alyssa Morris
from Overheard: New Music for Oboe and English Horn CD Album (MSR CD 2011) —yellow, white, blue, red... the inspiration comes from the hartman personality profile which groups people into one of four categories


Parthenia / A Consort of Viols “Suite of French Dances”
composed by Michael Praetoriius
from Les Amours De Mai: Love Songs in the Age of Ronsard CD Album (MSR Classics msrcd.com 2009) —beverly au, lawrence lipnik, rosamund morley, lisa terry: parthenia


Marina minkin, harpsichord, Alon Sariel, mandolin; Hanan Feinstein; guitar “Sonata a tre for Mandolin guitaand harpsichord”
composed by Paul Ben-Haim
from Harpsichord Music by Israeli Composers CD Album (Albany Records 2007) —3 mvmts, by ben haim, the climax of his life long search for the ideal of Israeli music. all sought after performers and one of the premeire isreali composers


Cuarteto Latinoamericano “Inquiet Spirits”
composed by Nancy Galbraith
from Nancy Galbraith; Atacama CD Album (Albany 2003)

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