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Diaspora (Music)


Do you know what folk music is? Well, think again. In the words of Big Bill Broonzy, “It’s all folk music to me. I ain’t never heard a cow sing.” Music from the uncharted regions of the record library.

Thu Mar 7th 2013 9.00am–12.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links help support the station.

Time zone: central

ARTIST “Selection”
from Disc (LABEL)

Oliver Mtukudzi “Ziva Nguva”
from Vhunze Moto CD Album (Putumayo www.putumayo.com 2002)

Oliver Mtukudzi “Pindurai Mambo”
from Paivepo (Putumayo www.putumayo.com)

Salif Keita “Madan”
from Moffou CD Album (Decca 2002)

Malouma “Gamly”
from Nour (Marabi www.marabi.net 2007)

Joe Driscoll & Sekou Kouyate “Birinakely”
from Faya CD Album (Localization Records 2012)

Tani Diakite “Narenmakan Mandinka”
from Dalonkan (Tasuma 2012)

Suuf “Ndao Yi”
from Debbo Hande (Late Junction)

Laye Sow “Kairaba”
from Djamano (Orange World 2004)

10:00 Am “BREAK” Single

Philllip Glass “The Windcatcher Part 3”
from Saxophone (Orange Mountain Music)

Nicolas Repac “Idees noires”
from La Grande Roue (XXL)

Nouvelle Vague “Heaven”
from 3 CD Album (pfgII8ed 2009)

Nitin Sawhney “Bring It Home”
from London Undersound (Cooking Vinyl)

Luca Mundaca “Há dias”
from Day By Day CD Album (Lumeni 2004)

Tim Maia “Rational Culture”
from Nobody Can Live Forever (Luaka Bop)

10:31 Am “CALENDAR”

We Banjo 3 “Over the Waterfall/Liberty Polka”
from Top of the World 90 (Songlines)

Pharis & Jason Romero “Sally Goodin”
from Long Gone Out West Blues CD Album (Lula Records 2013)

Rafe & Clelia Stefanini “Shove That Pigs Foot a Little Further Into the Fire”
from Lady on the Green CD Album (Kickstarter 2012)

Pharis & Jason Romero “Come on Home”
from Long Gone Out West Blues CD Album (Lula Records 2013)

Bella Hardy “The Driving of the Deer”
from The Dark Peak The White (Noe Records)

11:00 Am “BREAK”

Catrin Finch “Harpers Bizarre”
from Crossing the Stone (Sony 2003)

Catrin Finch “Chicken Pickin' Rag”
from The Harpist (Sony)

Andrew Lawrence-King “Bach: Fuge from Suite in D minor”
from The Secret of the Semitones (Deutsche Harmonia Mundi)

Madredeus “Concertino”
from O Espírito Da Paz (Toshiba 1994)

Cihat Askin “Ermeni Halk Ezgisi”
from Umutsuz (Kalan)

Raphaël Imbert “Ethiopi-K23”
from Heavens (Jazz Village)

Addis Acoustic Project “Meshena”
from Tewesta CD Album (World Village)

11:27 Am “BREAK”

!Deladap “Le Shin”
from Dela Paji (Chat Chapeau)

Yasmin Levy “El Amor Contigo”
from Sentir CD Album (World Village 2009)

Mercedes Sosa “Gracias a la vida” (Phillips 1987)

Coco Mbassi “Iwiye”
from Sepia (TINDER 2001)

Leni Stern “Smoke, No Fire” (Leni Stern Productions)

Tani Diakate “Kamale Ngoni”
from Dalonkan (Tasuma)

Tony Allen “Home Cooking” (Narada)

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