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Josh's Ultra-Mega Ultra Blast

Apr 9, 2020 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM


With Josh

Ultra-music is a classification that umbrella's several genres (soul, metal, punk, hardcore, Malian, shredder, etc.) and attempts to display the unifying themes of music played by true sonic believers.

Josh's Ultra-Mega Ultra Blast
4:17 PM
Glazed Baby - Jinx Remover
Glazed Baby Jinx Remover
Ancient Chinese Secret Sweet Fetus Recordings 1999 USCGJ1847092
4:17 PM
Kylesa - scapegoat
Kylesa scapegoat
Spral Shadow Season of Mist 2010 CD Heavy Metal
4:17 PM
The Jesus Lizard - 7 Vs. 8
The Jesus Lizard 7 Vs. 8
Head Touch and Go Records 2009 USTG30945405
4:19 PM
Dog Faced Hermans - Incineration
Dog Faced Hermans Incineration
Humans Fly (Remastered) Dog Faced Hermans 2017 GBJCX1700084
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Josh (host) 4:20:30 PM
Dog Faced Hermans