WXNA 101.5 FM Nashville

Low Power, High Voltage

Saturday January 5th 2019

Time zone: central

7.00am The Future Of Jazz (Music) Chris Nochowicz Playlist
9.00am Jonni Downer's Unlistenable Hour (Music) Jonni Downer Playlist
10.00am English Breakfast (Music) Edward Playlist
11.00am Scraps From the Shed (Music) Cousin Pickles Playlist
12.00pm Double Shot with Joe and Sue (Music) Sue Havlish & Joe Wolfe-Mazeres Playlist
2.00pm Hot Fudge Tuesday (Music) DJ Hot Car Playlist
5.00pm Mojo's Attic (Music) Mojo Playlist
5.00pm Mojo's Attic (Music) Mojo Playlist
7.00pm Sounds of the Bayou (Music) DJ Cajun Mitch Playlist
10.00pm The X-Factor (Music) DJ Mr. Sparkle Playlist
11.00pm The Polyrhythmic Petting Zoo (Music) DJ Mr. Sparkle Playlist