WUOG 90.5FM Athens, GA

26,000 Watts of College Radio Debauchery

Friday October 6th 2017

Time zone: eastern

9.00am Breakfast Bars (Specialty Show) d junk Playlist
10.00am Rotation (Rotation) DJ Sniffle Playlist
11.00am Jitters & Rags (Specialty Show) DJ 42 Playlist
12.00pm Rotation (Rotation) DJ Pomplemousse Playlist
1.00pm Banjos and Blues (Specialty Show) Professor Legume Playlist
3.30pm The Athens Journal (News) Producer Playlist
4.00pm WUOG 4pm - 5pm Automation Playlist
5.00pm WUOG 5pm - 6pm Automation Playlist
6.00pm WUOG 6pm - 7pm Automation Playlist
6.00pm Rotation (Rotation) DJ Slow Jamz Playlist
7.00pm WUOG 7pm - 8pm Automation Playlist
7.00pm Community DJ (Specialty Show) DJ Guest Playlist
10.00pm WUOG 10pm - 11pm Automation Playlist
11.00pm WUOG 11pm - 12am Automation Playlist