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In the Sticks

Aug 26, 2022 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM


With DJ Sawyer

it.s something.

~160,0000 sq^2'

yeah. Brushing sucks.

In the Sticks
2:09 PM
3nd - Ssk
3nd Ssk
World Tour zankyo records 2019 TCJPI1949487
2:10 PM
Bear vs. Shark - Catamaran
Bear vs. Shark Catamaran
Terrorhawk Equal Vision Records 2005 US3X50510501
2:10 PM
Their/They're/There - Travelers Insurance
Their/They're/There Travelers Insurance
Analog Weekend - Single Topshelf Records 2013 QMDA71363121
2:16 PM
Mirror - Weathercock
Mirror Weathercock
Recollection - EP Catune 2010 JPZ921000124
2:17 PM
The Cabs - Nigastu No Heitai
The Cabs Nigastu No Heitai
The First Action - EP zankyo records 2011 TCJPG1724814
2:21 PM
Hyakkei - ????
Hyakkei ????
2:24 PM
toe - Tremolo And Delay
toe Tremolo And Delay
The Book About My Idle Plot On A Vague Anxiety Machupicchu Industrias 2012 JPZ921205334
2:38 PM
Elephant Gym - Spring Rain
Elephant Gym Spring Rain
Work - EP Collaboration Arts Ltd. 2016 TWP011633904
2:38 PM
Floral - Aquarius Theater
Floral Aquarius Theater
Floral EP Floral 2014 USHM21542482
2:38 PM
Strawberry Girls - Black Night, Golden Circus
Strawberry Girls Black Night, Golden Circus
Italian Ghosts Tragic Hero Records 2017 USF281696001
2:44 PM
Uchuu Nekoko - virgin suicide
Uchuu Nekoko virgin suicide
2:44 PM
No New World FLAKE RECORDS 2018 TCJPH1824373
2:47 PM
Of Two Minds - Drywall
Of Two Minds Drywall
Natural Light - EP Of Two Minds 2019 TCAEI1911569
2:51 PM
Russian Circles - Bloom
Russian Circles Bloom
Gnosis Sargent House 2022
3:00 PM
Of Two Minds - Something About Water
Of Two Minds Something About Water
Natural Light - EP Of Two Minds 2019 TCAEI1911618
3:01 PM
Giraffes? Giraffes! - Heretical Doses
Giraffes? Giraffes! Heretical Doses
Memory Lame Topshelf Records 2018 USEZ61818101
3:11 PM
COVET - howl
COVET howl
effloresce Triple Crown Records 2018 US72W1821806
3:21 PM
Clever Girl - Teleblister
Clever Girl Teleblister
No Drum and Bass in the Jazz Room - EP Barely Regal Records 2019 FRX201819312
3:23 PM
Jyocho - Pure Circle
Jyocho Pure Circle
A Parallel Universe - EP No Big Deal Records 2018 JPCO01801710
3:29 PM
Totorro - Osao San
Totorro Osao San
Home Alone Recreation Center 2014 FR9W11400211
3:33 PM
Uchu Conbini - Everythingchanges
Uchu Conbini Everythingchanges
I Looked by the Reflection of the Moon No Big Deal Records 2014 JPCO01414540