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Spinitron v2 is ready for testing

Spinitron v2 is ready for testing by invited users. This article explains the project’s status and how testing will work. If you want to help us finish v2 by testing it and giving your feedback, please read on. It’s early days and we want to keep track of who’s involved so test access is not open to everyone yet.

Recent Spins - Live!

Using our new Spinitron v2 technology, we built a couple of fun public teaser pages that everyone can try out. The first of these is a live-updating recent spins listing.

Spinitron search

More than 170 stations (and growing) now use Spinitron to log the music they play. That makes our database interesting to the music business. Eva routinely gets calls from labels, promoters, artists etc. asking how to sign up. But what they really want is access to the data and tools to analyze it. A search feature across all Spinitron stations would be a start. Now it exists.

Spinitron v2 is coming

The next build of Spinitron is starting to show its shape. We’ve been working on it for a long time and we’ve got to the point that we’re looking for a few elite preview testers. If you are a Spinitron power-user and know how to write bug reports properly then we’d like to hear from you.

What's with the new graphic?

We admit that the new graphic on this web site is “different” and perhaps unfashionable. What’s the story? Well, one upon a time there was a little cottage in the dark and dangerous forest known then as the world-wide web. If you are old enough to have been a Geocities user, you’ll know what I mean…

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