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Campus based, community and volunteer fueled radio in Northwestern Ontario. Homegrown and locally focused.

LU Radio - CILU 102.7fm

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Worldbeat Canada Radio

Jan 22, 2019 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM


With Syndicated Programming

Canada's contemporary global music radio hour, worldbeatcanada radio continues the pursuit of Calcopyrite Communications to expose contemporary global rhythms as an exciting alternative to jukebox radio; opening a window on other cultures and modern innovations, fostering awareness and appreciation. Each episode features tracks from the very latest releases, reviews, concert updates and interviews with the artists who make the magic.
Worldbeat Canada Radio

Coming up

8:00 AMGroovy Potential - Rebroadcast (Blues) with Tiina Flank
8:30 AMJafo's Collection - Rebroadcast (Hip-Hop/Urban) with Tiina Flank
9:00 AMSka Party - Rebroadcast (Rock/Pop/Rock'nRoll/Soul) with djskip
10:00 AMLU Radio Top 20 Countdown - Rebroadcast (Rock/Pop/Rock'nRoll/Soul)
12:00 PMDemocracy Now! (News Magazine) with Syndicated Programme


10:00 PM807 and The Park (Hip-Hop/Urban) with Aaron Heaps and Patrick Black
9:30 PMtropical storm (International) with Dj Big D
9:00 PMThe Patch (Loud Rock (Metal/Punk)) with Patch Adams
6:00 PMQueer Radio (Indie Rock) with jchung
3:00 PMCinematic Asylum (Spoken Word) with Layman Pascal