WUOG 90.5FM Athens, GA

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Tuesday October 2nd 2018

Time zone: eastern

12.00am WUOG 12am - 1am Automation Playlist
1.00am WUOG 1am - 2am Automation Playlist
2.00am WUOG 2am - 3am Automation Playlist
3.00am WUOG 3am - 4am Automation Playlist
4.00am WUOG 4am - 5am Automation Playlist
5.00am WUOG 5am - 6am Automation Playlist
6.00am WUOG 6am - 7am Automation Playlist
7.00am Sock Hop (Specialty Show) DJ belladonna Playlist
8.00am French Accents (Specialty Show) DJ belladonna Playlist
10.00am Rotation (Rotation) DJ Ham Bones Playlist
11.00am Folk Yeah! (Specialty Show) DJ Updog Playlist
12.00pm Memory Cartridge (Specialty Show) DJ Updog Playlist
1.00pm WUOG 1pm - 2pm Automation Playlist
2.00pm WUOG 2pm - 3pm Automation Playlist
2.00pm Rotation (Rotation) DJ Baby G Playlist
3.00pm Summer Connection (Specialty Show) DJ Pope Coke Playlist
4.30pm East Side From the East (Rotation) DJ Otterslide Playlist
5.00pm Daebak Delight (Specialty Show) DJ BeanSalad Playlist
6.00pm Whiskey Bottle (Specialty Show) DJ Trickle Down Playlist
7.00pm Super Chat Bros. (Talk) Producer Playlist
9.00pm Sound of the City (Specialty Show) DJ Daisy Clover Playlist
10.00pm WUOG 10pm - 11pm Automation Playlist
11.00pm Dead Air (Specialty Show) DJ Baby Scoop Playlist