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The Voice of Nanaimo BC.

The campus-community radio station of Nanaimo, BC. Run by a small staff and volunteers from VIU University, Nanaimo and the Salish Sea community.

CHLY 101.7 FM Nanaimo

VIU Meter (Wednesday Edition)

Nov 15, 2023 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM


Catered to the eclectic ear, ranging from local to the international, a mix of indie rock, pop, hip-hop and electronic. Regularly hosted by the Music Collective and VIU students. Volunteer to join the music collective!

VIU Meter (Wednesday Edition)
3:00 PM
Noah Kahan, Hozier - Northern Attitude (Edited)
Noah Kahan, Hozier Northern Attitude (Edited)
Northern Attitude (With Hozier) 2023 Folk
3:05 PM
Soran - Diamond
Soran Diamond
Loneliness Confetti 2023 Pop
3:08 PM
Arlo Parks - Blades
Arlo Parks Blades
My Soft Machine 2023
3:12 PM
Meltt - It Could Grow Anywhere
Meltt It Could Grow Anywhere
Eternal Embers 2023 Alternative
3:15 PM
Crystal Eyes - 2,000 Years
Crystal Eyes 2,000 Years
The Sweetness Restored 2022
3:22 PM
Dear Vandal - Easy
Dear Vandal Easy
You Were There 2023
3:26 PM
Errunhrd - Better Days
Errunhrd Better Days
You Can Be You, I Can Be Me 2021
3:29 PM
Earthsoundluver - Uptemple
Earthsoundluver Uptemple
Uptemple (Single) 2023 Electronic
3:33 PM
Vertigo - Autumn
Vertigo Autumn
Autumn (Single) 2023
3:39 PM
Avril Jensen - Van Gogh
Avril Jensen Van Gogh
Colors (EP) (Les Faux-Monnayeurs) 2022
3:43 PM
Joe Powers - Lost Cause
Joe Powers Lost Cause
Power move 2023
3:46 PM
Marc McLaughlin - Under the Sun
Marc McLaughlin Under the Sun
Under the Sun (single) 2021