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Friday October 13th 2017

Time zone: eastern

12.00am Mythic Beat (Music) mythos Playlist
3.00am WXOX 3am - 4am H.A.L. Playlist
4.00am WXOX 4am - 5am H.A.L. Playlist
5.00am WXOX 5am - 6am H.A.L. Playlist
6.00am WXOX 6am - 7am H.A.L. Playlist
7.00am Kind of Bird (Music) Justin C. Brown Playlist
9.00am Informed Consent (Music) Aaron Gregory Playlist
12.00pm The Diva Hour (Music) Carly and Cline Playlist
1.00pm Lady Jam's Juice Box (Music) Lady Jam Playlist
4.00pm The Wayfarer Way (Music) Ethan AD Playlist
6.00pm The Labratory (Music) Maceo the Maestro Playlist
10.00pm Wayward Distraction (Music) Marque Farrell Playlist