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Mosh Pit (Music)



Mon Sep 20th 2010 11.00pm–2.00am

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links help support the station.

Time zone: central

Monster Magnet “Hallucination Bomb”
from Mastermind CD Album (Napalm Records 2010)

Spiritual Beggars “Lost In Yesterday”
from Return To Zero MP3 Album (Inside Out 2010)

The Sword “Astraea's Dream”
from Warp Riders CD Album (Kemado 2010)

Black Label Society “Riders Of The Damned”
from Order Of The Black CD Album (E1 2010)

Stone Sour “The Bitter End”
from Audio Secrecy Metal Ep (Roadrunner)

Murderdolls “Summertime Suicide”
from Women and Children Last CD Album (Roadrunner 2010)

Iron Maiden “Isle of Avalon”
from The Final Frontier CD Album (Universal 2010)

Halford “Undisputed”
from Made of Metal CD Album (Metal God Records 2010)

King's X “Over My Head”
from Gretchen Goes To Nebraska LP Album (Metal Blade 2016)

James Labrie “One More Time”
from Static Impulse MP3 Album (Inside Out 2010)

Blind Guardian “Curse My Name”
from At The Edge Of Time MP3 Album (Nuclear Blast 2010)

Flotsam & Jetsam “Take”
from The Cold CD Album (Driven 2010)

Texas Hippie Coalition “Pissed Off And Mad About It”
from Rollin' MP3 Album (Carved 2010)

Death Angel “Truce”
from Relentless Retribution MP3 Album (Nuclear Blast 2010)

Bonded By Blood “Desolate Future”
from Exiled To Earth CD Album (Earache 2010)

Psychosomatic “In Lunacy”
from Another Disease MP3/Digital‑file Album (Thrashcore 2010)

Showdown “Blood In The Gears” MP3 Album (Solid State 2010)

Willie Basse “Break Away” (New Empire)

System Divide “An Intoxicating Affair”
from The Conscious Sedation CD Album (Metal Blade 2010)

Wretched “The Deed Of Elturiel”
from Beyond The Gate MP3 Album (Victory 2010)

Absence “Deepest Wound”
from Enemy Unbound MP3 Album (Metal Blade 2010)

Empyreon “Fall Of The Equinox”
from Beyond Perception MP3 Album (Metal Injection 2010)

Black Anvil “Dead And Left”
from Triumvirate CD Album (Relapse 2010)

Unearthly Trance “The Horsemen Arive in the Night”
from V CD Album (Relapse 2010)

Torture Killer “A Funeral For The Masses”
from Swarm! MP3/Digital‑file Album (Metal Blade 2006)

Six Feet Under “Lycanthropy”
from Haunted MP3/Digital‑file Album (Metal Blade 1995)

Cannibal Corpse “The Bleeding” MP3/Digital‑file Album (Metal Blade 1994)

Six Feet Under “It Never Dies”
from True Carnage MP3 Album (Metal Blade 2001)

Kataklysm “Hail The Renegade”
from Heaven's Venom MP3 Album (Nuclear Blast 2010)

Cephalic Carnage “Raped By An Orb”
from Misled By Certainty MP3 Album (Relapse 2010)

Malignancy “Protagonist Complacence”
from Inhuman Grotesqueries (United Guttural)

Decrepit Birth “Metatron”
from Polarity MP3/Digital‑file Album (Nuclear Blast 2010)

Watain “Hymn to Qayin”
from Lawless Darkness MP3 Album (Season of Mist 2010)

Dawn Of Ashes “Nyarlathotep's Children Of The Void”
from Genocide Chapters MP3 Album (Metal Blade 2010)

King Of Asgard “Snake Tongue”
from Fi'mbulvintr MP3 Album (Metal Blade 2010)

Divinity “Emergent”
from The Singularity MP3 Album (Candlelight 2010)

Knights Of The Abyss “Dead To Reform”
from The Culling Of Wolves Y (Ferret)

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