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Tuesday October 3rd 2017

Time zone: eastern

1.00am Freak and Swing and Rock and Roll (Music) Don Dean Playlist
1.00am WXOX 1am - 2am H.A.L. Playlist
2.00am WXOX 2am - 3am H.A.L. Playlist
3.00am WXOX 3am - 4am H.A.L. Playlist
4.00am WXOX 4am - 5am H.A.L. Playlist
5.00am WXOX 5am - 6am H.A.L. Playlist
6.00am WXOX 6am - 7am H.A.L. Playlist
7.00am Power Trash (Music) Shawn Playlist
10.00am A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Country Club (Music) Willie MacLean Playlist
11.00am The Tropo Hour (Music) Creighton Beryl Playlist
12.00pm Oh Man Yes! (Music) Julie Gross Playlist
1.00pm Keeney Invasion (Music) Doug & Matt Playlist
4.00pm Salamander Guac (Music) Nathan Playlist
6.00pm Mingle (Music) Kevin Coultas Playlist
8.00pm No Tricks (Music) Megan Playlist
9.00pm Free Associations (Music) Mark Playlist
10.00pm I And Eye Radio (Music) RMLLW2LLZ and DJ DS Playlist