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Diaspora (Music)


Listening to music from many cultures reveals we are all made of the same stuff. Diaspora is a celebration of humanity, of the common things that tie us all together in a world that often seems perilously fractured.

Thu May 9th 2013 9.00am–12.00pm

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Time zone: central

ARTIST “Selection”
from Disc (LABEL)

Fókatelep “Elalélok”
from Fokadelic (Fókatelep)

Bombino “Imuhar”
from Nomad CD Album (Nonesuch 2013)

Duoud “Must”
from Ping Kong (World Village)

Toufic Farroukh “Land of Milk & Money”
from Drab Zeen (Le Chant du Monde 2002)

Michael McGoldrick “Lough Mountain”
from Fused (Vertical)

The Olllam “The Belll”
from The Olllam (Compass 2012)

Oreka Tx “Lauhazka”
from Nömadak (World Village)

Yat-Kha “Khandagaity”
from /tuva.rock (www.yat-kha.com 2003)

Nouvelle Vague “Heaven”
from 3 CD Album (pfgII8ed 2009)

Thea Gilmore “Ever Fallen in Love”
from Loft Music (Compass 2003)

Oki “Yaikatekara Dub”
from Dub Ainu (Chikar Studios)

LUNA “Voodoo Chile”
from self (self)

10:00 Am “BREAK”

Phillips, Grier & Flinner “Little Wing”
from Looking Back (Compass 2002)

John Doyle “Bitter Brew”
from Shadow & Light CD Album (Compass)

Tani Diakate “Naremakan Mandinka”
from Dalonkan (Tasuma)

10:31 Am “CALENDAR” Single

Luca Mundaca “Não Se Apavore”
from Day By Day CD Album (Lumeni 2004)

Sara Valenzuela “Para Continuar”
from Lado Este (nacional)

Alexandroid “Rhodes Theme”
from Datcha Studio v2 (LE MAQUIS 2003)

11:00 Am “BREAK”

Anat Cohen “Agade Yapanit (A Japanese Tale)”
from Poetica (Anzic Records 2007)

Phillip Glass “The Windcather Part 3”
from Saxophone (Orange Mountain Music)

Amina Alaoui “Las Morillas de Jaén”
from Arco Iris CD Album (ECM 2011)

Zoe Keating “Legions (War)”
from One Cello x 16: Natoma CD Album (Zoë Keating 2005)

Azam Ali “Endless Reverie”
from Elysium for the Brave (Six Degrees)

10:34 Am “BREAK”

Malick Pathé Sow & Bao Sissoko “Hommage à Ali Farka Touré”
from Aduna (Muziek Publique 2012)

Tani Diakite “Kamale Ngoni”
from Dalonkan (Tasuma 2012)

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