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Sci-Fi Day

Eclectic Ear
4:09 PM
Queen - Flash's Theme
Queen Flash's Theme
Flash Gordon Original Motion Picture Sound Track Hollywood Records 1980
There are two versions of the song. The album version ("Flash's Theme") is in fact the start to the movie, with all the dialogue from the first scene. The single version contains dialogue cut from various parts of the movie, most memorably, Brian Blessed's character exclaiming "Gordon's alive?!" This version was also included on the Greatest Hits compilation from 1981. Flash is sung as a duet between Freddie Mercury and Brian May, with Roger Taylor adding the high harmonies. May plays all of the instruments except for the rhythm section
4:12 PM
Time Zone, Afrika Bambaataa, John Lydon - World Destruction
Time Zone, Afrika Bambaataa, John Lydon World Destruction
World Destruction CineVu/NuMedia 2001
Afrika Bambaataa: "I was talking to Bill Laswell saying I need somebody who's really crazy, man, and he thought of John Lydon. I knew he was perfect because I'd seen this movie that he'd made (Copkiller), I knew about all the Sex Pistols and Public Image stuff, so we got together and we did a smashing crazy version, and a version where he cussed the Queen something terrible, which was never released."
4:18 PM
Warren Zevon - Transverse City
Warren Zevon Transverse City
Transverse City Virgin Records 2003
Basically a William Gibson fan song. The track features the guitar playing of the Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia.
4:22 PM
Vangelis - Main Titles (From "Blade Runner")
Vangelis Main Titles (From "Blade Runner")
Blade Runner (Music From The Original Soundtrack) Warner Music 1994
4:30 PM
Symphony X - Dehumanized
Symphony X Dehumanized
Iconoclast Nuclear Blast GmbH 2011
Vocalist Russell Allen says it's about "The idea of machines taking over everything, and all this technology we put our society into pretty much being our demise." The track appears on their 2011 album, Iconoclast.
4:36 PM
Alternate Dimensions - Space Time Continuum
Alternate Dimensions Space Time Continuum
The Astral Plane(Cosmic Music to Inhabit the Spiritual Universe) Lost In Sound Records 2019
4:39 PM
Ash - Girl From Mars
Ash Girl From Mars
1977 The Echo Label 1996
4:42 PM
Super Furry Animals - (Drawing) Rings Around the World
Super Furry Animals (Drawing) Rings Around the World
Zoom! The Best of (1995-2016) Das Koolies Ltd 2016
According to lead vocalist Gruff Rhys, "(Drawing) Rings Around the World" is about "all the rings of communication around the world. All the rings of pollution, and all the radioactivity that goes around. If you could visualize all the things we don't see, Earth could look like some kind of fucked-up Saturn. And that's the idea I have in my head ‚Äď surrounded by communication lines and traffic and debris thrown out of spaceships."
4:50 PM
Prism - Spaceship Superstar
Prism Spaceship Superstar
The Best of Prism Enterprise Music 2017
The song was written by Jim Vallance under the pseudonym "Rodney Higgs". He first worked on the song in 1975, but finished in 1977. By the time the song became a hit, Valance had already left Prism. According to Vallance, the influence on the lyrics of the song came from the George Lucas film Star Wars, which was released as he was writing the song. Musically the song was influenced by "Autobahn" by Kraftwerk, songs from the album Who's Next by the Who, and "Free Ride" by the Edgar Winter Group. The song was used as the wake up song for the Space Shuttle Discovery crew members in 2011
4:54 PM
Jon Anderson - Flight of the Morrglade
Jon Anderson Flight of the Morrglade
Olias of Sunhillow Atlantic Records 1976
Olias of Sunhillow (1976) was the first solo album put out by Yes lead singer Jon Anderson. The album tells the story of an alien civilization and their journey to a new world due to a volcanic catastrophe. The album's fifth track, "Flight of the Moorglade," is the album's standout track and one of Anderson's best compositions as a solo artist.
4:57 PM
The Mountain Goats - In The Craters On The Moon
The Mountain Goats In The Craters On The Moon
Heretic Pride 4AD Ltd 2008
From the EP Moon Colony Bloodbath, the song is about organ harvesting colonies on the moon and the employees thereof, who spend their off-months living in secluded opulence in remote American locations.
5:04 PM
Montrose - Space Station #5
Montrose Space Station #5
Montrose Warner Records 1973
Montrose was a California-based hard rock band formed in 1973 and named after guitarist and founder Ronnie Montrose. The band's original lineup featured Montrose and vocalist Sammy Hagar, who would later go on to greater fame as a solo artist and as a member of Van Halen. Iron Maiden recorded "Space Station #5" as a Be Quick or Be Dead single b-side.
5:09 PM
The Killers - Spaceman
The Killers Spaceman
Day & Age UMG Records 2008
The song was featured in the Fringe episode "The No-Brainer", as well as on the trailer of the animated film Planet 51 starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. The song was also released as a downloadable track for the music video game series Rock Band on November 25, 2008
5:14 PM
Genesis - Watcher of the Skies
Genesis Watcher of the Skies
Foxtrot Warner Music Group 1972
From 1972, this track was inspired while band members were surveying the deserted landscape of the airfield where they were rehearsing, and they wondered what an empty Earth would look like in this state is surveyed by an alien visitor. The lyrics were also influenced by the Arthur C. Clarke novel Childhood's End.
5:27 PM
Lager Rythms - Interplanet Janet
Lager Rythms Interplanet Janet
Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks unknown
5:29 PM
The Byrds - Mr. Spaceman
The Byrds Mr. Spaceman
Fith Dimension Sony Music Entertainment 1966
5:30 PM
The Decemberists - Calamity Song
The Decemberists Calamity Song
The King Is Dead Capitol Records 2011
A dream about the end of times, with a video based on David Foster Wallace's apocalyptic game Eschaton from Infinite Jest.
5:34 PM
The Rolling Stones - 2000 Light Years From Home
The Rolling Stones 2000 Light Years From Home
Their Satanic Majesties Request ABKCO Music & Records 1967
Jagger reportedly wrote the lyrics in Brixton prison following his conviction on drug charges in June 1967
5:40 PM
Ella Fitzgerlald - Two Little Men In A Flying Saucer
Ella Fitzgerlald Two Little Men In A Flying Saucer
Miss Ella's Playhouse UMG Recordings 2008
5:44 PM
The Five Blobs - The Blob
The Five Blobs The Blob
The Blob (Digitally Remastered) - Single Bacci Bros Records
5:46 PM
Bootsy Collins - Bootzilla
Bootsy Collins Bootzilla
Back in The Day: The Best of Bootsy Warner Music Group 1994
Funky atomic monsters attack from the ocean depths, but they just want to be our toys.
5:52 PM
The Postal Service - We Will Become Silhouettes
The Postal Service We Will Become Silhouettes
Give UP Sub Pop Records 2003
The song was used in the trailer for the 2009 film Funny People, and also appeared in the movie Love Happens the same year. The Shins' cover of the song was featured in the 2011 film The Art of Getting By.
5:57 PM
Deltron 3030 - Mastermind
Deltron 3030 Mastermind
Deltron 3030 Deltron Projects 2000
The group's debut album Deltron 3030, released on May 23, 2000, is a concept album set in the year 3030 that tells of the dualistic conflict of fatalism that takes place between the moral concepts of "righteousness" and "malevolence." The story tells a prophetic tale of a warrior's thirst for battle as Del's alter ego, who goes by the name "Deltron-Zero," along with his comrade who happens to be å time-traveling cyborg wizard named "The Automator," face-off against megalithic corporations that megalomaniacly rule over our thermodynamic universe. The lyrics were written in less than two weeks and are characterized by extravagant allusions to futuristic outer-space themes in the tradition of Afrofuturist works by Sun Ra and George Clinton. Many samples originated with the contemporary French classical composer William Sheller.
6:06 PM
Gorillaz - Every Planet We Reach Is Dead
Gorillaz Every Planet We Reach Is Dead
Demon Days Parlophone Records 2005
6:11 PM
Kate Blush - Cloudbusting
Kate Blush Cloudbusting
Hounds of Love Noble and Brite 1985
Taking inspiration from the 1973 memoir¬†A Book of Dreams,¬†the song is about the very close relationship between psychologist and philosopher¬†Wilhelm Reich¬†and his young son, Peter, told from the point of view of the mature Peter. It describes the boy's memories of his life with Reich on their family farm, called¬†Orgonon, where the two spent time "cloudbusting", a rain-making process which involved using a machine designed and built by Reich ‚Äď a machine called a¬†cloudbuster¬†‚Äď to point at the sky. The lyrics further describes the elder Reich's abrupt arrest and imprisonment, the pain of loss the young Peter felt, and his helplessness at being unable to protect his father.
6:16 PM
Parliament - Mothership Connection (Star Child)
Parliament Mothership Connection (Star Child)
Mothership Connection Island Def Jam Music 1975
In 1990, bassist Stanley Clarke and keyboardist George Duke released an album entitled "3," which contained a cover of this song.
6:22 PM
Jean-Michel Jarre - Oxygene, Pt. 3
Jean-Michel Jarre Oxygene, Pt. 3
Oxygene Sony Music Entertainment 2015
Composed in 1976, this¬†pioneering electronic music¬†sounded like it came from the future ‚ÄĒ and from the depths of space.
6:31 PM
Laurie Anderson - What If the Sky Froze?
Laurie Anderson What If the Sky Froze?
Heart of a Dog Nonesuch Records 2015
6:37 PM
Our Lady Peach - In Repair
Our Lady Peach In Repair
Spiritual Machines Sony Music Entertainment 2000
An¬†homage¬†to Ray Kurzweil's¬†Age of Spiritual Machines¬†‚ÄĒ a future in which humans merge with their technological artifacts.
6:46 PM
Zager & Evans - In The Year 2525
Zager & Evans In The Year 2525
Radio Hits of the 60s Sony BMG 1962
This track was number one on the Billboard Hot 100 for six weeks in 1969. The lyrics offer disturbing predictions, starting in 2525. In the year 9595 for example,