WZBC 90.3 FM Newton

Boston College Radio, Chestnut Hill MA

Wednesday March 25th 2015

Time zone: eastern

8.00am Renny and the Jets (ZBC Rock) Renny Playlist
9.00am The Molly Bean Show (ZBC Rock) Molly Bean Playlist
10.00am Street Tacos (ZBC Rock) Q Playlist
11.00am Where was I? (ZBC Rock) Jay Playlist
1.00pm Mud Bath (ZBC Rock) Meghan Playlist
3.00pm Borrowed Time (ZBC Rock) Neil Playlist
5.00pm Psychotic Reactions (Specialty) PIP Playlist
6.00pm The Space-Mind Continuum (Specialty) Matt Playlist
7.00pm Photon Pitch (ZBC Rock) Wes Hazard Playlist
9.00pm Street Meat (NCP) J Mac Playlist