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9-11 Plus Ten

A New War

Black history (parts 1, 2, and 3)

Chris's Legal Nightmare

Dynasty: The Politics of Spectacle

Huey - Love for the People


Prison Radio

Prison Radio

Prison Radio

Syndicated The 11 pct solution

Syndicated: The Hour of the Wolf

Syndicated: "The Occupation", "Lydia Barashango", and "Rape Blocks"

Syndicated: 2011-10-25 Tea Parties and Protests

Syndicated: 2011-11 Whom do they represent?

syndicated: 2012-02-01

Syndicated: 2012-02-07

Syndicated: 2012-11-20

Syndicated: 2012-12-24

Syndicated: 2013-03-20 The Ghosts of Rehnquist

Syndicated: 2014-09-02 Ferguson

Syndicated: 2014-09-17 The Lure of War

Syndicated: 2014-11-06

Syndicated: 2014-12-31

Syndicated: 2017-02-07

Syndicated: 2017-03-15

Syndicated: 2018-01-01

Syndicated: 2018-05-02

Syndicated: A Grand Bargain for Surrender

Syndicated: A House is not a Hom

Syndicated: A Jailhouse Environmentalist

Syndicated: A Nation in Fear

Syndicated: A New Moment

Syndicated: A Salute to the Fergusons

Syndicated: address at Temple Univ

Syndicated: Afeni Shakur

Syndicated: Al Jarreau

Syndicated: Allies of Empire

Syndicated: Amiri Baraka

Syndicated: Amy Winehouse

Syndicated: Angela Y Davis

Syndicated: Another Mumia Rule; Justice Suspended

Syndicated: Another School Massacre

Syndicated: Antonin Scalia

Syndicated: Arab Summer

Syndicated: Ask Tell

Syndicated: Assata; Jessica Huntley; With Allies Like These

Syndicated: August 8, 1978 Again

Syndicated: Badge of the Racist Rapist

Syndicated: Baltimore

Syndicated: Bandung 1

Syndicated: Bannon - Bannonism = Trump

Syndicated: Battling on Two Fronts

Syndicated: Because Black Minds Matter

Syndicated: Beyond Trayvon

Syndicated: Billie Holiday

Syndicated: Birddogin' Bergdahl

Syndicated: Boko Loco

Syndicated: Bombs over Damascus

Syndicated: Boots and Brutes on the Ground, America the Mad

Syndicated: Bradley Manning Private Democrat

Syndicated: Brexit

Syndicated: Bright Shining Hell

Syndicated: Brothers Under the Skin

Syndicated: Butter scores

Syndicated: Capital Strikes Back

Syndicated: Captain Reggie Schell

Syndicated: Cat back in Court & Here I stand

Syndicated: Celebrating Celebration

Syndicated: Chalmers Johnson; The Best of Times the Worst of Times

Syndicated: Charleston

Syndicated: Chicago Again & Panther Baby

Syndicated: Chinua Achebe

Syndicated: Chokwe Lumumba Presente

Syndicated: Clinton

Syndicated: Clinton with a Tan

Syndicated: commentary 6-7-2015

Syndicated: Corporate Wars

Syndicated: DACA

Syndicated: Dallas

Syndicated: Death Penalty Dies

Syndicated: Death Penalty in California; MaylasiaAirand Mistakes

Syndicated: Death Row Record

Syndicated: Delbert Africa MOVE member

Syndicated: DeSean Dismissed

Syndicated: Dick Gregory

Syndicated: discussion of Pennsylvania Anti-Free Speech

Syndicated: Don't Worry, Be Happy

Syndicated: Donna Summer

Syndicated: Drugs & Taxes

Syndicated: Echos of Empire

Syndicated: Egypt A Good Beginning

Syndicated: Egypt Back to Square One

Syndicated: Egypt Back to Square One

Syndicated: episode from new book

Syndicated: Erica Garner, death by broken heart

Syndicated: Feeding the Beast

Syndicated: Ferguson 2014-09-28

Syndicated: Fiscal BullChips, Beyond Newtown, Speech at Riverside Church

Syndicated: For teh Love of Yuri

Syndicated: Frantz Fanon

Syndicated: Frantz Fanon

Syndicated: Free Rev. Pinkney

Syndicated: Freedom of Movement for Free People

Syndicated: French Language Greeting to Communists; Education

Syndicated: from Frackville to Standing Rock

Syndicated: From State Pens to Penn State

Syndicated: Geronimo Pratt

Syndicated: Gilbert Book Review

Syndicated: Giving Teachers What they Deserve

Syndicated: Goddard College Commencement Speech

Syndicated: Goodnight Afghanistan

Syndicated: Goodnight Kiilu

Syndicated: Half a Century of Revolution

Syndicated: Health for the People

Syndicated: Health News

Syndicated: Hepatitis C the new death penalty

Syndicated: Herman Finally Free

Syndicated: Hugo Chavez (Spanish)

Syndicated: Hugo Chavez Presente

Syndicated: Hungry for War

Syndicated: Hurricaine Carter

Syndicated: Imam Jamil al-amin (H. Rap Brown)

Syndicated: In the Name of Al-Quaeda

Syndicated: International Law vs International Outlaw

Syndicated: Interuptus in Iraq

Syndicated: Interview With Mumia

Syndicated: Interview With Mumia

Syndicated: IRS Vs. IFCO

Syndicated: Israel Settler Colonialist Apartheid State; Fear of the World Outside

Syndicated: It's Movement Time

Syndicated: James Baldwin, Word Warrior

Syndicated: James Cone

Syndicated: Japanese Winter & Teachers Baaad

Syndicated: John Carter

Syndicated: Juan Williams

Syndicated: Judging Justice

Syndicated: Katrina to Ferguson

Syndicated: Leaders of Whom?

Syndicated: Leonard Peletier

Syndicated: Lessons Unlearned

Syndicated: Lessons UnLearned, Perils of Empire

Syndicated: Loaded bookreview

Syndicated: London Afire

Syndicated: Lorenzo

Syndicated: Lynne Stewart

Syndicated: Lynne Stewart Fighting for her Life

Syndicated: Lynne Stewart Free;Wages of Life;Winnie Mandela

Syndicated: Mad in the Middle East

Syndicated: Mad Nation

Syndicated: Malcom 2

Syndicated: Mandela Sanitized

Syndicated: Marilyn Buck

Syndicated: Mayday 2014

Syndicated: Medea Complex

Syndicated: Memorial Day

Syndicated: Merci!

Syndicated: Message for Japan

Syndicated: Message to the Movement

Syndicated: Messing with Major

Syndicated: Mexico's Non-candidate

Syndicated: Michelle Mitterand

Syndicated: MLK, Enemy of the State

Syndicated: Multiple Recent Commentaries

Syndicated: Multiple Recent Commentaries

Syndicated: Multiple Recent Commentaries

Syndicated: Multiple Recent Commentaries

Syndicated: Multiple Recent Commentaries

Syndicated: Multiple Recent Commentaries

Syndicated: Multiple Recent Recordings

Syndicated: multiple short comentaries

Syndicated: Mumia and Jan Laaman on Lynne Stewart

Syndicated: Murder Inc. Excerpt

Syndicated: Murder Inc. Excerpt Ayanna

Syndicated: Neoliberals Utopia and Nightmares

Syndicated: Night of Pain; Night of Rage

Syndicated: Noelle H In Person Visit

Syndicated: Ode to Butter (Terry Williams)

Syndicated: Of Punks, Prisoners and Pigs

Syndicated: Outside Agitators

Syndicated: Owning the World

Syndicated: Palestine at the UN

Syndicated: Philando Castile second death, nation at war

Syndicated: Politics of Style

Syndicated: Politics of Style

Syndicated: Prison Nation

Syndicated: PuertoRico A Colony by any other name

Syndicated: Question of Torture

Syndicated: Rape Culture

Syndicated: Republic of Surveillance

Syndicated: Republican Convention Racism

Syndicated: Revolutionary Black History

Syndicated: Richie Havens ; Solitary Confinement

Syndicated: Rochester and MOVE

Syndicated: Rumblings in the Distance

Syndicated: Scottsboro Boys

Syndicated: Second Amendment

Syndicated: Sex & Politics

Syndicated: Sex Wars

Syndicated: Shooting at the Temple; Gore Vidal

Syndicated: Shooting Crazy

Syndicated: Solidarity

Syndicated: Sonny Driver

Syndicated: Spanish Language PSA

Syndicated: State of Disunion

Syndicated: State Secrests

Syndicated: statement at hearing

Syndicated: Sunshine in Palestine

Syndicated: Swing and Counterswing

Syndicated: Sylvia Robinson

Syndicated: Tahrir Square Part 2

Syndicated: Tamir

Syndicated: Teachers as Thugs

Syndicated: Teachers as Thugs

Syndicated: Teachers Rising

Syndicated: Teachers War in Mexico, Nicolas Maduro

Syndicated: Tears and a Smile

Syndicated: Tears of Rage and Sorrow

Syndicated: The Already-forgotten War

Syndicated: The American Way of Massacre

Syndicated: The Art of Zinn

Syndicated: The Bans of Empire

Syndicated: The Battles of History

Syndicated: The Colony He Helped Found

Syndicated: The Court and the Contract

Syndicated: the creation of a race

Syndicated: The DOC Appeals Jan 25 2017

Syndicated: The Dorner Manifesto

Syndicated: The Enemies We Don't Know

Syndicated: The Fletcher Rule

Syndicated: The German Way

Syndicated: The Health of Nations

Syndicated: the imprisonment of Lorenzo Cat Johnson

Syndicated: The Indispensibloe Nation

Syndicated: the last day - obama

Syndicated: The Latest Outrage

Syndicated: the Magic of..

Syndicated: The Managers of Money

Syndicated: The Other Side of Solitary

Syndicated: The Party is Over

Syndicated: The Politics of Fear

Syndicated: The Prison Industrial Complex

Syndicated: The Representative or the Represented

Syndicated: The Return of Clinton

Syndicated: The Revolution Betrayed Egypt; Rodney King

Syndicated: The Transmogrification of Barack Obama

Syndicated: The Trump Party

Syndicated: The Walking Dead; Juvenile Lifers

Syndicated: The War Within (Nigeria)

Syndicated: Today, August

Syndicated: Too Soon - Presidential Horserace

Syndicated: Towards a New Jerusalem

Syndicated: Toy Soldiers- Ron Kovic

Syndicated: Trayvon and the war againstus

Syndicated: Trayvon Martin Verdict & Edward Snowden

Syndicated: Trump and the politics of resentment

Syndicated: Trump show 2

Syndicated: Trump's America and ours

Syndicated: two commentaries

Syndicated: Two Commentaries on Iraq

Syndicated: two recent commentaries

Syndicated: two recent items

Syndicated: Unfree in America

Syndicated: Unsaid at Selma

Syndicated: UrsulaK. LeGuin

Syndicated: Veterans of Empire

Syndicated: Walter Scott

Syndicated: War and False Peace

Syndicated: War by another name

Syndicated: War Crimes and Wikileaks

Syndicated: War for Power

Syndicated: Wars Against Ourselves

Syndicated: Weapons of deflection

Syndicated: Week of Resistance to Prison-Industrial Complex

Syndicated: What Do They Want?

Syndicated: What it all means

Syndicated: What it Means; Martin's World

Syndicated: What Jobs Really Mean

Syndicated: When a Child Dies

Syndicated: When Babies Rebel

Syndicated: When Children are the Enemy; David & Goliath

Syndicated: When Systems Fail

Syndicated: Whitney Houston and Memories of Maroon

Syndicated: Who is King

Syndicated: Who is King

Syndicated: Whores ofBabylon

Syndicated: Winnie Mandela

Syndicated: With Leaders Like These

Syndicated: With Mediators Like These

Syndicated: Yemen Gone

Syndicated: Yemen Resignations of State

Syndicated: Youth in the Streets

Syndicated: Yuri's Struggle for Freedom

Syndicated:"When Media is Master" and "Dying for Sunlight"


Syndicated:: American Corrections

Syndicated:: Labor Days

Syndicated:Flags and Rags

Syndicated:Have Black Lives Ever Mattered?


Syndicated:Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz 2nd ammendment

Syndicated:Theatre of the Absurd

Syndicted: Message to Mexico

Syndiucatd: The Politics of Mean

Synsicated: Wars & Revolutions

The MOVE 9 Women

The state as murderer

The World Weeps

Three Syndicated Columns on Egypt, Palestine and Art

To Our Friends in Venezuela

TraitorHater Edward Snowdon

Troy Davis Movement

Two Panthers Die

Two synicated opinion pieces

When Massacre is NO Crime

Why Jobs Bill Ain't Enough

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