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Email: rob12983476@yahoo.com

DJ since: 2009

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2011 Dec 1st 10-12am Eric feels the burn Playlist
Nov 17th 10-12am ERIC BURNS! THE REVIVAL! Playlist
10th 4-6pm Shake Well Playlist
3rd 10-12am Eric Buns Playlist
3rd 4-6pm Shake Well Playlist
Oct 27th 10-12am Eric Burnz Playlist
13th 10-12am Eric Burned the Track Up Playlist
6th 10-12am ERIC BUUURNED MEEEE Playlist
Sep 29th 10-12am Eric Burns Playlist
29th 4-6pm Shake Well Playlist
22nd 10-12am eRiC bUrNz Playlist
15th 10-12am Eric Burns Playlist
2010 Dec 9th 2-4pm Shake Well Playlist
6th 12-2pm Seeking Seaglass Playlist
Nov 29th 12-2pm Seeking the Sea Warrior Playlist
22nd 12-2pm Forever Searching for Shards Playlist
15th 12-2pm Seeking Seaglass Playlist
8th 12-2pm Seeking th' Seaglass! Playlist
1st 12-2pm Seeking Steve's Glasses Playlist
Oct 25th 12-2pm Seeking Seaglass Playlist
21st 2-4pm Shake Well Playlist
18th 12-2pm Seeking Seaglass Playlist
4th 12-2pm Seeking Seaglass Playlist
Sep 27th 12-2pm Seeking Seaglass!! Playlist
21st 7-9am Morning Driveby Playlist
20th 12-2pm Sea King's Seaglass Playlist
13th 12-2pm Sea King's Seaglass Playlist
Aug 19th 12-2pm Nice Old Guy Playlist
12th 12-2pm Nice Old Men Playlist
Jul 29th 12-2pm Seeking Seaglass Playlist
15th 12-2pm Nice Old Men Playlist
8th 12-2pm Nice Old Dudettes Playlist
1st 12-2pm Nice Old Men Playlist
Jun 17th 12-2pm Nice Old Men Playlist
10th 12-2pm The Show Formerly Known as Nice Old Playlist
3rd 12-2pm Nice Old Men Playlist
May 14th 12-2am Hey Friends! Playlist
6th 12-2pm Not Your Old Man's Moosic Playlist
Feb 26th 3-4am Happy Birthday Playlist
2009 Nov 12th 11-1am Uncle John's Variety Hour Playlist