WRBB 104.9FM Boston

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Thursday February 15th 2018

Time zone: eastern

7.00am ONDAS PT II (World) K2 Playlist
8.00am Hanging with JOI (Joey Omeed Ian) (Rock) Omeed Playlist
9.00am Keep it Kpop (World) Rachel Playlist
10.00am In the Garage (Rock) Jeff Playlist
12.00pm The Sound (Rock) Delaney Playlist
1.00pm Micky Jam Sesh (Hip Hop) MJ Playlist
2.00pm Moose Crossing (Rock) Moin Playlist
3.00pm the west coast rejects (Rock) DJ Spoon Playlist
4.00pm Sad Boy Hours (Rock) Paige Ardill Playlist
5.00pm Beer Ghosties: The Musical (Rock) DJ Benny G Playlist
10.00pm Soggy Cereal (Rock) Banana Tree Playlist
11.00pm dogs are v neat (Rock) Becca Playlist