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Hammerfist Records

Handsome Midnight

Hank & Cupcakes

Happy Ending

Happy Go Lucky

Hard Bark

Hardly Art

HarvestBloom Music

Hassle Records

Hawk Race Records

Headdog Music



Healthryder Music

Hear Music

Heartdrive Music

Heartour Records

Heat Sheilf Records

Heather Maloney

Heather Powell

Heinz Records

Hell Ya! Records


Hello Caller

Hello Morning


Hermoso Ruido bajo licencia de Polyvinyl Records

HevyDevy Records

Hidden Hospitals

Hidden Pictures

Hidden Pony

High Fashion Digital

High Waisted Music

Highland Brothers Band

HighPocket Records


Hollywood Records

Holy Trinity Records

Homemade Crazy

Honor By August

Hoodless Music LTD.

Hopeless Records

Hopeless Records, Inc.

Hornblow Recordings

Hostess Entertainment

Hostile Little Face

Hot Indie Records

Hot Records

House of Whales

How Far To Austin

Howling Bull

HowsaboutNOW? Records


Hugtight Records

Human Sounds

Hunter & the Dirty Jacks

Hurricane Records

Hypnotic Records