WSUM 91.7FM Madison

The Snake on the Lake

Sunday December 3rd 2017

Time zone: central

1.00am Put A Label On It (Music) groovytone Playlist
2.00am The Produce Aisle (Music) DJ Kates Playlist
9.00am EMMIE Live (Music) Mercy Playlist
10.00am The Rhythm Method (Music) Jenni Rose Playlist
12.00pm Red Planet (Music) duMars Playlist
1.00pm The Roots & The Fruits (Music) Dean Knetter Playlist
2.00pm Under the Stars (Music) Arissa Playlist
3.00pm Indie Den (Music) Petey Playlist
5.00pm Smooth Ride (Music) Will K Playlist
6.00pm Semester of Haze (Music) Leo Mikula Playlist
7.00pm Spirals (Music) Nathan Port Playlist
8.00pm Pop Music (Music) Jake Fostner Playlist
9.00pm The Weather Channel (Music) Karl Fetsch Playlist
10.00pm A Spectacular Commodity (Music) Emili Earhart Playlist
11.00pm THE GO TO BED AFTER THIS SHOW SHOW (Music) Erik Kramer Playlist