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Thursday August 24th 2017

Time zone: eastern

1.00am WUOG 1am - 2am Automation Playlist
2.00am WUOG 2am - 3am Automation Playlist
3.00am WUOG 3am - 4am Automation Playlist
4.00am WUOG 4am - 5am Automation Playlist
5.00am WUOG 5am - 6am Automation Playlist
6.00am WUOG 6am - 7am Automation Playlist
7.00am WUOG 7am - 8am Automation Playlist
8.00am Rotation (Rotation) DJ Scully Playlist
10.00am Rotation (Rotation) DJ Pygmy Goat Playlist
11.00am Rotation (Rotation) DJ Babbling Brooke Playlist
12.00pm Glitter in the Gutter (Specialty Show) DJ Piper at the Gates of Dawn Playlist
1.00pm In The Mix (Talk) DJ Pygmy Goat Playlist
2.00pm Rotation (Rotation) DJ CK Playlist
3.00pm WUOG 3pm - 4pm Automation Playlist
4.00pm Echo Chamber (Specialty Show) DJ Llama Mama Playlist
4.00pm WUOG 4pm - 5pm Automation Playlist
6.00pm Organic Compound (Specialty Show) DJ Spiñorita Playlist
7.00pm Blank Generation (Specialty Show) DJ Daisy Clover Playlist
8.00pm Sound of the City (Specialty Show) DJ It's War Playlist
10.00pm Rotation (Rotation) DJ Juicy K Playlist
11.00pm Ghoulish Grooves (Rotation) DJ Frightmare Playlist