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Friday April 6th 2018

Time zone: eastern

12.00am Elusive Grooves (Music) Straight Edge Jake Playlist
2.00am The Overnight (Music) Playlist
5.30am Suspense (Radio Drama) Playlist
8.00am WVUD 8am - 9am WVUD Program Playlist
8.30am Let's Go Cruisin (Music) Mac Thomas Playlist
9.00am Roots (Music) Scott Birney Playlist
1.00pm WVUD 1pm - 2pm WVUD Program Playlist
1.00pm DJ Factor (Music) DJ Factor Playlist
2.00pm Staci's Show (Music) DJ Dirty Chai Playlist
4.00pm Jeremy's Show (Music) Playlist
5.00pm Billy's Show (Music) Bill MacKinlay Playlist
6.00pm Hung, Drawn, & Quartered (Music) Johnny Dangerously Playlist
7.00pm WVUD 7pm - 8pm WVUD Program Playlist
8.00pm WVUD 8pm - 9pm WVUD Program Playlist
9.00pm WVUD 9pm - 10pm WVUD Program Playlist