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Disks on Drag City logged in WSUM's playlists:

Artist Disk Year

Bill Callahan Merch

Apocalypse Buy it!

Bill Callahan Merch

Dream River Buy it!

Bitchin Bajas Merch

Bajas Fresh Buy it!

Bitchin Bajas & Bonnie "Prince" Billy Merch

Epic Jammers and Fortunate Little Ditties Buy it!

Black Bananas Merch

Electric Brick Wall Buy it!


Black Bananas Merch

Rad Times Xpress IV Buy it!

Blues Control Merch

Valley Tangents Buy it!

Boris with Michio Kurihara Merch

Rainbow Buy it!


The Cairo Gang Merch

Goes Missing Buy it!

Cate Le Bon Merch

Crab Day Buy it!


Cave Merch

Pure Moods - EP Buy it!

Circuit Des Yeux Merch

Reaching For Indigo Buy it!


Dead Rider Merch

Chills On Glass Buy it!

Dead Rider Merch

Crew Licks Buy it!

Death Merch

N.E.W. Buy it!


Dope Body Merch

Kunk Buy it!

Dope Body Merch

Lifer Buy it!

Dope Body Merch

Natural History Buy it!

Edith Frost Merch

Telescopic Buy it!

Eiko Ishibashi Merch

Car and Freezer Buy it!


Elisa Ambrogio Merch

The Immoralist Buy it!

Ensemble Pearl Merch

Ensemble Pearl Buy it!

Faun Fables Merch

A Table Forgotten Buy it!


Gastr Del Sol Merch

Camoufleur Buy it!

Half Japanese Merch

Loud/Horrible Buy it!

Jessica Pratt Merch

Back, Baby - Single Buy it!

Jessica Pratt Merch

On Your Own Love Again Buy it!


Jim Woehrle & Michael Yonkers Merch

Borders of My Mind Buy it!

Joanna Newsom Merch

Have One On Me Buy it!


Joanna Newsom Merch

Have One on Me Disc 1 Buy it!

Joanna Newsom Merch

Have One on Me Disc 2 Buy it!

Joanna Newsom Merch

Joanna Newsom Buy it!

Joanna Newsom Merch

Joanna Newsom & the Ys Street Band EP Buy it!

Joanna Newsom Merch

Sprout and the Bean - Single Buy it!

Joanna Newsom Merch

The Milk-Eyed Mender Buy it!

Joanna Newsom Merch

What We Have Known Buy it!

Joanna Newsom Merch

Ys Buy it!

Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble Merch

Find Me Finding You Buy it!


Loose Fur Merch

Born Again in the USA Buy it!

Natural Information Society & Bitchin Bajas Merch

Automaginary Buy it!

Neil Hamburger Merch

America's Funnyman Buy it!

New Bums Merch

Voices In a Rented Room Buy it!

Nuno Canavarro Merch

Plux Quba Buy it!

Om Merch

Advaitic Songs Buy it!


Papa M Merch

Live from a Shark Cage Buy it!

Philip Glass Merch

Glassworks Buy it!

Purling Hiss Merch

High Bias Buy it!

Purling Hiss Merch

Weirdon Buy it!

Rangda Merch

Formerly Extinct Buy it!

The Red Krayola Merch

Introduction Buy it!

Royal Trux Merch

Accelerator Buy it!


Royal Trux Merch

cats and dogs Buy it!


Royal Trux Merch

pound for pound Buy it!

Royal Trux Merch

The Radio Video - EP Buy it!


Royal Trux Merch

Twin Infinitives Buy it!


Ryley Walker & Bill MacKay Merch

SpiderBeetleBee Buy it!

S. Araw "Trio" XI Merch

Gazebo Effect Buy it!

Sandy Bull Merch

Sandy Bull & The Rhythm Ace (Live 1976) Buy it!

Scout Niblett Merch

It's Up To Emma Buy it!


Silver Jews Merch

Bright Flight Buy it!


Silver Jews Merch

Tanglewood Numbers Buy it!

Silver Jews Merch

The Natural Bridge Buy it!


Smog Merch

Accumulation: None Buy it!

Smog Merch

Dongs Of Sevotion Buy it!

Smog Merch

Julius Caesar Buy it!

Smog Merch

Knock Knock Buy it!

Spur Merch

Spur Of The Moments Buy it!

Squirrel Bait Merch

Skag Heaven Buy it!

Stereolab Merch

Refried Ectoplasm (Switched on Volume 2), Buy it!


Sun Araw Merch

Belomancie Buy it!

These Trails Merch

These Trails Buy it!

Tim Presley Merch

The Wink Buy it!

Ty Segall Merch

Emotional Mugger Buy it!


Ty Segall Merch

Fried Shallots Buy it!


Ty Segall Merch

Ty Segall Buy it!


U.S. Maple Merch

Acre Thrills Buy it!

U.S. Maple Merch

Purple on Time Buy it!

US Maple Merch

Talker Buy it!

Various artists

singles Buy it!


Venom P. Stinger Merch

Walking About b/w 26 Milligrams - Single Buy it!

Wand Merch

1000 Days Buy it!

Wand Merch

Ganglion Reef Buy it!

Wand Merch

Plum Buy it!

White Fence Merch

For the Recently Found Innocent Buy it!


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