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Josh's Ultra-Mega Ultra Blast

Nov 5, 2020 4:00 PM â€“ 6:00 PM


With Josh

Ultra-music is a classification that umbrella's several genres (soul, metal, punk, hardcore, Malian, shredder, etc.) and attempts to display the unifying themes of music played by true sonic believers.

Josh's Ultra-Mega Ultra Blast
4:11 PM
L.O.T.I.O.N. Multinational Corporation - Alphabrain
L.O.T.I.O.N. Multinational Corporation Alphabrain
Alphabrain - Single SUB POP 2020 USSUB2035601
4:13 PM
Minutemen - Corona
Minutemen Corona
Double Nickels on the Dime SST Records 1989 USA370538099
4:15 PM
feedtime - You Don't Mind
feedtime You Don't Mind
Gas In The Red 2017 USA3D1610108
4:18 PM
Deafkids - Mente Bicameral
Deafkids Mente Bicameral
Metaprogramação Neurot Recordings 2019 US4JA1811304
4:23 PM
Riistetyt - Tuomiopäivä
Riistetyt Tuomiopäivä
Tuomiopäivä - EP Propaganda 2014 FIPRS1400046
4:24 PM
Doom - Nazi Die
Doom Nazi Die
Total Doom Peaceville Records 2002 USA370517065
4:28 PM
Anti Cimex - War Machine
Anti Cimex War Machine
Raped Ass - EP Anti Cimex 2015 Punk SEYHZ1200202
4:31 PM
Harmonia - Arabesque (Live)
Harmonia Arabesque (Live)
Live 1974 Groenland Records 2007 Electronic GBLAZ0500146
4:35 PM
Harmonia - Golum
Harmonia Golum
Deluxe Grönland Records 1974 GBLAZ1500629
4:40 PM
DIĂ„T - Hinge & Bracket
DIĂ„T Hinge & Bracket
Everyday - Single Iron Lung Records 2013 Punk US4KC1184402
4:51 PM
Cindy Lee - Heavy Metal
Cindy Lee Heavy Metal
What's Tonight To Eternity W.25TH / Superior Viaduct 2020 USA2Z2000062
4:53 PM
Harmonia - Veterano
Harmonia Veterano
Musik von Harmonia Groenland Records 2015 Electronic GBLAZ1500623
4:58 PM
New Order - Chosen Time (2019 Remaster)
New Order Chosen Time (2019 Remaster)
Movement (Definitive) [2019 Remaster] Rhino 1981 CD GBAHT1900228
5:12 PM
Neu! - Sonderangebot
Neu! Sonderangebot
Neu! P-VINE 2007 Electronic DEA340002064
5:17 PM
Neu! - Spitzenqualität
Neu! Spitzenqualität
Neu! 2 P-VINE 2007 DEA340002070
5:20 PM
CCR Headcleaner - Peace Dub
CCR Headcleaner Peace Dub
Tear Down the Wall In The Red 2016 USA3D1610011
5:24 PM
Alice Bag - Spark
Alice Bag Spark
Sister Dynamite In The Red 2020 MP3 USA3D2035301
5:26 PM
Cindy Lee - A Message from the Aching Sky
Cindy Lee A Message from the Aching Sky
Malenkost W.25TH / Superior Viaduct 2017 USA2Z1710488
5:29 PM
Dead - Nones
Dead Nones
Raving Drooling WeEmptyRooms 2020 Punk AUXXU1600048
5:35 PM
Obnox - Too Punk Shakur
Obnox Too Punk Shakur
Boogalou Reed 12XU 2015 QMCM91507104
5:44 PM
Vaz - Meld W/U-90
Vaz Meld W/U-90
Demonstrations In Micronesia Load Records 2002 US33K0403302
5:47 PM
RAKTA - Atrativos Da Mentira
RAKTA Atrativos Da Mentira
Oculto Pelos Seres - EP Iron Lung Records 2017 Punk QZ2YP1708003
5:56 PM
CCR Headcleaner - Tear Down the Wall
CCR Headcleaner Tear Down the Wall
Tear Down the Wall In The Red 2016 USA3D1610017
5:57 PM
Dead - Grifted Apart
Dead Grifted Apart
Raving Drooling WeEmptyRooms 2020 Punk AUXXU1600046