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LU Radio - CILU 102.7fm

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Inside Europe

Feb 20, 2019 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

News Magazine

With Syndicated Programme

Syndicated from Deutsche Welle in Germany - Inside Europe is a round up of topical issues that shape the European continent.
Inside Europe

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12:00 PMDemocracy Now! (News Magazine) with Syndicated Programme
1:00 PMCanadaland (News Magazine)
2:00 PMWorld In Progress (News Magazine) with Syndicated Programme
2:30 PMLiving Planet (News Magazine) with Syndicated Programme
3:00 PMFolk Roots Radio - Rebroadcast (Folk/Roots/Americana) with Syndicated Programming


8:00 PMThe Flyest 2.0 (Hip-Hop/Urban) with D'Arkangel
6:00 PMBrilliant Corners (International) with Damon Dowbak
3:00 PMJen's Bent (Folk/Roots/Americana) with Jen (the Bent) Metcalfe
6:00 PMQueer Radio (Indie Rock) with jchung
4:00 PMSoapbox Beats (Indie Rock) with Vikki