WUOG 90.5FM Athens, GA

26,000 Watts of College Radio Debauchery

Tuesday October 18th 2016

Time zone: eastern

12.00am Rotation (Rotation) DJ Jelly Dreamz Playlist
10.00am Pining For The Fjords (Specialty Show) DJ Mendoza Playlist
12.00pm Do You Compute? (Specialty Show) DJ Cats Pajamas Playlist
2.00pm Rotation (Rotation) DJ :') Playlist
4.00pm Louder Than Bombs (Specialty Show) DJ Jameson Playlist
6.00pm Subcontinental Drift (Specialty Show) DJ SadKat Playlist
7.00pm Happening Thing (Specialty Show) DJ Piper at the Gates of Dawn Playlist
8.00pm Sound of the City (Specialty Show) DJ Daisy Clover Playlist
10.00pm Rotation (Rotation) DJ Llama Mama Playlist
10.00pm Rotation (Rotation) DJ Purp Sticc Playlist