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2018 Apr 24th 10-11pm Ray of Sugar Playlist
Mar 6th 10-11pm Ray of Sugar Playlist
Feb 13th 10-11pm Ray of Sugar Playlist
6th 12.30-1pm Wheelz Playlist
Jan 23rd 10-11pm Ray of Sugar Playlist
16th 10-11am Ray of Sugar Playlist
2017 Nov 29th 1-2pm Player's Picnic Playlist
8th 1-2pm Player's Picnic Playlist
1st 1-2pm Player's Picnic Playlist
Oct 8th 2-4pm Parents Weekend Playlist
Sep 27th 1-2pm Player's Picnic Playlist
20th 1-2pm Player's Picnic Playlist
3rd 2-4pm Break Radio Playlist
Aug 30th 1-2pm Player's Picnic Playlist
23rd 1-2pm Player's Picnic Playlist
Apr 28th 1-2pm Break Radio Playlist
24th 7-8pm Velvet Area Playlist
17th 7-8pm Velvet Area Playlist
10th 7-8pm Velvet Area Playlist
Mar 27th 7-8pm Velvet Area Playlist
20th 7-8pm Velvet Area Playlist
13th 7-8pm Velvet Area Playlist
Feb 27th 7-8pm Velvet Area Playlist
20th 7-8pm Velvet Area Playlist
13th 7-8pm Seize The Airwaves Playlist
6th 7-8pm Velvet Area Playlist
Jan 30th 7-8pm Velvet Area Playlist
23rd 7-8pm Velvet Area Playlist
2016 Dec 15th 12.30-2.30pm Transition Radio Playlist
8th 11-1pm finals era cool down hour Playlist
Nov 5th 6-8pm Parents' Weekend 2016 - Chuck Moore Playlist
Oct 20th 8-10pm Sound of the City Playlist
May 12th 6-8pm Break Radio 5/12 Playlist
9th 11-1am quiet pack music Playlist
2nd 8.30-10.30pm Break Radio Temp Playlist
Apr 18th 9-10pm Passionate Breezes Playlist
16th 3-5pm VINYLTHON - Ghost of Hairy Confucius Playlist
11th 9-10pm Passionate Breezes Playlist
9th 2-4pm Parents' Weekend Playlist
4th 9-10pm Passionate Breezes Playlist
Mar 28th 9-10pm Passionate Breezes Playlist
21st 9-10pm Passionate Breezes Playlist
14th 9-10pm Passionate Breezes Playlist
Feb 29th 9-10pm Passionate Breezes Playlist
22nd 9-10pm Passionate Breezes Playlist
15th 9-10pm Passionate Breezes Playlist
8th 9-11pm Passionate Breezes Playlist
1st 9-11pm Passionate Breezes Playlist
Jan 25th 9-11pm Passionate Breezes Playlist
13th 5.30-7.30pm :) Playlist
2015 Dec 21st 5.30-7.30pm Tiny Jimmy Buffett Playlist
1st 1-2pm Rotation Playlist
Nov 17th 1-2pm Rotation Playlist
11th 2-4pm Live in the Lobby - Allison Weiss Playlist
10th 1-2pm Rotation Playlist
9th 8-10pm BASSNECTAR NOW Playlist
5th 8.30-10.30pm Sound of the City Playlist
3rd 1-2pm Rotation Playlist
Oct 27th 1-2pm Rotation Playlist
20th 1-2pm Rotation Playlist
13th 1-2pm Rotation Playlist
6th 1-2pm Rotation Playlist
Sep 29th 1-2pm Rotation Playlist
22nd 1-2pm Rotation Playlist
16th 7-9pm Sex O' Clock w/ Hairy Confucius Playlist
15th 1-2pm Rotation w/ Hairy Confucius Playlist
8th 1-3pm Rotation w hairy Confucius Playlist
1st 1-3pm Rotation w Hairy Confucius Playlist
Aug 25th 1-2pm Rotation Playlist
18th 1-2am Marshall Moore Playlist
Apr 22nd 1-2am Marshall Moore Playlist
15th 1-2am Marshall Moore Playlist
8th 1-2am Marshall Moore Playlist
5th 1-2am Marshall Moore Playlist
Mar 31st 1-2am Marshall Moore Playlist
18th 1-2am Marshall Moore Playlist
4th 1-2am Marshall Moore Playlist
Feb 27th 1-2am Marshall Moore Playlist