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Thu Mar 30th 2017 6.00am–7.00am

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6:07am   DJ Professor Legume (host)


6:18am   MrMalcontent

Onyonghasayoh Sungsangnim

6:25am   DJ Professor Legume (host)

MrMalcontent: joh-eun achim

6:28am   MrMalcontent

Sohopsumedah Sungsangnim

6:29am   MrMalcontent


6:29am   MrMalcontent

Weird phone or fingers

6:29am   MrMalcontent

Nice tunes!

6:31am   DJ Professor Legume (host)

Thank you! Thanks for listening! I have a North African set going here.

6:36am   MrMalcontent

Early? Yes. 3:30am here. I need to go back to sleep yet the music is too guuuud!!

6:38am   DJ Professor Legume (host)

Wow! In all senses of the phrase: Good morning! Where are you listening from?

6:41am   MrMalcontent

SoCal. Have you been here?

6:44am   DJ Professor Legume (host)

I have not. How did you end up listening to WUOG? Also, you speak Korean correct

6:44am   DJ Professor Legume (host)

You were speaking Korean?*

6:48am   MrMalcontent

I needed a less "crazy" station. There's a bunch of weirdos out here! Heavy on the "issues" in the psa's. I only see everyone as fellow humans. And am respectful of cultures.

6:49am   MrMalcontent

I watch too much MBC! And started learning from my programs! Funny, right?

6:56am   DJ Professor Legume (host)

I try to play music from all over on this show. We have a pretty nice collection and it is very good to deviate from the usual indie rock of this college radio!

6:56am   MrMalcontent

Are you Korean?

6:57am   MrMalcontent

Great picks today! I'll try to tune in again!

6:58am   MrMalcontent

I thoroughly enjoyed Mississippi John Hurt!

6:59am   DJ Professor Legume (host)

Nope. I am from Marietta, Ga. I don't really know korean but Spanish and Arabic I do to varying degrees. Yeah that John Hurt song was Monday MOrning Blues. I had never heard that one before it was real nice even though it ain't monday!

7:00am   MrMalcontent

Meonhamnedah We're running out of time, Sungsangnim!

7:02am   MrMalcontent

You're great! Be well! Stay great! Thanks much!

7:03am   MrMalcontent

How do you know Korean??

7:05am   DJ Professor Legume (host)

I just looked up the phrases after you said them lol. I have a little knowledge about a lot of things! Thanks for listening. I'll e here every thursday at 3:00 am!


Adna “Hide Me In Smoke”
from Closure (Despotz)


Conrad Herwig “Seven Steps To Heaven”
from Sketches of Spain Y Mas


Nawa “Mowashah Habbatha Al Dugah”
from Ancient Sufi Invocations & Forgotten Songs from Aleppo - EP CD Album (Lost Origin 2014)


Bombino “Naqqim Dagh Timshar (We Are Left in This Abandoned Place)”
from Azel CD Album (Partisan Records / PIAS / Hostess)


Oumou Sangare “Nawo Nawo”
from Ko Sira (World Circuit)


Mississippi John Hurt “Monday Mornin' Blues”
from Classic African-American Songsters CD Album (Ba Da Bing!)


The Hot Sardines “What a Little Moonlight Can do”
from The Hot Sardines CD Album (Decca Records)


Bill Tapia “Crazy”
from Duke of Uke

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