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Eclectic variety from community radio in Grand Junction, CO.

KAFM 88.1

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6:00 AMAs the Crow Flies (unset) with The Freshman, Brizz
9:00 AMInto the Mystic (Variety) with Dyer Wolf
9:00 AMFresh Tracks (Variety) with T-bird
11:00 AMThe Colorado Playlist (Variety) with Chris K
12:00 PMThe Kitchen Sink (PublicAffairs) with Suzi Creme Cheeze, Ol Dog, Uncle T. Jay, Alan


9:00 PMNight Moves (Rock) with Yvonne
6:30 PMMagic Carpet Ride (Variety) with Different Dave
4:00 PMRadio Rapture (Variety) with Songbird
1:00 PMBad Dog Radio With Mickey the K (Blues) with Mickey the K
9:00 AMJazzway Boulevard (Jazz) with Danny