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Spin The Globe

Oct 7, 2022 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM Start archive player


With Scott Stevens

The show’s motto is Live Locally, Groove Globally, and it’s taken seriously! Hear upbeat music from the world over on this spirited celebration of musical culture in traditional and hybrid forms. You will hear all kinds of music from around the world, from Quawwali to Cajun, from sacred to secular, from Pakistani brass bands to klezmer. I’m especially fond of music that’s been through the blender–on “blend,” not on “puree”–such as the Turkish funk of Brooklyn Funk Essentials or the funky Nubian wedding music of Ali Hassan Kuban. I keep your feet and heart moving at the end of a long week or the beginning of a fun weekend.

I also bring you interviews of musicians, authors, and others impacting the world of “world music.” Guests have included Jewish ethnomusicologist Yale Strom, the all-woman Tuvan throat-singing group Tyva Kyzy, accordian-playing Khmer Rouge survivor Daran Kravanh, African jazz great Hugh Masekela, and uncategorizable groups like Vagabond Opera, among many others.

STG #1245: Turkish Music

Spin The Globe
12:32 PM
Mandisi Dyantyis - Ziyafana
Mandisi Dyantyis Ziyafana
Cwaka Platoon 2021 Jazz US23A1542292
12:28 PM
Oumou Sangaré - Gniani Sara
Oumou Sangaré Gniani Sara
Timbuktu World Circuit 2022 World GB5KW2104014
12:24 PM
Mec Yek - Sidzjar Mamo
Mec Yek Sidzjar Mamo
Taisa Choux de Bruxelles 2021 World BEW812100008
12:19 PM
Al Jawala - Druzhno Kaifuj
Al Jawala Druzhno Kaifuj
I Way To Äl Jawa Records 2022
12:15 PM
Broes - Hoeveel Costa
Broes Hoeveel Costa
Botanist Broes 2022 Singer/Songwriter NLRD52118752
12:09 PM
Branko Galoic - Magic Carpets
Branko Galoic Magic Carpets
Danse de la liberté SuperPitch Artist Series 2021 World FR9Z02100002
12:04 PM
Buda - Sertab
Buda Sertab
Turkish Groove V/A Putumayo 2006 World
12:00 PM
Tarkan - Dudu
Tarkan Dudu
Turkish Groove V/A Putumayo 2006 World
11:56 AM
İlhan Erşahin - Fly
İlhan Erşahin Fly
Wonderland Nublu Records 2002 World USBDW0500012
11:52 AM
Baris Manco - Estergon Kalesi
Baris Manco Estergon Kalesi
Turkish Freakout Psych Funk a la Turk V/A Arsivplak 2021 Pop UKMVA1800146
11:47 AM
unidentified - Kazibem
unidentified Kazibem
Traditional Turkish Gypsy Music, Vol. 1 V/A Mega Müzik 2008
11:41 AM
Unified Gecko - Ararim
Unified Gecko Ararim
Gecko Kebab WordMusicInc Records 2022 World QZK6L2249345
11:36 AM
Moğollar - Ağrı Dağı Efsanesi
Moğollar Ağrı Dağı Efsanesi
Anadolu Rock Efsaneleri YAVUZ BURÇ PLAKÇILIK 2015 Rock TR0801501212
11:34 AM
Constantinople - Synapses
Constantinople Synapses
In the Footsteps of Rumi Glossa 2022 World ES7892201405
11:29 AM
Eyüp Hamiş - Kervan
Eyüp Hamiş Kervan
Ney The Sufi Cry Out Balat Yayıncılık 2014 Turkish TR6720900053
11:24 AM
Trancendental - Disiu
Trancendental Disiu
Il Bagno Turco - Hamam (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) CNI 1997 Soundtrack ITB209797809
11:21 AM
Siluetler - Kaşık Havası
Siluetler Kaşık Havası
Turkish Music of the Sixties V/A Dogan Music Company 2002
11:18 AM
Şevval Sam - Dinle Sevgili
Şevval Sam Dinle Sevgili
Tango KALAN SES GÖRÜNTÜ 2013 World TR0331309371
11:12 AM
Grup Yorum - Hasretim Dag Oldu
Grup Yorum Hasretim Dag Oldu
Yildizlar Kusandik Kalan Ses Görüntü 2006 Turkish TR0330605397
11:09 AM
Rişar & Kupa Dörtlüsü - Tatlı Dile Güler Yüze (Instrumental)
Rişar & Kupa Dörtlüsü Tatlı Dile Güler Yüze (Instrumental)
Rişar & Kupa Dörtlüsü Ironhand Records 2021
11:05 AM
Oha Falan Oldum Yani - Tugba Ekinci
Oha Falan Oldum Yani Tugba Ekinci
Turkish Groove V/A Putumayo 2006
11:01 AM
Baba Zula - Abbas Ağa Park
Baba Zula Abbas Ağa Park
Roots Doublemoon Records 2007 World TRA170700614

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