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Thu Apr 20th 2017 6.00am–7.00am

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6:02am   DJ Professor Legume (host)

Good Morning all.

6:23am   DJ Professor Legume (host)

and any

6:26am   MrMalcontent


6:28am   DJ Professor Legume (host)

ah hello my friend

6:28am   MrMalcontent

Might you have any Al Bilali Soudan?

6:33am   DJ Professor Legume (host)

I got some coming for you

6:34am   MrMalcontent

Nice! Thanks!

6:34am   MrMalcontent

Enjoying the tunes!

6:37am   MrMalcontent

And Tinariwen !

6:38am   DJ Professor Legume (host)

Of course! I cannot seem to find any al bilali soudan. Do you use youtube to listen to em>\

6:38am   DJ Professor Legume (host)


6:40am   MrMalcontent

No. They have a cd available. I heard them on a different station. They had a physical copy. Check them out. Maybe you'll like em.

6:41am   DJ Professor Legume (host)

Sounds like a cool band from what I saw online. Man, I am really falling in to music from Mali. They have really interesting harps, guitars, and then more desert music too. wow!

6:41am   MrMalcontent

Do you have any Portuguese Fado singer Mariza??

6:42am   MrMalcontent

Same here! Nice stuff.

6:42am   MrMalcontent

This track is great too

6:44am   DJ Professor Legume (host)

This is an Iraqi Oud player. Some of the most beautiful sounds he makes with his Oud. His name is Rahim Alhaj

6:45am   MrMalcontent

What year is this album?

6:46am   MrMalcontent

Oh, new!

6:48am   MrMalcontent

See my post at 6:41am?

6:49am   DJ Professor Legume (host)

We have an extensive Brazilian collection, is Mariza from Brazil by chance?

6:50am   MrMalcontent


6:51am   MrMalcontent

Wait. Maybe not.

6:51am   DJ Professor Legume (host)

I will look after my shift and see what we have.

6:53am   MrMalcontent

Good deal. She's from Portugal.

6:53am   MrMalcontent

I'm crazy.

6:54am   DJ Professor Legume (host)


6:54am   MrMalcontent

I can listen to instrumentals all day and night.

6:54am   DJ Professor Legume (host)

It's still early am I right

6:58am   MrMalcontent

So dang early.

6:58am   MrMalcontent

Thanks much for the good tunes and fun chat!

7:01am   DJ Professor Legume (host)

Thank you for listening m friend.

7:01am   DJ Professor Legume (host)

until next week!


Imarhan “Imarhan”
from France Rocks Volume 4


Yasmine Hamdan “Ta3ala”
from Al Jamilat CD Album (Crammed Discs)


Emel “Shkun Ena”
from Ensen (Partisan Records / PIAS / Hostess)


Peliroja “Cuidad de Nadie”
from Injusticia CD Album (Chulo 2014)


Plearn Promdan “Wan Maha Sanook”
from The Sounds of Siam


Tinariwen “Fod Edaghan”
from Elwan CD Album (Epitaph)


George Lewis “Burgundy Street Blues” Single


Aurel Gore “Cintec la Masa Mare” Single


Michael Hurley “Gambling Charlie”
from The Ancestral Swamp (2007)

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