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“Fuzzed-out guitars”

Mon Mar 20th 2017 7.00pm–9.00pm

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7:27pm   vOCesUGa


7:27pm   vOCesUGa

and mother pf pearl!!

7:28pm   WPRK FM (host)


7:28pm   vOCesUGa

You planted that bee in my bonet about Genesis, now i own all the SACD's :P. Was funny i was listening to ABACAB DVD when you mentioned last time

7:29pm   vOCesUGa

And the Blackwater DVD has not coem out of the SUV yet.

7:29pm   WPRK FM (host)

sorry. kind of. but not really. glad i have company in this handbasket.

7:31pm   vOCesUGa

the SACD box set is expensive, but teh quality is second to none

7:35pm   WPRK FM (host)

blackfield V?

7:44pm   vOCesUGa

i cant get into blackfield. its just too polished

7:44pm   vOCesUGa

ill listen if you have it

7:45pm   vOCesUGa

OHHHH. have you heard Spaceslug, about two Lps ago. very good stuff. DEff DEad MEadow stoner rock

7:55pm   WPRK FM (host)

i will have to check them out

8:01pm   vOCesUGa


8:01pm   vOCesUGa

stoner rock seems to be getting a tad bigger

8:03pm   vOCesUGa

any comments or concerns about the nephilim appearing recently

8:15pm   WPRK FM (host)

mmm. nope. been busy at work lately.

8:17pm   WPRK FM (host)

i have had time to list all of the things i need to check out and the chores i need to do, but not to actually do anything about anything

8:22pm   WPRK FM (host)

did i mention argh?

8:24pm   vOCesUGa

thats the way i start and end my day

8:37pm   WPRK FM (host)

might i suggest cats as an alternative?

8:44pm   WPRK FM (host)

there is some argh involved, but also why and how and what

8:45pm   vOCesUGa

not a feliner, i'm a caniner. i need mutualness

8:45pm   vOCesUGa

unless you meant the broadway musical, then YES!

8:46pm   vOCesUGa

Elbows are so early Gabriel

8:47pm   WPRK FM (host)

dogs are just too needy. my cats follow me around sometimes and meet me at the door, but also do their own thing.

8:50pm   vOCesUGa

so you were talking about the Broadway musical!

8:51pm   vOCesUGa

sweet soem izzard yizzardd gizzard wizard

8:53pm   WPRK FM (host)

i like that you think my house is a musical

8:54pm   vOCesUGa


8:56pm   WPRK FM (host)

i am heading out. lovely to have you in the chat this week

8:58pm   WPRK FM (host)

have a good night


Okkervil River “Days Spent Floating (In the Halfbetween)”
from Away CD Album (ATO Records / Fontana North)


Centaur “wait for the sun”
from in streams CD Album (parasol 2003)


Junip “Walking Lightly”
from Junip CD Album (Mute 2013)


The Album Leaf “Falling from the Sun”
from a chorus of storytellers CD Album (Sub Pop 2010)


Wolf People “Kingfisher”
from Ruins CD (Jagjaguwar / Hostess) N


Galaxie 500 “Listen, the Snow Is Falling (Live) [Copenhagen]”
from The Portable Galaxie 500 CD Album (Rykodisc 2010)


The Devil Makes Three “The Angel of Death”
from Redemption & Ruin CD Album (New West Records)


Weyes Blood “Away Above”
from Front Row Seat to Earth (Mexican Summer 2016)


El Ten Eleven “transitions”
from Transitions CD Album (fake 2012)


Isis & Aereogramme “Low tide”
from In the Fishtank 14 - EP CD Comp (konkurrent)


Neurosis “Distill (Watching the Swarm)”
from given to the rising CD Album (neurot 2007)


Summerbirds in the Cellar “the hero boys/the folding men”
from druids CD Album (dead drums) L


Elbow “Little Fictions” Album (Concord 2017) N

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