LU Radio - CILU 102.7fm

Thunder Bay's Only Campus and Community Radio Station

Campus based, community and volunteer fueled radio in Northwestern Ontario. Homegrown and locally focused.

LU Radio - CILU 102.7fm

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The Sonic Blender

Jan 17, 2019 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Indie Rock

With Greg

The Sonic Blender is a weekly exploration of new music. It weaves an erratic collage of a variety of genres. You can expect music and interviews with a particular focus on Canadian artists.
The Sonic Blender

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10:00 PMAfter Hours (Experimental Audio) with Betty Howls
12:00 AMLU Radio Top 20 Countdown - Rebroadcast (Rock/Pop/Rock'nRoll/Soul)
2:00 AMRadio Goethe - Rebroadcast (International)
3:00 AMDemocracy Now! - Rebroadcast (News Magazine) with Syndicated Programme
4:00 AMCanadaland Rebroadcast (News Magazine)


6:00 PMG Versus A (Indie Rock) with Moron Brothers
4:00 PMDigging Through The Rubble (Indie Rock) with DJ Luv
3:00 PMAsian Pop Stop (International) with SynthAir
10:00 PMShow Case Show Down (Rock/Pop/Rock'nRoll/Soul) with Marissa
8:30 PMDirk The Wonderboy Rides Again (Rock/Pop/Rock'nRoll/Soul) with Dirk The Wonderboy