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Monday July 2nd 2018

Time zone: central

12.00am Loud Love Show (Music) Loud Love Playlist
7.00am Randy's Record Shop (Music) Randy Fox Playlist
9.00am Tommy Womack's Happiness Hour (Music) Tommy Womack Playlist
10.00am Peter Rodman Goes Off (Music) Peter Rodman Playlist
11.00am Hello Hooray! (Music) Ariel Bui Playlist
12.00pm The Root (Music) BadN8 Playlist
1.00pm The Jazz Connection (Music) Jeff Playlist
3.00pm Goin' Down South (Music) Hound Dog Hoover Playlist
5.00pm Audio Eclectica (Music) Plato Jenkins Playlist
6.00pm Fidelity High (Music) Plato Jenkins Playlist
8.00pm Transmission (Music) J-Mar Playlist
10.00pm The Black Gold Historical Society (Music) BadN8 Playlist
11.00pm Shout, Sister, Shout! (Music) LT Playlist