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Saturday December 2nd 2017

Time zone: eastern

12.00am Do You Know Who You Are? (Music) ghoul gal Playlist
12.00am Up Close and Personal (Music) dj sc Playlist
6.00am Hobby Horsing Around (Talk) DJ Felipe Playlist
8.00am Goose Wives (Music) stoop kid Playlist
10.00am On the Verge (Music) DJ Tanner Playlist
12.00pm No Problem (Music) Kristen Playlist
2.00pm Jalapeño Peppers (Music) Tripc Playlist
4.00pm Time Signatures (Music) Mattador Playlist
6.00pm Your Freaky Mood Ring (Music) EMOLY Playlist
8.00pm Music is My Radar (Music) Big Jilm Playlist
10.00pm Please Take My Mixtape (Music) DJ Pops Playlist