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Pals of the Saddle Club

Apr 21, 2019 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM


With Jimmy Rabbitt

Pals of the Saddle Club

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6:00 PMThe Museum (Variety) with Craven Lovelace
9:00 PMBrokedown Palace (Rock) with Lost Sailor
9:00 PMDesert Canyon Music (Variety) with PJ
6:00 AMGoin' with the Flow (Variety) with Guy in the Sky, Stony Rivers
9:00 AMCosa Nostra (Variety) with The Don


12:00 PMSunday Matinee (Variety) with Bear
9:00 AMGlobal Groove (World) with Guy in the Sky
6:00 AMSunrise Serenade (Variety) with Honey Lady
6:00 PMSaturday Night Showcase (Variety) with Gina
3:00 PMAuditory Resuscitation (Variety) with garden genie